Walk-in Closets with Rods

Walk-in wardrobes with rods: add an industrial look to your bedroom

Characterised by a simple metal structure, this collection of walk-in wardrobes with rods embodies a minimalist and industrial style for modern bedrooms. These modular and bespoke models can be installed against a wall or in the centre of a room. In this case, the upright supports are fixed to the ceiling and create a perfect partition for dividing larger rooms.

  • Cabina armadio di design a montanti Betis a parete con contenitori a 2 cassetti


    Betis modular walk-in wardrobe with metal rods. Can be customised with shelves, shoe-rack, trouser-rack, desk, clothes rails and storage boxes.

  • Byron bespoke walk-in closet with rods with 3 customisable modules


    Byron bespoke walk-in closet with rods composed of linear and corner elements, equipped with shelves, shirt rack and drawers. Fully customisable.

  • Cabina Armadio con pali a parete Venus Lounge

    Venus Lounge

    Venus Lounge walk-in closet with wall-mounted posts with shelves, drawer units and hanging accessories. Can also be ceiling mounted with customised height up to 305 cm.

Walk-in closets with rod supports: elegance and versatility

Divided into two categories - wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted - walk-in wardrobes with rods are an innovative and trendy bedroom system, often preferred for their lightweight aesthetic, simplicity of form and modern design, thanks to the combination of metal and wood elements. In our collection, we have selected the most interesting models in terms of quality and customisation to create unique, double-sided or wall-mounted compositions. The customisable height of the poles and their millimetre-accurate adjustment allows for variable heights, perfect for reclaiming otherwise unused space in lofts or attic rooms with sloping ceilings.

These wardrobes can be customised in terms of position and finish, making it possible to create alternative compositions to traditional linear cabins, i.e. more elaborate L-shaped or horseshoe-shaped models. These are ideal layouts for two-sided partitions or, in the case of wall-mounted uprights, for uninterrupted development over two or three walls.

In spite of their simple shapes and apparent structural simplicity, walk-in wardrobes with poles can be equipped in exactly the same way as large walk-in wardrobes with panelling, thanks to a varied, functional and high-quality range of accessories. Drawer units, coat racks, open compartments and shoe racks with heel rails are just some of the accessories that can add to a walk-in wardrobe and its shelving, bringing additional storage space into a modern and balanced composition.