Shelves with different widths and depths, in several shapes and models; wavy, shaped, linear or with an innovative design. Available in wood, lacquer, plastic materials or metal.
  • Mensola in legno per composizioni su misura Alma


    Starting from €141.15

    Alma tailor-made floating shelf is available in a straight and L-shaped model; available in wood finishes, RAL matt lacquered or coated leaf finish.

  • Almond custom cut shelf in Montana laminate finish


    Starting from €43.51

    Almond custom cut shelf with concealed shelf support; in 12 different customisable widths and several finishes.

  • Mensola con schienale per cameretta Amber di HomePlaneur in finitura laccato opaco tortora


    Starting from €67.60

    Amber colourful wall shelf is designed for kid bedrooms thanks to its lively colours. Available in six widths and in lacquer and laminate finishes

  • Atlas glass shelf with wooden panel


    Starting from €386.98

    Atlas glass shelf with wooden panel, available either 90 or 120 cm wide. Back panel in wood or lacquered, clear or bronze glass shelf.

  • Bael is a colourful shelving unit


    Starting from €149.18

    Bael colourful shelving unit furnishes the kid room with gaudy and lively compositions, available in lacquer or laminate.

  • Mensola sagomata componibile con schienale Cube


    Starting from €175.18

    Mensola sagomata componibile con schienale Cube con piani d'appoggio e vani a giorno. Ideale per creare composizioni vivaci e colorate.

  • Plan wooden floating shelf in 9 diffferent widths

    Plan Linear Shelf

    Starting from €32.31

    Plan wooden floating shelf in 9 different widths and 2 depths, available in several finishes. It can be custom cut.

  • Plan Mensola Lineare con Divisori

    Plan Mensola Lineare con Divisori

    Starting from €0.00

    Mensola lineare con divisori Plan. Disponibile in dimensioni fisse o su misura in legno per creare composizioni personalizzate e uniche.

  • Mensola lineare su misura Plan realizzabile in larghezza da 32 a 255 cm

    Plan Customisable Shelf

    Starting from €0.00

    Plan customisable floating shelf, 3,5 cm thick made of wood veneer, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer or open pore.

  • Plan Metal sideboard in lacquered metal sheet

    Plan Metal

    Starting from €159.96

    Plan Metal sideboard in lacquered metal sheet with backing available in 4 measurements in different matt nuances.

  • Root "L" shaped shelves with lateral side


    Starting from €80.03

    Root is a bespoke L-shaped floating shelf suitable for kid rooms; available in 10 widths in laminate and lacquer finish.

  • Way tailored wooden sideboard


    Starting from €36.50

    Way tailored wooden shelf available shaped or linear in different widths. Wide range of measurements and finishes.

  • Cross floating design shelf by Cattelan in two-tone version


    Starting from €116.55

    Cross floating design shelf with side panel; available in three sizes, in embossed lacquered finish, serving as a TV stand too.

  • Portabottiglie a muro in acciaio Drop di Cattelan


    Starting from €1,030.97

    Drop wall mounted steel bottle rack by Cattelan in drop shape. Grill for 14 wine bottles and shelf for glasses and shot glasses.

  • Mensola in cristallo su misura Liberty sagomata a onda - cm p0 p.60 in cristallo extrachiaro coprente lucido.


    Starting from €60.74

    Liberty customizable linear or angular glass shelf; available in several colours and with optional shape.

  • Pendola floating wedge shelf by Cattelan


    Starting from €175.69

    Pendola floating wedge shelf by Cattelan comes in three sizes and is available in 3 colours of embossed lacquered finish or Canaletto walnut.

  • Sestante living-room double sideboard


    Starting from €1,318.99

    Sestante living-room double sideboard with shelves in wood, leather and a wide range of lacquered colors.

  • Today vertical metal shelf bookcase - matt black


    Starting from €91.41

    Today vertical shelf bookcase in matt painted metal, available in black or white colour.

  • Tresor is a shelf with mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €585.33

    Tresor is a shelf with a mirror by Cattelan framed by a black or titanium metal perimeter and composed by the union of a bronze mirror back and a mirror shelf.

  • Wide shelf for back panel made of wood, 2,2 cm thick

    Wide Shelf for Back Panel - Living Room

    Starting from €25.22

    Wide shelf for back panel made of metal or wood, available in 7 different widths. Also book and object holders available.

  • Mensole in legno su misura Lounge


    Starting from €91.67

    Lounge custom-made wooden shelf, in lacquer or oak wood. Custom width up to 192 cm, 28 cm in depth and a thickness of 3.2 or 5 cm.