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Modern Italian Double Beds

Are you looking for a contemporary bed for your modern bedroom, or a design bed to make your room unique? Choose and configure the bed frame suitable for you among the hundreds of models available: double, queen size, king size but also single beds with or without underneath storage. Choose the right size and then customise the materials, upholstery covers and precious hand-made details.

A good double bed is forever

A bed with a high quality structure is made to last for a very long time, even your whole life. Depending on your taste, you can opt for a high or low headboard, thin bed-frame with high feet or higher bed-frame maybe with a box underneath. If you're looking for something really stunning you can have a look at cantilever or suspended beds, thanks to transparent feet or invisible supports these beds create the illusion of floating in the air.

King size beds for a royal kind of rest

Italian king size and super king size beds have measurements that approximately go from 180 x 200 to 200 x 220 cm offering a pretty big surface to sleep on and guaranteeing an extra large comfort. If you have a big enough room, these models are great for particularly high people or with an above average weight.

Storage beds: a wise way to save space

Double beds with storage box are the best multi-function solutions for the night area. The box underneath the base is like a second wardrobe for bed sheets, duvets and summer or winter clothes according to the season. This precious additional space is extremely convenient on single or large single beds too, as they can offer a hidden place for toys, clothes or shoes helping maintaining your kids bedroom clean. A bed frame with a high quality storage features a simple piston-based mechanism, easy to use and safe. The choice of measurements, materials and colours is just as wide as for the beds without storage.

Beds for girls and beds for boys... when your kids grow into teens

When your kids eventually become teens or young adults there is the need to opt for a more comfortable bed for their bedrooms. In this case you can think about a large single bed 120 x 190 or 120 x 200 cm which will not only offer a bigger and more comfortable surface (we all know how much kids grow!) but it will make their room appear more adult, like a mini flat. The several materials are available online, this will allow you to choose with them the right colours and textures according to their style. You will find glamourous finishes, bright colours as well as dark tones for stronger tastes. If then your space is enough, go for a 140 cm wide French bed, your kids will thank you.

Not over yet: find out our single beds and trundle beds

Single beds start from a width of 80 cm up to a width of 90 cm or - with "maxi" option - 100 cm. The length goes from 190 to 210 cm. Find out all types of equipment you can feature your trundle bed with: bed with drawers, with pull-out second bed, corner beds or beds that also look like a cute small sofa when not in use. Regardless the model you choose, the important thing is that everything will be under control!

Italian Beds Online: choose, customise, receive it directly at home

Don't stop at the picture gallery! Many of the beds you see can be chosen as single models, large single, French double, queen size, double, California or American king size. You can customise all models, choose the colours and compare prices. Open the product card, configure, buy and receive your Made in Italy bed at home.