Production Times

  • - Each product card in our catalogue indicates the approximate number of weeks needed for production, calculated according to the average production times of that specific collection.
  • - Production times are calculated starting from the moment we receive the payment and must be considered as merely estimates based on previous supplies.
  • - The production times of orders including two or more products correspond to the ones of the product that requirest a longest time; the products are shipped all at once.
  • - You can view how many weeks are left for production directly inside your account in your order section, weeks are constantly updated.
  • - Almost all our products are highly customizable and each item is ordered and manufactured only upon customers orders; usually it takes around 8 working weeks for production.
  • - We constantly work to fulfill the times shown but at the same time we do not take responsibility for delays not related to our procedures (manufacturing delays, delivery delays, holidays).

Shipping Times

  • - We mainly use furniture specialized carriers whose delivery times are sensibly longer compared to express couriers, in favour of fewer movement of the packages.
  • - As soon as the supply is ready you will be asked to authorise the shipment through a simple form, after receiving your authorisation the supply will be picked up with the first available collection in the current or following week.
  • - A few days after the collection, the actual dispatch date will be emailed to you.
  • - Delivery is not by appointment, the carrier will call you to notify the delivery day normally one day before.
  • - Shipping times vary according to the destination; they range between 1 and 3 weeks for Europe and between 4 and 6 weeks for US and Canada.


- all manufacturing processes and shipments scheduled right before holidays can be delayed due to the closing periods of both our logistic department and manufacturing companies.
- delivery is not by appointment, the carrier will call you to notify the delivery day normally one day before.
- approximate delivery times with furniture specialized carriers in Europe is around 1-3 weeks whereas in USA and Canada is around 4 - 6 weeks.