Wall Hung Vanity Units

Modern wall mounted bathroom vanities and cabinets

Discover our wall hung vanity units online catalogue, find the perfect bathroom cabinet has never been so easy! Several vanity units with basins and sinks, also with no tap hole. Choose a modern style and the size that most fit your needs, standard 50 cm depth or even less for space-saving solutions.

Must have of a modern design wall mounted bathroom vanity

A modern wall hung vanity is characterised by sleek lines, fixed volumes and square shapes for a clean yet versatile aesthetic look. Current trends are all drawn towards matt or high gloss lacquers available in neutral tones, wooden compositions for a natural effect and innovative materials as melamine with textured effect, stone effect or resin. Wall mounted bathroom cabinets, also available in a solution with double sink, can be equipped with drawers, doors or big drawers, choose a push-pull or recess grip opening for a smooth front or opt for an elegant handle for an additional decorative touch. Are you looking for something minimalistic? Choose a big shelf with built-in sink or with a "bowl" shaped basin!

Small bathroom: few tips to use the space at best

If you have a small bathroom and you don't know how to even begin furnishing it we have some ideas for you. Wall hung vanity units do not touch the floor thus it is easier to clean below and leave enough space for a storage unit where to place towels, make up, detergents and soaps. If the bathroom is narrow opt for a 40 cm deep vanity or again corner cabinets and rounded cabinets to take up as less space as possible. Colour-wise choose light shades, combine the different elements with tone on tone colours and play with mirrors to make the area appear bigger.

Rounded bathroom cabinets: nice and useful

Bathroom vanities with rounded corners are perfect to slim the structure and make the passage in the bathroom easier thanks to a "wavy" design; at the same time they are able to offer a good storage space. Wall hung rounded cabinets can be a single piece, useful when you don't have much space, or they can feature one or both ends with a square shape, especially useful when placed close to a door. We recommend matching these types of vanity units with curvy elements like round mirrors, design radiators, towel holders and so on...