Swivel/Adjustable Tv Stands

Swivel and adjustable TV stands: where design meets function

Adjustable TV stands allow you to furnish your living room with elegance and style, without sacrificing versatility and practicality. Whether you choose a TV stand with a wall panel and adjustable arm, a rotating column structure or a swivel TV cabinet, all of the solutions in this innovative collection will add a touch of sophistication and functionality to your home.

  • Kino wall mount, swivel tv stand with glass shelves - model A

    Vartical TV Stand

    Starting from €711

    Kino swivel TV stand with glass shelves and painted metal structure, available in a wall or ceiling version.

  • Swing adjustable and extendible wall TV stand, version with 3 metal boxes

    Swivel TV Stand

    Starting from €1,424

    Swing adjustable and extendible wall TV stand with internal boxes, shelves or without internal compartment; wood finishes or lacquer.

  • Show full height glass TV panel

    Swivel TV Stand

    Starting from €1,007

    Show full height glass TV panel, available in various shapes and heights; with pull-out adjustable wall mount and shelf for set top boxes.

  • Smart wall mounted tv panel with DVD rack

    Swivel TV Stand

    Starting from €1,892

    Smart wall mounted tv panel with DVD rack and and cable box metal slot; wood-made with extra bookcase.

  • Totem is a swivel TV stand featuring a rotating column

    Vartical TV Stand

    Starting from €2,133

    Tonal swivel column TV stand equipped with glass shelf and optional rectangular panel; also available fixed in many different lacquered colours or veneer.

  • Rimpiattino is a corner TV stand panel with coat rack

    Corner TV Stand

    Starting from €1,581

    Rimpiattino is a corner TV stand panel with coat rack. Perfect for a small living room, a kitchen or a bedroom. Glossy or satin glass.

  • Porta tv con ante push pull Fabulus

    Modern TV Stand

    Starting from €3,374

    Rufus low swivel TV unit, made of solid wood with carved fronts. Canaletto walnut or painted ash-wood, top in wood or painted glass.

  • Sesamo 90° adjustable TV panel

    Swivel TV Stand

    Starting from €3,685

    Seman 90° adjustable TV panel made of wood in different finishes. It includes a shelf for the set-top box and a cable tray.

  • Porta Tv orientabile con libreria Lounge

    Vartical TV Stand

    Starting from €2,946

    Tour revolving TV stand with predisposition for invisible cabling system. Equipped with side shelving units and shelf for set-top box.

  • Vision flat screen TV stand by Cattelan

    Swivel TV Stand

    Starting from €1,411

    Vision is a flat screen TV stand by Cattelan, adjustable in height. Chromed structure, steel base and glass shelves.

Adjustable screens and Italian design: why you should choose a swivel TV stand

An emblem of functionality and practicality, TV stands with swivel panels are the perfect solution for large living rooms or open spaces in which you might want to watch the TV from different angles. Swivel TV stands also work well in bedrooms or other more compact spaces, where you might simply want to adjust the screen depending on what side of the bed you’re watching from.

Made with the best of Italian craftsmanship, the adjustable TV stands from this collection can be customised to suit any environment. Choose from panels in natural wood, elegant metal structures, or doors and shelves that have been lacquered in an exclusive range of trendy colours. This extensive range of decorative possibilities allows you to create simple and elegant Scandinavian looks or more unique and interesting combinations that are sure to stand out. These products provide an exquisite balance between practicality and quality, between form and function.

TV stands on rotating or double-sided columns

Adjustable TV stands can be a key element in open-plan spaces consisting of a kitchen, living room and dining room. This exclusive diotti.com collection offers a selection of freestanding, double-sided, and 360-degree rotating TV columns that can be placed in the centre of the room. These tall and narrow columns can also act as partitions between two rooms while still allowing you to watch the television in both areas.