Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling fixtures and lamps

In modern spaces ceiling lamps are essential, because they generate light from the centre of the room freeing up floor space. Designer, coloured or patterned models all find a place in our exclusive selection, conceived to offer modern and sophisticated ceiling lights for the living room, entrance hall, bathroom and everywhere a space-saving but highly functional light is needed.

  • Lampada da soffitto Jolly


    Starting from €110

    Jolly ceiling lamp from Lumière Collection, available in several sizes and in a wall model.

  • Lampada plafoniera in vetro Mathias disponibile in quattro dimensioni nei modelli a plafoniera e applique


    Starting from €149

    Mathias glass ceiling lamp from Lumière collection in four sizes; also available as a wall lamp.

  • Plafoniera foglia oro Roundabout


    Starting from €172

    Roundabout round lamp with steel structure available in several measurements and colours, for modern and refined environments.

  • Lampada da soffitto in metallo Wool con paralume in metallo verniciato bianco


    Starting from €440

    Wool metal ceiling lamp from Lumière collection; also available as a wall lamp and with LED light bulb.

  • Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver di Prandina


    Starting from €710

    Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver realizzata in vetro soffiato, con doppio diffusore e luce LED. Proposta nei modelli a sospensione, da tavolo, da soffitto e applique.

  • Lampada da terra alta due metri Equilibre di Prandina


    Starting from €767

    Lampada da terra alta due metri Equilibre in versione da pavimento, a sospensione e da soffitto. Design scultoreo raffinato con diffusione della luce a 360°.

  • Lampada a soffitto con foglie sospese in ottone Manta Ray di Cantori

    Manta Ray

    Starting from €3,425

    Manta Ray di Cantori è una lampada a soffitto con foglie sospese in ottone realizzate con fotoincisione chimica e sostenute da cavi di nylon trasparenti.

  • Squash table lamp with LED light and white diffuser


    Starting from €191

    Squash table lamp with LED light and white polyethylene diffuser. Also available as a ceiling light, pendant lamp or floor lamp.

  • Tablet design lamp with rotatable LED by Linea Light in the double wall light version


    Starting from €237

    Tablet design lamp with rotatable LED which can shine light in any direction. Available as a wall light, pendant lamp or floor lamp.

  • Zig Zag wall light with double emission

    Zig Zag

    Starting from €89

    Zig Zag double emission wall light, also available as a pendant or ceiling light in either white, black or aluminium.

  • 1NIGHT-2NIGHTS wall light with kaleidoscopic filter


    Starting from €236

    1NIGHT-2NIGHTS adjustable wall light by Linea Light with kaleidoscopic filter which projects light effects. Also available as a pendant light.

  • Astra


    Starting from €531

    Astra arched floor lamp, with disk-shaped lampshade and chromed structure. Inspired by the design of Achille Castiglioni.

  • Diphy modern leaf-like pendant light by Linea Light


    Starting from €614

    Diphy modern leaf-like pendant light. Diffuser is transparent when lights are off but bright and impactful when lights are on.

  • Dublight white LED desk lamp


    Starting from €124

    Dublight white LED desk lamp ideal for a home, office or shop. Available in several models; table lamp, pendant light, ceiling light, wall light and floor lamp.

  • Lampadario a foglie in metallo Fred


    Starting from €327

    Fred metal pendant lamp with leaves-shaped lampshade, available in white or copper. Also as a ceiling lamp; halogen or LED light.

  • Lampada rotonda di design Hinomaru a sospensione


    Starting from €698

    Hinomaru designer round lamp by Linea Light proposed in pendant or ceiling version, Black Nickel o Rose Gold finish.

  • Lampada di design per la zona living Mr.Magoo


    Starting from €495

    Mr.Magoo design lamp in white polyethylene, perfect for a living room. Available as a floor lamp, ceiling light or pendant light.

  • Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light


    Starting from €118

    Oh! modern spherical ball light by Linea Light. Available in various models and sizes; wall light, floor light or pendant light.

  • Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade by Linea Light


    Starting from €370

    Oxygen LED design lamp with circular lampshade, available in 4 colours as a pendant lamp, ceiling light, wall light or floor lamp.

  • Lampada di design Quad luce a biemissione


    Starting from €191

    Quad geometric design lamp composed of aluminium squares in black or white. Available as a wall light or pendant light with 3, 7, 9 or 12 lights.

  • Lampada in vetro bianco Ricciolo con paralume dalla particolare forma curva


    Starting from €122

    Ricciolo is a white curly glass lamp available in a pendant, floor, table, wall or chandelier model. Lampshade available in several colours.

LED ceiling lights for interiors

With no cables or support brackets, ceiling lamps are installed directly on the ceiling, used mainly in low rooms, less suitable for long pendant lamps or dramatic chandeliers. Useful in the kitchen, bedroom, hallways or more generally in any room requiring a strong but non-invasive light, the most practical modern ceiling lights are those with LED lighting, which are very bright and turn on instantaneously, with lower energy consumption and longer product lifetime.

In addition to traditional office models, we have chosen modern and design ceiling lights with special shapes, in various finishes and colours: round, square, polygonal or shaped lamps, in satin and transparent glass or in chrome, gold or silver metal. Each of our ceiling lamps guarantees a minimalist and contemporary décor, capable of bringing a breath of fresh air to the entire room.