Plastic Chairs

  • Sedia in plastica con base a 4 razze Academy di Connubia


    Starting from €99.95

    Academy four-star base plastic chair by Connubia. Highly customisable, it is available in various models and finishes.

  • Ace by Connubia metal and plywood chair

    Metal and Wooden Chairs

    Starting from €61.90

    Metal and plywood chair Ace by Connubia, available seats in polypropylene and faux-leather. Perfect for young and informal rooms.

  • Sedia impilabile moderna Air Armchair di Magis - colori celeste e verde chiaro non disponibili

    Air Armchair
    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €122.39

    Air Armchair stackable and modern chair by Magis; with armrests, light and available in several bright colours. For smart kitchens.

  • Alchemia by Connubia lightweight chair. Colour: black

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €74.74

    Alchemia by Connubia lightweight polypropylene chair, available in many colours and stackable up to 6 chairs, practical and versatile.

  • Area 51 by Connubia (choice of colour not available)

    Area 51
    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €85.74

    Area 51 by Connubia modern plastic chair with simple and curvy silhouette; stackable and waterproof, it is also suitable for an outdoor use.

  • Sedia in polipropilene imipilabile Argo di Connubia in massimo di 4

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €69.23

    Argo by Connubia polypropylene stackable chair, versatile and available in various colours, perfect also for the outdoors.

  • Sedia da esterno in plastica Bayo di Connubia con braccioli

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €77.95

    Bayo by Connubia outdoor plastic chair available with or without armrests, drainage hole placed on the seat, available in many colours.

  • Sedia impilabile Blues di Bonaldo in polipropilene con seduta forata nei colori disponibili

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €144.30

    Lightweight stackable chair Blues by Bonaldo with polypropylene structure, available in many colours with pierced seat. Also for the outdoors.

  • Fendy plastic stackable chairs

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €76.67

    Fendy plastic stackable chair. It can be only purchased in multiple of four. Suitable for modern kitchens.

  • Sedia impilabile in nylon Gamera di Calligaris nel colore nocciola opaco

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €129.76

    Gamera by Connubia nylon stackable chair with an eye-catching backrest design and a light structure.

  • Sedia in metallo e polipropilene Go! di Connubia

    Metal and Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €77.49

    Go! by Connubia metal and plastic chair, seat also available in wood or faux-leather, vast choice of colours.

  • Sedia in plastica impilabile anche per esterno Helios di Connubia

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €73.82

    Helios by Connubia plastic stackable chair, versatile and lightweight available in many colours. Perfect also for the outdoors.

  • Sedia Ice di Calligaris con seduta diamantata in sei colori, struttura in metallo disponibile in quattro finiture

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €125.63

    Ice by Connubia transparent plastic chair with diamond-cut seat in technopolymer also available in smoke grey version. Metal structure.

  • Idole by Bonaldo is a stackable colourful kitchen chair in plastic polypropylene

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €144.30

    Colourful kitchen plastic chair Idole by Bonaldo stackable up to 6 chairs. Available in many different colours, from brighter to more neutral ones.

  • Indy two tone bucket chair by Cattelan

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €500.08

    Indy two-tone bucket chair by Cattelan with customizable legs suits the living room as a modern piece of design furniture. Also for the home office.

  • Sedia bicolore Jam di Calligaris


    Starting from €138.93

    Jam bicolour chair by Connubia available in four models with polycarbonate seat. Perfect for your kitchen and living room or office.

  • Sedia Jelly di Connubia in tre diverse colorazioni


    Starting from €93.99

    Jelly by Connubia plastic seat with metal legs, highly customisable, also available in beech wood legs. Perfect for modern kitchens.

  • Sedia impilabile trasparente L'Eau di Calligaris disponibile in cinque differenti colorazioni

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €125.63

    Transparent plastic and metal chair L'Eau by Connubia. Stackable up to 8 units, metal structure and seat in transparent technopolymer.

  • Sedia con scocca in tecnopolimero Led di Connubia

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €99.95

    Plastic body and metal chair Led by Connubia, available in many different colours. Metal or beech structure, also available in stackable version.

  • Sedia da cucina impilabile Ninety

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €111.27

    Ninety è una sedia da cucina impilabile, in polipropilene di varie tonalità. Contrasto tra la finitura opaca e quella lucida del retro schienale.

  • Pangea by Bonaldo is a stackable timeless chair that is easy to be stored saving space

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €163.73

    Colourful stackable plastic chair Pangea by Bonaldo completely made in polypropylene in various colours. Also for outdoor usage.

  • Sweet stackable chair with open backrest

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €82.28

    Sweet stackable plastic chair available in several bright colours. A modern chair perfect for outdoor environments.

  • YO!


    Starting from €120.59

    Metal legs and fabric seat chair YO! by Connubia, also available with beech wood and polypropylene backrest. Matt lacquered metal structure.

  • Sedia moderna bicolore Lilian - seduta in polipropilene Nero e schienale in policarbonato Trasparente

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €147.80

    Lilian modern two-coloured chair in plastic, available in bespoke colours and finishes for a lively and dynamic kitchen.

  • Sedia moderna impilabile in polipropilene Lorim nella versione colore giallo

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €113.99

    Modern stackable polypropylene chair Lorim available in 6 different colours. Ideal in casual environments with a contemporary design.

  • Air Chair design chair by Magis

    Air Chair
    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €119.43

    Air Chair design chair by Magis created by Jasper Morrison. Available in 9 colours. Suitable for modern kitchens.

  • Sedia pieghevole Air Folding Chair di Magis - modello in polipropilene Arancio

    Air Folding Chair
    Folding Chairs

    Starting from €204.31

    Air Folding Chair by Magis, a modern chair designed by Jasper Morrison. Available in bright colours and without armrests.

  • First Chair chair by Magis in red fabric

    First Chair

    Starting from €163.84

    First Chair by Magis designed by Stefano Giovannoni available in coloured polypropylene for modern kitchens or fully covered in fabric.

  • Sedia moderna in metallo e plastica Nicole

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €83.61

    Nicole modern plastic and metal chair, structure also available in wood and seat also in hide-leather or fabric. Several colours to choose from.