Modular Chest of Drawers

Modular and customisable chests of drawers

Explore our range of bespoke chests of drawers and create your own fully-customised storage solution for your bedroom. Each drawer is independent and can be placed on the floor, on top of other drawers, or mounted onto the wall. Mix different sizes, colours and materials together to create a geometric layout that is both practical and unique.

  • Havana modular big drawers for the bedroom, with open element from the same collection

    Avana - Big Drawers

    Starting from €329

    Avana bedroom modular big drawers. Perfect to compose your own layouts and match them with shelving system and bedside tables.

  • Havana storage open elements for bedside tables

    Avana - Open Element

    Starting from €172

    Avana open element for bedside table. Available standard or "L" shaped; it can be matched to dressers and big drawers too.

  • Cassettoni sospesi per camera da letto California

    California Drawers

    Starting from €293

    California bedroom modular storage units in matt lacquer; available in several measurements, floor standing or wall mounted.

  • California Platform for bed compositions in wood or lacquer

    California Platform

    Starting from €273

    Platform for compositions made with California bed in wood or lacquer. Several measurements available, with single drawer or with drawer and open compartment.

  • Cleveland wall mounted storage units for the bedroom, matched to a bedside table from the same collection

    Cleveland - Big Drawers

    Starting from €353

    Cleveland two colours wall mounted storage units for the bedroom, also available free standing. Perfect to create custom compositions.

  • Cleveland two-tone bedside table: composed by a free-standing element and one standing on top.

    Cleveland - Bedside Table

    Starting from €231

    Cleveland two-tone bedside table with vertical groove, available in several coordinated models and also with matching finishes.

  • Cleveland Havana swivel desk with metal leg, matched with Havana collection dresser

    Cleveland Avana Mason - Desk

    Starting from €337

    Cleveland / Avana / Mason swivel desk with metal leg, perfect combined with dressers and compositions from the same collection.

  • Oregon modular bedroom drawers, available on feet or wall mounted

    Oregon - Drawers

    Starting from €200

    Oregon modular bedroom drawers, wall mounted or with feet; available in melamine, wood veneer or lacquered in gloss and matt finish.

  • Pannelli boiserie per la testiera del letto Sorvolo


    Starting from €255

    Open unit and bedside tables for Overfly headboard with wall panelling, they can also be used as independent items for the night area.

  • Contenitori componibili con gola Mason

    Mason - Cassettoni

    Starting from €226

    Modular storage units with groove handles for 1 or 2 drawers, suspended or floor.standing. Up to 180 cm wide, freedom of combination between elements. Wood finish, lacquered, veneered.

  • Philadelphia wooden modular chest of drawers

    Philadelphia - Drawers

    Starting from €150

    Philadelphia modular wooden chest of drawers, also available in various sizes and in a matte and metallic lacquer finish. Also for double-sided use.

  • Raiki Plus modular chests of drawers

    Raiki Plus - Chest of Drawers

    Starting from €206

    Raiki Plus modular chest of drawers for the bedroom. Modules in different sizes for customized chests of drawers, also double-sided.

Modular chests of drawers: practical and unique

This exclusive selection of modular drawer units gives you the freedom to create original and unique storage solutions for your bedroom. Drawers of varying sizes can be combined with different accessories in linear or staggered layouts, so that your chest of drawers is tailored perfectly to suit the aesthetics of your home. There are no particular restrictions in arranging the different elements: each individual module can be placed on the floor, on top of other modules, or mounted to the wall.

This compositional freedom goes hand in hand with dimensional freedom. You will find elements that range from 45 cm to over 200 cm in width, with depths between 45 cm and 60 cm. These chests of drawers can be adapted to any environment and any use, from a capacious tallboy to a small, suspended bedside table.

White or coloured drawer units: choosing the perfect finish

The originality of a modular chest of drawers lies not only in the unique layout of its elements, but also in the choice of finishes. In fact, every single element can be a different colour, creating an interesting two-tone solution with similar yet progressively lighter or darker shades, or with strong contrasts between bright lacquered shades and the soft colours of natural wood.

Even a simple white chest of drawers can be customised so that it stands out, by changing the colour of the handles, the open compartments or, more drastically, the wallpaper behind it. With such compositional and dimensional freedom, shocking colour combinations are not needed to create a striking piece of furniture. As conventional as it may seem, a deliberate and careful choice of colours and materials can really enhance any drawer unit and its surrounding environment.