Sliding Wardrobes with Recess Grip

Sliding wardrobes with groove handles: the collection

Large lacquered doors, a smooth sliding system and a consistent aesthetic: simplicity and functionality are the two stand-out qualities of sliding wardrobes with groove handles. These stylish models, which do not feature standard protruding handles, are ideal in modern bedrooms with a minimalist design. You can also choose a two-tone model with contrasting panels for added character and diversity.

Lacquered groove handles and contrasting panels: customising your sliding wardrobe

Even though sliding wardrobes with groove handles are often favoured for their large panels in solid colours and their aesthetic continuity, the models from this collection can be customised to create original and dynamic compositions. With this in mind, we have only selected wardrobes for this collection that are of exceptionally high quality and can be personalised to suit the customer’s needs.

One way to introduce some contrast into your wardrobe is to select a contrasting colour or material for the groove handle itself. Groove handles are available in horizontal or full-height vertical versions, and in various finishes: a contrasting lacquer finish will give a three-dimensional effect, while wood veneer will create an original combination of materials.

To give a more dynamic touch to your sliding wardrobe, choose different colours and materials for each door. You might choose to include a central mirrored panel or to arrange a combination of alternating wooden and lacquered panels, breaking up the wardrobe’s uniform look without its elegant style.