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Modern Italian Double Beds

Are you looking for a contemporary bed for your modern bedroom, or a design bed to make your room unique? Choose and configure the bed frame suitable for you among the hundreds of models available: double, queen size, king size but also single beds with or without underneath storage. Choose the right size and then customise the materials, upholstery covers and precious hand-made details.

Single and double beds: making the right choice for your bedroom

Choosing a quality bed is a fundamental step in furnishing your home, both for the quality of your sleep and for transforming the aesthetics of your bedroom. Buying a bed from our collection means not only decorating your bedroom with a high-end piece of furniture, but also making a long-term investment. The models we have selected are made by expert Italian craftsmen following scrupulous quality standards, so they are designed to last over time.

The first aspect to consider when purchasing a bed is the size. The standard double bed measures 160x190 or 160x200 cm, with the possibility of decreasing to 140 cm in width for French doubles in more compact spaces, or for large single beds. Our exclusive range features a wide range of sizes, including traditional single beds measuring 80, 90 or 100 cm, or small doubles measuring 120 cm. Our small double models have smaller volumes than standard double beds but are certainly not inferior in terms of design and quality of finish. Ideal in small bedrooms or guest rooms, these single and small double beds feature an impressive level of attention to detail, as well as exquisite materials and expert craftsmanship.

Italian king size and super king size beds

We have also selected several king and super king size beds, with bed bases of 180 and 200 cm respectively. These comfortable models are perfect for furnishing a large bedroom with a touch of style and personality, transforming the bed into a striking accessory that stands out for its aesthetic design. You will also find a selection of round upholstered beds, perfect for placing in the centre of the room and available in many different shapes and sizes. In this case, the measurements are given by the diameter of the bed, usually between 210 and 230 cm.

Storage beds: a practical space-saving solution

A quintessentially multifunctional solution, storage beds are a popular space-saving alternative for the bedroom. They can be used as a second wardrobe for storing sheets, duvets and pillowcases, and are also useful for single or small double beds where storage space is slightly more limited but no less functional.

These highly practical models do not compromise the aesthetics and design of the product: the easy-to-lift, durable and intuitive lift-up mechanisms can’t be seen when the bed is closed, as they are incorporated into the upholstered or wooden bed frames.