Fitted Kitchens

Our fitted kitchens are part of a modular system that can be customised in size and finish. Furnishing solutions adaptable to any environment, with a wide choice of materials and accessories. 

Selected to meet every need in terms of style and size, our modern and classic kitchens are distinguished by their versatile design and a high degree of design flexibility. Discover all the models below.


The high degree of customisation of the Fitted Kitchens requires the assistance of an Interior Designer.
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SIX - Kitchen with Curved Grip

Black white and wooden kitchen with no handles
White kitchen doors with black grip

Six fitted kitchens come with a modern design characterised by clean lines and a wide range of colours and materials. Doors do not have handles but they can be opened through a lacquered or chromed recessed grip, fully customisable; these also contribute to enhance the trendy style of the kitchen.

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SEVEN - Kitchen with Flat Grip

Corner kitchen with wood and black grip
Detail of the handle with built-in grip

Seven minimalistic core makes it the perfect solution to furnish both formal and informal environments. Doors are available in lacquer, melamine or wood, they don't come with an handle but they are carved on the upper or lateral side and equipped a built-in chromed recess grip.

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NINE - Kitchen with Built-in recess grip

Wooden and lacquered kitchen with isle and integrated table
Wooden kitchen doors with recess grip

Nine collection is the perfect choice for people that love minimalist design: it is a handle-less kitchen featuring doors and drawers with a convenient recess grip. Working top and equipment can be fully custom made and personalised for measurements as well as layout, to perfectly fit your space.

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FIVE - Kitchen with Recessed Handle

Kitchen with red grey isle and wooden top
Black kitchen drawer with matching edge

Versatile and young in style, Five lacquered and melamine kitchens have a great range of customisation, with trendy colours and materials. Available with recess grip or standard handle; fitted solutions for all tastes.

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ONE - Kitchen with Handle

White kitchen with isle and built-in table
Kitchen doors in dark wood with metal handles

One is a collection of kitchens in eco-resin, melamine, lacquer or wood. Perfect if you want a trendy environment but also if you're looking for a wooden kitchen, white or coloured. The range of available metal handles perfectly suits contemporary and industrial moods.

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FOURTY - Kitchen with in-frame Modern Door

U-shaped kitchen in wood and black colour with ceiling hood
Wooden kitchen doors with black handles and plinth

If you're looking for a modern wooden kitchen that keeps its roots into tradition, Fourty is your collection. According to the style you desire for your house you will be able to customise the in-frame door, in wood or lacquered, by adding chromed handles, lacquered handles or a more contemporary recess grip.

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FIFTY - Kitchen with In-frame Modern Door

Cucina a ferro di cavallo legno e nera con cappa a soffitto
Detail of the in-frame door

Fifty is a modern country style kitchen blending tradition with industrial spirit. The vintage mood with wooden in-frame doors has been modernised thanks to trendy lacquering shades and the exclusive knotty oak wood. Versatile design, built-in handles: the perfect style for a contemporary kitchen.

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SIXTY - Kitchen with in-frame Vintage Door

Industrial wooden kitchen with stone sink
Grey lacquered in-frame kitchen doors

Sixty is a collection of fitted kitchens with an industrial or country chic style, it is characterised by in-frame doors and design hoods. Sixty is perfect for the most exigent needs, it is available in several lacquered colours, in wood, precious materials and decorative finishes to make each solution one-of-a-kind.

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NINETY- Kitchen with in-frame Carved Door

Kitchen with peninsula, white and wood mix
Wooden kitchen doors and white resin quartz top

Ninety wooden and lacquered kitchens are perfect if you love contrasting tones: variety of colours, smooth or textured finishes, modern or traditional materials. Perfect to create two-tone solutions, Ninety is a collection that allows you to play with different combinations and get a fully customise design.

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TWENTY - Kitchen with Classic Door

Classic white decapé lacquered kitchen
Kitchen door in white decapé wood with black handle

Twenty collection of classic white kitchens is romantic and feminine; the perfect choice for shabby chic or country style houses. Doors are traditional in-carved ones, decorated by soft and refined handles. Everything is custom made, for a kitchen that looks just like you.

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