Wall Beds

Double wall beds and single fold up beds for all needs

Optimise the space in your house by choosing wall beds, bunk wall beds and fold up beds. You can find wardrobes transformable into single or double beds that can also be equipped with sofas. Particularly suitable for holiday homes, one-room flats, second houses or just to have an extra bed for short periods.

  • Letto trasformabile Blackjack

    Wall Bed

    Starting from €1,019.63

    Blackjack wall bed with built-in sofa, available in double or French double size or also as a single foldaway bed.

  • Poker lacquered fold up bed - open

    Wall Bed

    Starting from €1,257.58

    Poker lacquered fold up bed, also available in white melamine. Available single, large single, double or king size.

  • Slot fold away wall bunk beds

    Wall Bed

    Starting from €948.34

    Slot fold away wall bunk beds, also available with one single bed. White laminate or lacquered finishes. Perfect space-saving solution.

  • Wide guest room wall bed with shelves with a soft closing and opening mechanism

    Wall Bed

    Starting from €1,280.50

    Wide guest room wall bed with shelves; available single, large single or double. Soft opening and closing mechanism.

No more space issues thanks to murphy beds

Find out all types of murphy beds available: from wall beds with sofa, to wall beds with desk and beds folding up into small cabinets. Each one of it is able to meet a precise need: optimise the room with space saving solutions. Also possible to opt for a bunk wall bed with two single sleeping surfaces or a hideaway bed that once closed looks just like a wardrobe.

In a utility room, in an attic with sloping ceiling, in a laundry room: a fold down bed practically goes everywhere

A single or double hideaway bed is always ready to be used, it comes with a slatted base that is no different from classic beds. The mattress? It can be chosen with springs or foam. Where can you find a solution more convenient than that? Only on diotti.com!

Transforming a bed into a sofa or hiding a bed into a wardrobe without using magic...

If you need to make some space at home you have two options: look for a magician able to reduce the size of everything or again choose one of our space saving wall beds. With a simple step you can turn a double bed into a sofa or into a desk, a fold up bed is a great solution to sleep at night and during the day you might just forget about it as what you see will only be a wardrobe with shelving unit.