Diphy modern leaf-like pendant light. Diffuser is transparent when lights are off but bright and impactful when lights are on.

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Diphy by Linea Light is a modern pendant light shaped like a leaf, born from Mirco Crosatto's creative genius, which was awarded the Red Dot Design in 2017. The design is inspired by the shape and characteristics of the Diphylleya Grayi, an asian flower whose leaves become transparent as soon as they touch water. The Diphy pendant light mirrors this effect thanks to the OptiLight Technology™: the PMMA diffuser, which has been micro-perforated by lasers, becomes entirely transparent when the light is switched off. When the light is switched on, however, the elegant pattern of dots becomes visible and the diffused light shines from both the top and bottom of the pendant.
The LED light source is located in a thin white aluminium bar which crosses the diffuser just like the veins of a leaf: in particular, the arched floor lamp resembles a long, narrow stem, while the ceiling lights resemble leaves falling in the wind.
The LED light is dimmable in the floor lamp model, while the pendant and ceiling lights have an optional dimmer. It is also possible to implement it with the CasAmbi simple home automation system which allows you to control the lighting and turn it on and off via a smartphone app.

design lamp shaped like a leaf
semi-transparent diffuser which becomes invisible when lights are switched off
diffused bi-emission LED lighting
available as a single or triple pendant light, ceiling light or arched floor lamp
optional CasAmbi dimmer with the simple home-automation system
modern design combined with cutting-edge Made in Italy technology

Materials and Finishes
- micro-perforated PMMA diffuser
- structure in white painted aluminium

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Small pendant light / small ceiling light:
- topLED 20 W | 2609 lm | 3000 K | CRI 90 | diffused optics | bi-emission
Large pendant light / large ceiling light:
- topLED 48 W | 4370 lm | 3000 K | CRI 90 | diffused optics | bi-emission
Triple pendant light:
- topLED 54 W | 6582 lm | 3000 K | CRI 90 | diffused optics | bi-emission
Arched floor lamp:
- topLED 30 W | 3294 lm | 3000 K | CRI 90 | diffused optics | bi-emission

The arched floor lamp includes an integrated dimmer which is activated by pushing on the switch; for all other models the dimmer is optional.

- Phase-Cut Dimmer (KIT0026): light intensity dimming system
- Phase-Cut Dimmer (KIT0080) CasAmbi: Simplified and convenient home automation system with dimming managed by a smartphone app via Bluetooth or Wifi, without the need to add extra wiring or to interfere with the wall switches already installed. The app is free to download and compatible with iOS and Android devices.
- DALI Dimmer (KIT0079) CasAmbi: a system providing digital lighting control for simplified home automation with the possibility of dimming managed by apps on smartphones via Bluetooth or Wifi, no need for extra wiring or interference with existing wall switches. The app is free to download and compatible with iOS and Android devices.

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Partner Factory

This article was born from the creative energy of Linea Light Group, a Veneto-based company founded in 1976, known for its 100% Italian quality and cutting-edge know-how in LED technology that guarantees lighting efficiency, sustainability and versatility in every situation.
Linea Light Group's success in the world of lighting is based on real values that make the difference: experience and innovation, international vision and Italian top-notch tailoring, cutting-edge technology and precise craftsmanship.
A collection of lamps that combine design and technology, beauty and functionality, quality and durability.
Linea Light Group is a unique group of companies specialising in the various areas that make up the lighting universe: from integrated systems for large residential or public buildings to outdoor lighting, from domestic environments to commercial, industrial, institutional and collective spaces. Linea Light Group is a company with a strong international presence and has received important awards: from 2011 to date, several items have won the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category.

Linea Light: design and technology in lighting

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