Modular Chest of Drawers

Wanna find something out of the ordinary? Create your bespoke modular chest of drawers!

With our storage units for the night area you can create completely customisable solutions for your own bedroom. Each drawer is independent and it can be placed on the floor, on other drawers or it can be wall mounted. Mix different measurements and colours, according to a geometric layout or completely free and create unique bedroom sets.

  • Havana modular big drawers for the bedroom, with open element from the same collection

    Avana - Big Drawers

    Starting from €219.06

    Avana bedroom modular big drawers. Perfect to compose your own layouts and match them with shelving system and bedside tables.

  • Havana storage open elements for bedside tables

    Avana - Open Element

    Starting from €114.26

    Avana open element for bedside table. Available standard or "L" shaped; it can be matched to dressers and big drawers too.

  • California bedroom modular storage units

    California Cassettoni

    Starting from €235.19

    California bedroom modular storage units in matt lacquer; available in several measurements, floor standing or wall mounted.

  • California bedroom modular storage units

    California Pedana

    Starting from €218.97

    Pedana per composizioni letto California in legno o laccato. In varie dimensioni, con cassetto singolo o con cassetto e vano giorno.

  • Cleveland wall mounted storage units for the bedroom, matched to a bedside table from the same collection

    Cleveland - Big Drawers

    Starting from €237.19

    Cleveland two colours wall mounted storage units for the bedroom, also available free standing. Perfect to create custom compositions.

  • Cleveland two-tone bedside table: composed by a free-standing element and one standing on top.

    Cleveland - Bedside Table

    Starting from €156.02

    Cleveland two-tone bedside table with vertical groove, available in several coordinated models and also with matching finishes.

  • Cleveland Havana swivel desk with metal leg, matched with Havana collection dresser

    Cleveland Avana - Desk

    Starting from €226.16

    Cleveland Avana swivel desk with metal leg, perfect combined with dressers and compositions from the same collection.

  • Oregon modular bedroom drawers, available on feet or wall mounted

    Oregon - Drawers

    Starting from €160.58

    Oregon modular bedroom drawers, wall mounted or with feet; available in melamine, wood veneer or lacquered in gloss and matt finish.

  • Pannelli boiserie per la testiera del letto Sorvolo


    Starting from €186.87

    Open unit and bedside tables for Sorvolo headboard with wall panelling, they can also be used as independent items for the night area.

  • Tratto modular lacquered drawers for the bedroom

    Tratto - Big Drawers

    Starting from €319.93

    Tratto modular lacquered drawers for the bedroom suitable to create chest of drawers. Available wall-mounted or floor standing.

  • Tratto white wall mounted bedside table

    Tratto - Bedside Table

    Starting from €130.81

    Tratto white wall mounted bedside table, also available free standing. Available in matt or gloss lacquer, with open pore finish or wood.

  • Tratto desk for bedroom, matched to a dresser with open compartment from the same collection

    Tratto - Desk

    Starting from €211.18

    Tratto lacquered desk for bedroom, it can be matched with dresser, bedside tables and big drawers from the same collection.

  • Raiki modular chests of drawers - staggered composition

    Philadelphia - Cassettoni

    Starting from €120.03

    Cassettiera componibile in legno Philadelphia, anche in laccato opaco e metallizzato. Varie dimensioni disponibili, anche per uso bifacciale.

  • Gruppoletto da uno a sei cassetti Portland per la zona notte


    Starting from €231.14

    Gruppoletto da uno a sei cassetti Portland per la zona notte. Comodino, comò e settimanale proposti in laccato opaco o metallizzato.

  • Raiki modular chests of drawers - staggered composition

    Raiki Plus - Chest of Drawers

    Starting from €165.44

    Raiki Plus modular chest of drawers for the bedroom. Modules in different sizes for customized chests of drawers, also double-sided.

Tall, large chest of drawers or narrow and small chest of drawers: the choice is huge

Thanks to our modular drawers you can use your imagination at best and create original one-of-a-king storage units. How? Very simple: choose drawers from our online catalogue and match them together to create your own layout according to your taste and the space you have at disposal. The elements have widths going from 46 cm to 200 cm, different heights according to the model (usually drawers are 20 cm high whereas the basket or big drawer is around 30 cm high) and a depth that goes from around 45 cm to 55 cm. Furthermore these chest of drawers can be placed on the floor, standing on other modules or wall mounted. The important thing is to determine from the beginning how much space you have at disposal in the room, how many storage units you need for your undergarments and which shape you want to give to your layout: in this way you will have the certainty to create design drawers that are practical and pretty to look at! You can get a very nice effect by matching two high drawers with a lower one and place them in a staggered layout. The lower drawer can be placed on the floor, for a more traditional look, or wall mounted, for a lighter, more modern composition. Use the top to arrange a thin and high rectangular mirror, and in the space you have left put some everyday decorative objects: perfumes, a jewellery box and some decorative vases. The final effect will be extra chic!

Elegant black or grey chest of drawers, trendy bright colours or wooden drawers? All top finishes available

Our modular chest of drawers are the perfect instrument to create original and quirky layouts in your bedroom. You can mix different measurements and add some open compartments for a bit of movement. But other than that, each drawer can be customised with a different finish and colour to get two-tone solutions or multi-coloured ones! Choose among dozens of different finishes (melamine, matt or high gloss painted, oak wood, dark wood, open pore lacquered oak and many others) and among hundreds of colours present in our samples page. In a chest of 3 drawers, for example, you can create a "fading" effect by choosing three different shades of grey, one for each drawer: charcoal for the lower drawer, slate for the middle one and an ice colour for the upper drawer. Or if you like brighter colours you can match an accent tone like curcuma (maybe for the middle drawer) with a more neutral tone as a taupe open pore lacquered oak for the lower and upper drawer... you'll get a contemporary and lively composition. If you prefer simple white drawers you can add a touch of colour on the handles and open compartment, or you can dare with a dark wall paper to enhance the white of the drawers, maybe an ocean blue or tiffany background.

Design chest of drawers and modular drawers online

On you can find only the best of modern and design Made in Italy furniture for your bedroom. But more importantly, you can become your own interior designer! Who knows your house better than you? Your tastes and your needs? What we can give you are the instruments to create comfortably from your sofa your bespoke furniture, just by using a computer or even your smartphone! What are you waiting for? Start now and create your personalised chest of drawers and storage units!