Sliding Wardrobes with TV

Sliding wardrobes with TV panels: design and technology in the bedroom

Bring the charm of a wall-mounted TV into your bedroom without giving up the convenience of a large wardrobe with sliding doors. We have selected the best wardrobes with incorporated television panels, all of which offer valuable solutions with innovative designs. Customise your chosen model with our luxurious range of melamine, wood veneer and lacquer finishes.

  • Wardrobe with TV panel - to be paired with other hinged or sliding-door elements from the Pacific collection

    Pacific TV
    Wardrobe with TV

    Starting from €1,185

    Pacific wardrobe with TV panel, doors and drawers in wood, lacquer or laminate. To be combined with hinged or sliding wardrobes from the Pacific collection.

  • Armadio porta tv a scomparsa Ciak

    Wardrobe with TV

    Starting from €4,700

    Ciak vanishing TV wardrobe with sliding panel and cupboards with hinged doors. Customise with two-tone finishes in matt lacquer and wood veneer.

  • Wide sliding door wardrobe with built-in TV

    Sliding Wardrobe with TV

    Starting from €2,078

    Wide sliding door wardrobe with built-in TV, available in three measurements and three door models. Several finishes and colours.

Futuristic bedroom designs: sliding wardrobes with retractable TV panels

A TV mounted onto a wardrobe is a unique and trendy solution both from an aesthetic point of view, as it introduces sleek technology into the bedroom, and from a functional point of view, as it allows you to have a TV screen without giving up your storage space.

Thanks to the sturdy, universal mounting kits and concealed cable ducts behind the doors, our sliding TV wardrobes ensure a high standard of quality and aesthetics. The most important feature of technological innovation, however, lies in the methods for concealing the TV when not in use. These mechanisms either allow the television to slide behind another door, creating a storage compartment behind the screen, or they allow the television to be hidden behind a motorised lacquered panel. This motorised panel can be chosen in a contrasting finish to the doors, creating a dynamic and two-tone effect on the front of your elegant sliding wardrobe.