Bedside Tables

Modern and classic bedside tables: everything you need close at hand

Wide selection of bedroom beside tables with a modern or rustic country chic look. You can purchase the pair or just one. Choose wall mounted bedside tables if you have a design bedroom or opt for classic solid wood nightstands if you love country moods: inside catalogue you can find just what you need. If you need to have some storage space close at hand, choose a model with drawers to store handkerchiefs, USB cables or the book you're reading before sleeping.

  • Havana modern lacquered bedside table

    Avana - Bedside Table

    Starting from €169.42

    Avana modern lacquered bedside table is available in many colours and wood finishes to suit your bedroom.

  • California bedroom modular storage units

    California Comodino

    Starting from €218.97

    Comodino per la zona notte California. Stile moderno e grande cura per i dettagli, al gruppoletto della stessa famiglia.

  • California bedroom modular storage units

    California Giro Comodino

    Starting from €419.29

    Comodino girevole con cassetti Giro California, a due o tre elementi in legno o laccato. Perfetto anche come tavolino lato o fronte divano.

  • Cleveland two-tone bedside table: composed by a free-standing element and one standing on top.

    Cleveland - Bedside Table

    Starting from €170.21

    Cleveland two-tone bedside table with vertical groove, available in several coordinated models and also with matching finishes.

  • Dakota modern wooden bedroom storage units


    Starting from €622.04

    Dakota modern wooden bedroom storage units composed of bedside table, 3-drawer dresser and 5-drawer high chest.

  • Comodino minimal con piedini alti Drops in metacrilato effetto specchio SP45 argentato


    Starting from €1,150.66

    Drops tall minimalist bedside table with mirror-effect methacrylate surfaces, wood veneer top and inserts. Also available in 3-drawer dresser version.

  • Georgia two-tone dresser and bedside tables


    Starting from €211.67

    Georgia two-tone dresser and bedside tables, in wood veneer or lacquer with drawers fronts in different thicknesses. Big and convenient chest of drawers for the bedroom.

  • Icaro modern wooden bedside table


    Starting from €236.40

    Icaro modern wooden bedside table, available with round top and 3 legs or rectangular in two sizes and with 4 legs.

  • Jess designer metal dresser with Tratto handle


    Starting from €237.19

    Jess is a designer dresser with a metal frame base. A contemporary wood metal bedroom storage furniture set: bedside table, dresser and high chest.

  • Mirto round nightstand with mirror top and sand cloth decoration


    Starting from €1,385.46

    Mirto round nightstand with mirror top with a modern and compact look. In curved metal, it is also available in a dresser model.

  • Montana dark wood bedroom chest of drawers


    Starting from €295.20

    Montana dark wood bedroom chest of drawers, with coloured recess grip. Also available in other finishes and as a bedside table, dresser and tallboy.

  • Oregon smooth lacquered bedside tables

    Oregon - Bedside Tables

    Starting from €160.58

    Oregon smooth lacquered bedside tables, also available in wood. They come with one, two or three drawers in different widths. Also dressers, tallboys and big drawers.

  • Pannelli boiserie per la testiera del letto Sorvolo


    Starting from €186.87

    Open unit and bedside tables for Sorvolo headboard with wall panelling, they can also be used as independent items for the night area.

  • Tratto white wall mounted bedside table

    Tratto - Bedside Table

    Starting from €142.63

    Tratto white wall mounted bedside table, also available free standing. Available in matt or gloss lacquer, with open pore finish or wood.

  • Comodino fatto a tavolino Ametista


    Starting from €260.06

    Comodino fatto a tavolino Ametista, realizzato in legno wengé o laccato RAL, con ripiano inferiore e con possibilità di top rivestito in pelle, velluto o tessuto.

  • Raiki complete bedroom set made of wood

    Columbus Floor

    Starting from €323.59

    Columbus dresser with ceramic top; also available as a bedside table. The set is available in different variants with drawers, open compartment and glass top.

  • Wall-mounted bedroom dresser Columbus

    Columbus Wall

    Starting from €356.84

    Wall-mounted bedroom dresser and bedside tables Columbus, several models to choose from in valuable finishes. Available two-tone or with ceramic top.

  • Cyborg upholstered bedside table with battery charger for cell phones


    Starting from €322.28

    Cyborg upholstered bedside table with charger for cell phones. In fabric, faux leather or leather, also with lacquered or marble top.

  • Comodino imbottito con piano in marmo Diaspro


    Starting from €945.76

    Comodino imbottito con piano in marmo Diaspro, con possibilità di scelta tra Carrara, Calacatta o Emperador. Fodera in tessuto, velluto o pelle.

  • Tavolino uso comodino in metallo con piano in marmo Heliodoro


    Starting from €702.32

    Tavolino uso comodino in metallo con piano in marmo Heliodoro, proposto nel formato rotondo con base aperta o chiusa, anche laccata RAL.

  • Tavolino uso comodino con top in ceramica Indianapolis


    Starting from €278.17

    Tavolino uso comodino con top in ceramica Indianapolis, rotondo e rettangolare con forme arrotondate con basamento in metallo.

  • Tavolino rotondo uso comodino Michigan


    Starting from €290.34

    Michigan round lacquered side table, perfect to be used on the bed side, great variety of colours at the disposal.

  • Multiglass tempered glass bedside table


    Starting from €313.65

    Multiglass tempered glass bedside table available in a clear, smoked, bronze and back colour finish. Extra shelves available.

  • Comodino di design in tessuto Parentesi di Bonaldo


    Starting from €718.84

    Design upholstered side table Parentesi by Bonaldo with two black matt lacquered open shelves. Also available in leather or faux leather.

  • Settimino moderno per camera da letto Philadelphia


    Starting from €179.23

    Settimino moderno per camera da letto Philadelphia, anche in versione comodino e comò. Vasta scelta da due a sei cassetti e con vano a giorno.

  • Gruppoletto da uno a sei cassetti Portland per la zona notte


    Starting from €231.14

    Gruppoletto da uno a sei cassetti Portland per la zona notte. Comodino, comò e settimanale proposti in laccato opaco o metallizzato.

  • Raiki complete bedroom set made of wood


    Starting from €245.73

    Raiki complete bedroom set made of wood including nighstands, dressers and high chests. Lacquered, wood, glass or mirror top.

  • Reply modern handle-less chest of drawers


    Starting from €314.41

    Reply modern handleless dresser comes in wood or lacquered finishes, also as bedside table and high chest.

  • Gruppoletto con top in ceramica Seattle


    Starting from €477.68

    Gruppoletto con top in ceramica Seattle. Comodino, comò e settimanale da uno a sei cassetti in laccato o legno essenza.

  • Soho modern storage bedside


    Starting from €362.95

    Soho modern storage bedside table covered in fabric, faux-leather or leather, with matching top or silvered glass. Available in several colours.

  • Weston two-tone round nightstand - model with door in two different finishes


    Starting from €389.27

    Weston two-tone round nightstand available with door or open compartment, and also in one colour. Wood, matt lacquer or open pore matt lacquer.

  • Adone mirrored bedside table with bronze smoked finish


    Starting from €1,532.52

    Adone mirrored bedside table by Cantori with clear or bronze smoked finish. Also available in the dresser version with three drawers.

  • Comò e comodini industrial in legno e metallo Aureo di Bonaldo


    Starting from €1,056.66

    Comò e comodini industrial in legno e metallo Aureo di Bonaldo con top in ceramica Calacatta o Laurent e struttura in finitura bronzo.

  • Biagio design bedside table with drawer by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,111.53

    Biagio design bedside table with drawer by Cattelan. Lacquered structure in white, graphite or titanium and oak or walnut wood drawer.

  • Club night stand with convenient magazine rack


    Starting from €684.74

    Club nightstand with convenient magazine rack by Cattelan, available with a graphite structure and leather-covered front and sides.

  • Dante sliding door bedside table by Cattelan


    Starting from €670.17

    Dante is a sliding-door bedside table in lacquered finish and walnut or oak door. A design nightstand by Cattelan for chic bedrooms.

  • Dorian white leather bedside table by Cattelan


    Starting from €588.76

    Dorian white-leather bedside table by Cattelan with glass shelf; also available in other colours. Made in Italy for elegant bedroom furnishings.

  • Comodini con gola laterale e top in pelle Dust


    Starting from €525.63

    Comodini con gola laterale e top in pelle Dust in rovere poro aperto o vissuto. Struttura arrotondata con angoli smussati, interni effetto pelle tortora.

  • Elvis dresser with faux leather nubuck cover


    Starting from €1,106.82

    Elvis dresser with faux leather nubuck cover by Cantori. Also available in the nightstand and high chest model.

  • George modern baroque dresser


    Starting from €1,818.90

    George modern baroque dresser available in several finishes. Ideal to furnish with personality also modern environments.

  • Ghirigori nightstand with silver leaf feet by Cantori


    Starting from €1,184.22

    Ghirigori nightstand with silver leaf feet by Cantori. Linear structure with light and soft mother-of-pearl-lacquer finish.

  • Comò in legno massello Haruko


    Starting from €924.59

    Comò e comodini in legno massello Haruko disponibile in noce naturale o grigio con cassetti con frontali scanalati e piedini alti.

  • Comodino con cassetti e piedini J'Adore di Cantori


    Starting from €1,300.32

    J'Adore by Cantori, wooden bedside table and dresser with laser-cut and swirly solid-iron base. Available in numerous sumptuous finishes.

  • Comò e comodini minimal in rovere poro aperto Leo


    Starting from €394.43

    Comò e comodini minimal in rovere poro aperto Leo. Frontale e top con taglio a 45°. Abbinabili al letto della stessa famiglia.

  • Comò e comodini con struttura arrotondata Libra


    Starting from €560.95

    Comò e comodini con struttura arrotondata Libra in rovere o rovere vissuto. Sistema di chiusura soft e maniglia sottile in alluminio.

  • Cassettiera con 3 cassetti per zona notte Mirage di Cantori


    Starting from €866.88

    Mirage bedroom dresser with 3 drawers by Cantori. Solid metal base and lacquered structure. Also available in two different nightstand models.

  • Comodino in noce canaletto Nelson di Bonaldo


    Starting from €993.17

    Comodino in noce canaletto Nelson di Bonaldo. Struttura minimal in metallo e cassetto in laccato bronzo. Abbinabile al letto della stessa famiglia.

  • Richard dresser with 4 drawers and linear handles by Cantori


    Starting from €1,958.22

    Richard dresser with pale gold handles available in a minimal linear design or with swirls. Unconventional classy and refined style by Cantori.

For a design room, opt for ultra trendy wall mounted bedside tables

Wall mounted bedside tables are perfect to visually lighten up the room and make it look bigger. Furthermore with a wall hung bedside table you can easily clean the floor beneath without missing a single spot. The space below can also be used to put your slippers when not in use. In our wide catalogue you can find several design nightstands to fix to the wall, all characterised by a sleek and ultra modern style. They are equipped with one or more drawers and usually come without handles to maintain an even cleaner look. Choose white bedside tables to make them "disappear" in the environment and enhance the colour and shape of your upholstered bed, or opt for black bedside tables for a strong accent tone and play with light and dark shades.

The best materials for design bedside tables

Light, minimalist and jaunty. Design bedside tables are characterised by wavy lines and hi-tech materials: high gloss lacquers, reflecting surfaces, transparent materials... what they all have in common is an airy and light look. That's why plastic and glass are usually the favourite choices for these ultra modern furniture pieces. Design glass bedside tables are perfect for a modern yet sophisticated bedroom, furnished with important pieces like a king size leather bed, a sliding wardrobe with mirror doors and a valuable rug made of wool and silk. More informal but extra cool are transparent plexiglas bedside tables which are perfect if you want to recreate the mood of a New York loft. For an added metropolitan vibe, buy a design tripod floor lamp, a shaggy rug and a metal shelving system to fill with art and photography books.

For an original touch choose two different bedside tables!

In the past, the common trend was to purchase a whole bedroom set composed of bed, wardrobe and dresser as a unique piece with a single style and finish. Nowadays, in modern homes, we find the most different configurations, each element has its own features and they might differ for colour, shape or style. The important thing is to always have a theme so that the ensemble will result cohesive. If you want to give a creative touch to your double bedroom, a nice idea would be to choose bedside tables that are similar in design but with two different colours, or viceversa different in shapes but with the same shade. If you're opting for bedside tables in two different colours be sure to choose them in coordinated tones like beige and hazelnut or again play with contrasts for example one white and one black. If you prefer to maintain the same colour and play with shapes and materials you can choose two round bedside tables, a bit different from one another: one can be a fabric ottoman and the other a lacquered wood end table with the same shade of the ottoman. You will have two furniture pieces that are different but at the same time they carry the same spirit. If you want to give them an accent tone and your bedroom has beige or grey nuances, then go for a bordeaux colour: they will catch the attention of everyone for sure! Other than nice and funny, ottomans and end tables are also incredibly practical since they are light and easy to move around when you need to clean the floor: who said that a functional bedroom can't also be great to look at?

Small yet spacious bedside tables? It's possible!

If you don't have much space at disposal and you are forced to opt for small bedside tables, but at the same time you still need some storage for your reading glasses, books and magazines... well don't worry! We have different nightstand models that, regardless the small measurements, can hold different items. First rule to have a small yet spacious bedside table is to opt for high models: narrow storage units (from 40 to 55 cm) that develop in height with two or three drawers. Inside you can hold everything you don't want to keep visible, whereas on the top you'll have space for a table lamp, a clock and a glass of water. Find the perfect space saving bedside table by using the filters on the side of the page and optimise your search letting the system show you only the models that meet your needs.

Classic nighstands: create your romantic bedroom

Brass handles, locks with keys, valuable carvings and hidden compartments: classic bedside tables are characterised by details able to create romantic moods. You don't necessarily need to have a classic style bedroom to purchase a couple of solid wood side tables: there are several classic models thought for modern bedrooms. Choose finishes like coated lacquer or with a decapé effect to get a furniture piece in perfect shabby chic style, as an alternative opt for stronger colours as glossy dark red with an antique effect. Then match them with an upholstered bed with colourful cushions and a big mirror with a white frame to get a perfect boho-chic effect! If you want to feel like a real princess choose models with drawers and secret compartments (they look like a decoration but in reality they conceal small storages where to hide diaries and love letters) and don't forget to hide your jewellery in a compartment with lock! If your dream is living in the Tuscany countryside then you can recreate the same atmosphere with a couple of arte povera solid wood nighstands with shellac finish. Match a wooden bed in the same finish and enjoy your breakfast in bed, maybe hugged by a goose down duvet.

Buy online bedroom bedside tables offers a selection of dozens of bedroom bedside tables which you can buy online at discounted prices all year long. Transparent bedside tables, silver nightstands, in cherry wood, in bent glass, with drawers, end tables, wall mounted or free standing: you just have to browse and choose. Seat on your bed, go through our online catalogue from your laptop or smartphone and choose the bedside table you want to see every morning when you wake up!