Wood and glass wall shelves

Shelves are ideal to decorate a plain wall in a bedroom, living or dining room, entryway, or any other room, thanks to their modern and essential shapes. Available linear or shaped, often grouped together to create large wall units, our modern shelves are made to measure and highly customisable in material and colour. Explore our selection of lacquered, wooden or glass modern shelves.

  • Mensola con bordo laterale California

    California Mensola

    Starting from €125

    Shelf with side edge and wooden back, also in a glass version. Several sizes, freely combinable to create wall compositions over 200 cm.

  • Mensola sagomata componibile con schienale Cube


    Starting from €218

    Cube modular shaped shelf with back, with tops and open units. Perfect to create lively and colourful layouts.

  • Elemento a giorno sospeso FLY

    Fly Open Element

    Starting from €132

    Fly open suspended element up to 120 cm wide, 128 cm high and 34 or 45 cm deep. Can be combined with other Fly elements and Columbus TV stands.

  • Mensola in legno per composizioni su misura Alma


    Starting from €175

    Alma tailor-made floating shelf is available in a straight and L-shaped model; available in wood finishes, RAL matt lacquered or coated leaf finish.

  • Almond custom cut shelf in Montana laminate finish


    Starting from €57

    Almond custom cut shelf with concealed shelf support; in 12 different customisable widths and several finishes.

  • Atlas glass shelf with wooden panel


    Starting from €524

    Atlas glass shelf with wooden panel, available either 90 or 120 cm wide. Back panel in veneered wood, clear or bronze glass shelf.

  • Mensole in legno su misura Lounge


    Starting from €124

    Lounge custom-made wooden shelf, in lacquer or oak wood. Custom width up to 192 cm, 28 cm in depth and a thickness of 3.2 or 5 cm.

  • Plan wooden floating shelf in 9 diffferent widths

    Plan Linear Shelf

    Starting from €44

    Plan wooden floating shelf in 9 different widths and 2 depths, available in several finishes. It can be custom cut.

  • Plan Mensola Lineare con Divisori

    Plan Mensola Lineare con Divisori

    Starting from €0

    Plan linear shelf with partitions. Available in fixed measurements or customized to compose every layout you want in your living room.

  • Mensola lineare su misura Plan realizzabile in larghezza da 32 a 255 cm

    Plan Customisable Shelf

    Starting from €0

    Plan customisable floating shelf, 3,5 cm thick made of wood veneer, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer or open pore.

  • Plan Metal sideboard in lacquered metal sheet

    Plan Metal

    Starting from €216

    Plan Metal sideboard in lacquered metal sheet with backing available in 4 measurements in different matt nuances.

  • Swan cube-shaped metal shelf


    Starting from €282

    Swan cube-shaped metal shelf, also rectangular with two or three compartments. Available in two depths, for wall units, hallways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Way tailored wooden sideboard


    Starting from €46

    Way customised wooden shelf available shaped or linear in different widths. Wide range of measurements and finishes.

  • Cross floating design shelf by Cattelan in two-tone version


    Starting from €150

    Cross floating design shelf with side panel; available in three sizes, in embossed lacquered finish, serving as a TV stand too.

  • Portabottiglie a muro in acciaio Drop di Cattelan


    Starting from €1,331

    Drop wall mounted steel bottle rack by Cattelan in drop shape. Grill for 14 wine bottles and shelf for glasses and shot glasses.

  • Mensola in cristallo su misura Liberty sagomata a onda - cm p0 p.60 in cristallo extrachiaro coprente lucido.


    Starting from €85

    Liberty customizable linear or angular glass shelf; available in several colours and with optional shape.

  • Pendola floating wedge shelf by Cattelan


    Starting from €220

    Pendola floating wedge shelf by Cattelan comes in three sizes and is available in 3 colours of embossed lacquered finish or Canaletto walnut.

  • Tresor is a shelf with mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €947

    Tresor is a shelf with a mirror by Cattelan framed by a black or titanium metal perimeter and composed by the union of a bronze mirror back and a mirror shelf.

  • Sestante living-room double sideboard


    Starting from €1,431

    Sestante living-room double sideboard with shelves in wood, leather and a wide range of lacquered colors.

  • Wide shelf for back panel made of wood, 2,2 cm thick

    Wide Shelf for Back Panel - Living Room

    Starting from €32

    Wide shelf for back panel made of metal or wood, available in 7 different widths. Also book and object holders available.

Modern and designer wall shelves

The modern shelves in our collection are characterised by innovative and unique shapes that can be combined to create large wall units. Not only the classic long and narrow linear models in laminate or wood are available but also more unique accessories in shaped and painted glass or lacquered metal, with or without backs, more or less thin.

All the models are customisable from a vast colour palette: from the classic shades of white and dove grey to more vibrant combinations of red, green, blue and other trendy colours.