Swivel TV Stand

Swing adjustable and extendible wall TV stand with internal boxes, shelves or without internal compartment; wood finishes or lacquer.

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Swing adjustable and extendible wall TV stand is available with a width of 120 and 130 cm with different internal layouts. The panel can be chosen in matt or glossy lacquer as well as in wood veneer.
The TV panel is available with internal compartment equipped with 3 shelves or 3 practical boxes in matt black painted metal which can be fitted on a pre-driller grid offering the possibility to change the internal position at will.
Swing is a highly practical and functional solution, perfect for modern living rooms.

patented adjustable system, practical and convenient
sleek wall mounted TV unit with adjustable, opening panel
models with internal compartment for a spacious storage unit on the back
available in a wide range of lacquered colours or in wood veneer

Materials and Finishes
- matt lacquer
- wood veneer
Front Panel:
- matt / glossy lacquer
- wood veneer

Information for your Purchase
All components are Made in Italy and certified.
The adjustable panel comes with a patented system that allows to rotate it by 84° on the side with the hinges and by 50° and 59° on the opposite side, according to the model.

Technical study

Model and Specific Measurements

TV Stand Model
Front Measurements
Back Panel / Back Storage Measurements Front Thickness
without storage unit cm 120 / 130 d.18 h.83 cm 110 d.16 h.77 cm 2 - perimeter thickness: cm 6
internal compartment
with 3 metal boxes

cm 120 / 130 d.25 h.83

cm 98 d.23 h.77 cm 2 - perimeter thickness: cm 6
internal compartment
with 1 structural shelf
and 2 glass shelves
cm 120 / 130 d.25 h.103 cm 98 d.23 h.91 cm 2 - perimeter thickness: cm 6

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Maximum capacity: 25 kg
The TV stand is suitable for all flat screen TVs with size and weight smaller than the allowed ones. We recommend not to use TVs bigger than 50 inches for models that are 120 cm wide and bigger than 55 inches for models that are 130 cm wide. .
Cable tray: the back is equipped with a cable hole of cm Ø 6 placed at cm 10 from the hinged side and at cm h. 10 from the bottom (distances from the central hole).
Patented system: adjustable by 84° towards the opening direction and 59° in the opposite direction for the model without storage unit, 50° for the other models; thanks to this mechanism you can rotate the TV panel up to 134° and 143° to get an excellent view also from a sofa placed in a perpendicular position compared to the TV screen.
Central hole: cm 60 h.26,5


Lateral built-in LED bars with switch, 11 x 11 mm section with 3000K light temperature.

Tips for the Assembling
The installation consists in piercing the panel, according to your TV mount, to fix the plate upon which the TV will be fixed or to directly fix the TV to the support.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
Cubic Metres
0,3 m³
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Partner Factory

This item is crafted by a firm from Brianza district (Northern Italy) specialised in the production of adjustable TV units, bookcases and beds coming with a great value for money. Precious finishes and natural materials well represent this modern and original collection, each product is crafted by keeping in mind the needs of contemporary living arrangements as well as by using techniques which fully respect the environment. Bespoke solutions and modular layouts allow you to create unique and personalised furniture for your living room and bedroom, ensuring an optimal and original organisation of the space at disposal.
Starting from the design steps up to the selection of the materials, each phase of the manufacturing process respects the highest standards of quality proper of every Made in Italy product. The hand-crafted tradition - typical of Brianza district - is put to life thanks to the hands of master craftsmen, able to transform each item in a unique and refined piece. The firm also invests a lot in the research and development field, always trying to find the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions; the numerous patents registered are a demonstration of that.

Unique customisable furniture solutions for living rooms and bedrooms

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