Plastic Chairs

  • Sedia moderna in metallo e plastica Nicole

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €81.06

    Nicole modern plastic and metal chair, structure also available in wood and seat also in hide-leather or fabric. Several colours to choose from.

  • Sedia impilabile da cucina colorata Jana in polipropilene

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €80.29

    Jana colourful and stackable kitchen chair made from polypropylene, with or without armrests. Optional padded seat and fabric upholstery.

  • Lollipop modern metal chair for everyday use

    Metal and Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €137.42

    Lollipop modern metal chair for everyday use, with seat and back in plastic, wood or fabric. Available in several colours.

  • Lollipop Young is a low-price, practical and coloured chair

    Lollipop Young
    Metal and Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €95.73

    Lollipop Young is a low-price, practical and coloured chair with metal legs and plastic or laminate seat in several finishes.

  • Sedia impilabile Blues di Bonaldo in polipropilene con seduta forata nei colori disponibili

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €115.19

    Blues lightweight stackable chair by Bonaldo with polypropylene structure, available in many colours with pierced seat. Also suitable for outdoors.

  • Idole by Bonaldo is a stackable colourful kitchen chair in plastic polypropylene

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €115.19

    Idole colourful kitchen plastic chair by Bonaldo, stackable up to 6 chairs. Available in many different colours, from brighter to more neutral tones.

  • Indy two tone bucket chair by Cattelan

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €416.50

    Indy two-tone bucket chair by Cattelan with customizable legs, ideal for a living room as a modern piece of design furniture. Also for the home office.

  • Pangea by Bonaldo is a stackable timeless chair that is easy to be stored saving space

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €131.52

    Colourful stackable plastic chair Pangea by Bonaldo completely made in polypropylene in various colours. Also for outdoor usage.

  • Fendy plastic stackable chairs

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €77.79

    Fendy plastic stackable chair. It can be only purchased in multiple of four. Suitable for modern kitchens.

  • Sedia moderna bicolore Lilian - seduta in polipropilene Nero e schienale in policarbonato Trasparente

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €140.61

    Lilian modern two-coloured chair in plastic, available in bespoke colours and finishes for a lively and dynamic kitchen.

  • Ninety stackable kitchen chair

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €111.48

    Ninety is a stackable kitchen chair, available in various shades of polypropylene. Contrast between matt finish on front of chair and glossy finish on the back.

  • Sedia in plastica impilabile Sammy

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €96.24

    Sedia in plastica impilabile Sammy, disponibile con e senza braccioli in numerosi colori. Leggera ma resistente, ideale in cucine moderne.

  • Sweet stackable chair with open backrest

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €82.61

    Sweet stackable plastic chair available in several bright colours. A modern chair perfect for outdoor environments.