Hinged Wardrobes with Reduced Depth

Space-saving hinged wardrobes with reduced depth

The hinged wardrobes in this particular collection are characterised by reduced overall dimensions that don’t excessively sacrifice on the interior volume. Perfect in small bedrooms (i.e. a guest bedroom or a bedroom in a second home), these high-quality wardrobes are also ideal for hallways, corridors and alcove spaces. Customise your chosen model with our exclusive range of materials, finishes and colours.

Narrow wardrobes with hinged doors: for a corridor, hallway or alcove

Depth is one of the key measurements in determining the functionality of a hinged wardrobe and its usability in a home. The standard 60 cm depth is not always ideal, especially when furnishing small niches, bedrooms or other rooms in which a large wardrobe is not suitable. Taking this important requirement into account, we have selected several models with depths close to 40, 45 or 50 cm, of equal quality and aesthetic value but with an increased level of practicality.

Our space-saving models require a clever re-arrangement of its internal accessories, but can still be equipped with clothes rails, drawers, compartments and basket drawers. They also maintain a high degree of customisation, with the wardrobe doors available in a wide range of materials such as melamine, matt and glossy lacquer and wood veneer.

As already suggested, hinged wardrobes with reduced depth are also suitable for using in spaces other than the bedroom, thanks to their reduced size. As they can be customised in size to the centimetre, these hinged wardrobes can be placed in an alcove, corridor or large entrance hall.