A rich catalogue of online modern bookcases and shelving systems

Find out collection of contemporary bookcases: a wide range of bookshelves for the living room and sitting room, highly customisable in just a few clicks. From classic wooden models to contemporary solutions in metal, iron or plastic as well as design lacquered or minimalist shelving systems. Several layouts available: modular, double-sided, free-standing, wall mounted, bookcases with doors and swivel. Our bespoke bookcase collection allows you to adapt them to your environments, big or small.

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  • Airport design modular bookcase by Cattelan

    Modular Bookcase

    Airport design modular bookcase with pipes by Cattelan is made to measure in wall or ceiling mount versions; suiting the living room.

  • Libreria a parete moderna con vetrina Aliant 03

    Aliant 03
    Modular Bookcase

    Libreria a parete moderna con vetrina Aliant 03, ideale in soggiorno o in un grande open space abbinata alla cucina. Realizzabile su misura.

  • Libreria divisoria da ingresso in legno Aliant 04

    Aliant 04
    Partition Bookcase

    Libreria divisoria da ingresso in legno Aliant 04, realizzabile su misura a tutta altezza e personalizzabile in larghezza per adattarsi a qualsiasi spazio.

  • Betis aluminium modular shelving system, modern and functional wall-mounted bookcase

    Modular Bookcase

    Betis aluminium modular shelving system. Floor-ceiling or floor-wall fixing, shelves in glass, wood or lacquered; optionals drawers or storage units.

  • Libreria componibile Byron con montanti nel modello pavimento / soffitto

    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €464.14

    Byron shelving bookcase composed of rods. Customisable with shelves, storage drop-down compartments, baskets or chest of drawers.

  • London is a modern pantry shelving unit

    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €271.07

    London is a modern pantry shelving unit for kitchens and open spaces made of metal and wood, customisable measurements and many accessories to choose from.

  • Nautilus by Cattelan embossed metal bookcase

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €875.85

    Nautilus by Cattelan design bookcase in embossed metal available in 6 measurements. Finish to be chosen among black, graphite, titanium or bronze.

  • Almond d.32,8 lacquered modular bookcase white and yellow: cm 243 (modules 60 + 30 + 60 + 30 +60) h.222,8 - height modified in h. 232

    #Almond d.32,8
    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €87.02

    Almond d.32,8 lacquered modular bookcase; also available in laminate. Combinable with Tilt hinged wardrobe.

  • Almond d.32,8 lacquered double-sided bookcase cm 303 (modules 60 + 60 + 60 + 60 + 60) nella finitura laccato opaco Moka

    #Almond d.32,8 Double-sided
    Partition Bookcase

    Starting from €108.78

    Almond d.32,8 lacquered double-sided bookcase, available in laminate as well. In nine heights and three widths.

  • Almond d.45,6 wall modular bookcase in wood effect melamine

    #Almond d.45,6
    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €97.13

    Almond d.45,6 wall modular bookcase. Available with doors and combinable with Tilt hinged wardrobe.

  • Almond d.45,6 double-sided modular bookcase cm 273 (modules 45 + 60 + 60 + 60 + 45) h.259,6 in Ocean matt lacquer

    #Almond d.45,6 Double-sided
    Partition Bookcase

    Starting from €118.88

    Almond d.45,6 double-sided modular bookcase; available in three widths and nine heights. Laminate or matt lacquer finises.

  • Libreria componibile in metallo Batuan in appoggio a terra con ripiani in melaminico

    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €216.32

    Libreria componibile in metallo Batuan in appoggio a terra o sospesa con ripiani in melaminico, laccato opaco, cristallo o lamiera metallica.

  • Libreria girevole con cassetti California, componibile o con modelli fissi da quattro a sette elementi

    California Libreria
    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €170.31

    Libreria girevole con cassetti California Giro. Anche con ante, componibile o con modelli fissi e disponibile in laccato o legno essenza.

  • Libreria minimalista di design Castle

    Partition Bookcase

    Starting from €938.50

    Castle low wood and metal bookcase, also available 180 cm high. Ideal for modern living rooms with a design touch.

  • Albero minimal design bookcase in mother of pearl wood and champagne metal

    Shabby Bookcase

    Starting from €3,390.12

    Albero minimal design bookcase with a classy tree shape. Mother-of-pearl shelves and thin harmonious metal structure.

  • Arsenal double sided metal bookcase by Cattelan

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €1,283.79

    Arsenal is a double sided metal bookcase by Cattelan fitted with shelves in wood or lacquered finish.

  • Libreria divisoria modulare Caravel

    Wooden Bookcase

    Starting from €2,581.99

    Libreria divisoria modulare Caravel, con struttura bifacciale in legno impiallacciato noce canaletto e schienali in metallo verniciato.

  • Libreria moderna in metallo Cult

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €357.84

    Libreria moderna in metallo Cult, con struttura a colonna autoportante e disponibile in più altezze, laccata o effetto bronzo corroso.

  • Diadema iron bookcase with minimal industrial design by Cantori

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,965.96

    Diadema minimal design iron bookcase with an elegant and refined look. Available in different finishes, perfect for modern living rooms.

  • Libreria divisoria di design in legno Gordon di Borzalino

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,944.68

    Gordon wooden partition bookcase by Borzalino, 154 or 200 cm in width and available in 5 heights. Wooden shelves and circular iron supports.

  • Hudson modular steel bookcase by Cattelan

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €1,499.75

    Hudson modular steel bookcase by Cattelan is suitable to create compositions in the middle of the room as well as against the wall.

  • Libreria divisoria di design in legno Gordon di Borzalino

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,500.75

    Kris freestanding modern bookcase with wooden shelves by Borzalino. Position against a wall or in the centre of a room. 140 or 240 cm in width, available in 5 different heights.

  • Libreria a colonna di design Lima

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €2,898.50

    Lima è una libreria a colonna di design, con sei ante e cassetto. Disponibile laccata opaca, in larice tinto o in speciali finiture metalliche.

  • Myoko bespoke walnut shelving system

    Wooden Bookcase

    Myoko bespoke walnut shelving system with live edge wood shelves and sides. It also features optional metal shelves and storage units.

  • Elisabeth asymmetric bespoke bookcase, fixed to the wall

    Wooden Bookcase

    Starting from €2,309.58

    Queen asymmetric bespoke bookcase made of wood or lacquered; 3 widths and h. cm 192, 256 or customisable up to 285 cm; also double-sided.

  • Tokyo revolving metal bookcase by Cattelan

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €1,354.92

    Ceiling bookcase in metal and wood Tokyo by Cattelan with swivel shelves. Ideal in the centre of a room.

  • Libreria freestanding bifacciale in legno Windsor

    Partition Bookcase

    Windsor freestanding double-sided wooden bookcase. Sectional bookcase which can be made with bespoke measurements. Metal supports and wooden shelves.

  • Matt white lacquered Abaco bookcase

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €1,630.72

    Abaco is a wooden modular bookcase customizable with optionals and many colours. Original geometric lines.

  • Abacus Canaletto walnut double-sided bookcase with rotating cubes

    Wooden Bookcase

    Starting from €5,761.21

    Abacus is a Canaletto walnut double-sided bookcase; an exclusive hand-crafted piece in two sizes and six or nine cubes.

  • Design bookcases by Bonaldo - models May, June and April

    April May June
    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €643.97

    April, May and June coloured design bookcases by Bonaldo made of metal. Modern and trendy shelving system.

  • Libreria componibile con ripiani sfalsati Blabla di Bonaldo

    Bla Bla
    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €1,079.33

    Libreria componibile con ripiani sfalsati Blabla di Bonaldo. Anche con specchio e mensola svuotatasche ideale come mobile ingresso.

  • Dna design free-standing bookcase by Cattelan

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €631.61

    Dna free standing spiral bookcase by Cattelan available in white or black. Practical and functional thanks to its small volume and 13 fixed shelves.

  • Domino modern modular bookcase with a contemporary design

    Modular Bookcase

    Starting from €125.71

    Domino modern modular bookcase. Colourful compartments to store books, decorative objects or to crate a room divider.

  • Eris plexiglass wall bookcase

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €505.86

    Eris plexiglass wall bookcase made up of two shaped plates, one transparent and the other coming in several colours.

  • Fifty white wall-mounted modular bookcase by Cattelan

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €648.75

    Fifty wall-mounted modular bookcase in white/bronze embossed wood. Geometrical design by Cattelan ideal for modern sitting rooms.

  • Hill tree shaped wall bookcase

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €363.58

    Hill tree shaped wall bookcase made up of two transparent plexiglass plates or painted in several colours.

  • Libreria modulare a giorno in laccato Illusion di Bonaldo (posizionamento a centro-stanza non realizzabile)

    Wooden Bookcase

    Starting from €1,484.76

    Libreria modulare a giorno in laccato Illusion di Bonaldo. Solida e minimale, con vani orientati per creare un effetto ottico illusorio.

  • Joker design free standing bookcase by Cattelan

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €525.34

    Joker design free-standing bookcase by Cattelan with white, black. red or grey painted metal structure.

  • Loft design partition bookcase by Cattelan

    Partition Bookcase

    Starting from €1,388.34

    Loft design partition bookcase by Cattelan available in white embossed lacquer or canaletto walnut for classical and modern interiors.

  • Berchet wall hung bookcase with sliding doors in painted glass

    Wall Bookcase

    Starting from €1,531.26

    Lyceum wall hung bookcase with glass sliding doors. Structure with 4 shelves available in ashwood or canaletto walnut wood veneer.

  • Naviglio double-sided bookcase with metal structure with shelves in natural oak wood veneer

    Partition Bookcase

    Starting from €1,025.86

    Naviglio double-sided free-standing bookcase with metal structure and glass shelves. Also available with wooden top.

  • Note double-sided design bookcase by Bonaldo

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €2,226.69

    Note double-sided design bookcase in wood veneer and matt lacquer. Available in various compositions.

  • Libreria in metallo con ripiani sfalsati Optic di Bonaldo

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,200.87

    Libreria in metallo con ripiani sfalsati Optic di Bonaldo, bifacciale e in stile minimal. Perfetta per composizioni con effetto tridimensionale.

  • Osuna swivel bookcase with mirror elements placed in the white matt lacquered wood structure

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €1,296.26

    Osuna swivel free-standing bookcase with mirror elements placed in a matt lacquered or wooden structure. Available in four finishes.

  • Piquant bookcase with sliding doors

    Design Bookcase

    Starting from €1,612.87

    Piquant bookcase with sliding doors by Cattelan is available in three colours or in Canaletto walnut and asymmetric structure.

  • Rain asymmetrical book shelving by Bonaldo, modern an trendy

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €1,904.70

    Rain asymmetrical book shelving by Bonaldo with wooden shelves and slim vertical metal structure. Available 60 or 120 cm wide.

  • Round small swivel bookcase

    Vertical Bookcase

    Starting from €802.01

    Round small swivel bookcase available in two heights and different finishes; a practical decorative totem with a classic look.

  • Libreria a giorno in acciaio e pelle Sestante

    Modern Bookcase

    Starting from €2,840.08

    Sestante open wall bookcase with leather shelves, available in two height. Vintage style with steel structure.

For every living room, its own material: wood, metal, iron, steel, glass shelving units

No matter how many books you read every year, a shelving unit is more than a mere furniture piece to add to your living area. It can hold the most different items and with glass doors it can also become a display cabinet for collectibles and decorative objects. Since it is a key element of the living room, we must adapt it at best to the style of the other furniture pieces we have around. On you will find a wide range of materials, finishes and colours to customise the perfect bookcase for you. According to your needs you can opt for bookcases in solid wood, in cherry, walnut or ashwood veneer, timeless solutions for both modern and classic houses. As an alternative, you can opt for shelving systems in wood and metal with an industrial style or more minimalist metal solutions. If you want to add a touch of colour choose lacquered bookshelves in white, black, grey but also red, blue, orange or yellow. For an elegant and contemporary effect, clear bookcases in glass or plastic material are the perfect choice.

Contemporary Bookcases and Design Bookcases: Made in Italy quality

Our collection of bespoke bookcases is born from the love for Italian design: the excellent quality and high care for the smallest details is what characterises every product. Our bookshelves are beautiful yet practical: here what you can find in our online store! A wide range of quirky and original shelving units like zig zag bookshelves or tree shaped bookshelves, ladder shaped, cage-like, staggered asymmetric layouts. Which one is yours?

Furnish big walls with bespoke modular shelving systems

Shelves, paintings and posters are not enough to fill the wall in front of your sofa? You own a wide collection of books and novels and you don't know how to organise them? Have a look at our wall bookcases or corner shelving units: we have big bookcases suitable for spacious rooms, lofts and open spaces. Use the filters on the left side to slim down the list and select the width and height you need. Other than bookshelves for big walls you can also choose bookcases with pipes going from floor to ceiling to cover up the entire space in height. If you need a bookcase for small spaces don't worry, we also have space saving ideas with a reduced depth, specifically designed to take up less room..

Wall mounted bookcases versus floor bookcases: are tower bookcases still trendy?

Which one is better: a wall mounted bookcase or a ground floor bookcase column? To avoid any doubt, we have all options in our collection. The convenience of wall mounted shelves units? They decorate the wall, free the floor from objects and they can also be mounted above the sofa, next to the window or behind a desk. Some are available with back panels, other are floating units where the wall remains visible. The convenience of floor bookcases? If they are free standing they can be placed anywhere, from a corner in a corridor to the middle of the room. Column or tower bookcases are high and narrow, they are vertical so they take up less space in width and they can hold many many books. Some models are also swivel and you can rotate them to find the right book for the right occasion.

Shelves, cubes and modules: the convenience of modular shelving units

Have you been looking for the perfect bookcase but nothing seems to fit your needs? Then try with a bespoke modular bookcase! As the name says it is a kind of bookcase composed of different elements, identical or different and placed one next to the other. Thanks to the many options available these shelving units can come with doors or with baskets so that you can use them as useful storage units.

How to divide environments: room divider bookcases

Double-sided bookcases are characterised by the lack of back panels so that you can access them from both sides, it has become a must in modern flats and there are plenty of reasons for that. First of all they are gorgeous but they are also extremely practical to use. They divide the room (and that's why they are called room divider bookshelves) as kitchens from the living areas in open spaces or they mark the entryway or the corridor; they can also be used to create a cosy reading corner inside the living room. According to the models, you can decide to fix them to the ceiling, approach them against the wall or place them right in the middle of the room. Everything inside each compartment can be easily reached from both sides.

Calculate prices, buy online and receive your modern bookcase from home

Purchasing online on is easy and safe. Freely browse our extensive collection, choose the model you prefer and configure it by choosing among hundreds of materials and finishes. If you need help, don't hesitate to contact our interior designers!