Spirit Lounge
Hinged Wardrobe

Spirit Lounge hinged wardrobe with recessed handles; smooth or decorated doors with inserts, engravings or pleats. Available with folding doors and reduced depth.

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Spirit Lounge is a hinged wardrobe with recessed handles with an elegant and refined design, highly customizable in size, modularity and aesthetics. The compositional freedom is potentially unlimited thanks to the vast selection of units with single, double or folding doors and the possibility of combining them with other elements of the Lounge wardrobe collection.
The doors can be embellished with delicate surface decorations, including metal inserts, engravings or slats applied to create an elegant pleated effect. The recessed handles, meticulously finished, elegantly streamline the silhouette of Spirit Lounge, creating a harmonious appearance of the front lines with a functional, subtle and modern cut. Easy to incorporate in modern home spaces, Spirit Lounge can be completed with internal equipment such as drawers, shirt racks, object holders, drawer organisers and LED lighting.

The Lounge wardrobes derive from the day collection of the same name, and can be combined perfectly with it: both to connect the living and sleeping areas with a strong aesthetic unity, and to create unique compositions by combining hinged wardrobes, wall panels and open storage compartments equipped with shelves of different sizes and dressing tables.

Quality and Value
wide compositional freedom thanks to the units with single, double or folding doors 
vast choice of precious finishes including lacquered woods and veneers for the structure and fronts
elegant, discreet handles are delicately recessed on the doors
modules are available with widths up to 144 cm
doors available with precious decorations such as metal inserts, "V" or "U" engravings or slats applied for a pleated effect
offered in the depths of cm 40,4 and 61,6

- cm 48 / 54 / 60 / 72 / 96 / 108 / 120 / 144
- module: cm 40,4 / 61,6
- structure: cm 38 / 59,2
- door: cm sp.2,4
- custom-made from cm 186 (min) to cm 295 (max)

Materiali e Finiture
- melamine
- lacquered
- open pore oak wood
Fronts and Sides:
- matte / glossy lacquered
- brushed / open pore oak wood

Info for your Purchase
Each 38 cm module includes a standard full shelf; each 59,2 cm deep module includes an internal shelf and 2 clothes hanger tubes.
You can purchase more internal equipment from the Lounge Swing Internal Equipment product page and add the desired items to the Cart. 

Matte or glossy lacquer (where available) in RAL, NCS and Sikkens colours are available for this product. Please contact our Customer Service for a quote or additional info.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Structure: made of TAMMEL (honeycomb + melamine). The honeycob has a carefully selected solid fir frame and is plated with Royal, Alpha or Grafis MDF panels. It ensures non-deformability over time, lightness, practicality, and meets all the requirements of the European class 1 standards regarding the limitation of harmful emissions of formaldehyde, and complies with CARB2 standards.
Sides: With a depth of 38 cm, the sides are made of wood particle panels (class E1 with low formaldehyde emission). with a depth of 59,2, the sides are made of honeycomb with a solid fir frame. The panels of both depths are 2,5 cm thick and comply with CARB2 standards.
Back Panels: made from wood particle panels (class E1 with low formaldehyde emission, 0,8 cm thick. 
Base and Lid: made from honeycomb wood, cm th.3,2 and cm th.2,5 respectively.
Shelf: supplied, made from honeycomb wood cm th.3,2.
Clothes Hanger Tube: suppllied with modules with a depth of 59,2 cm. With rectangular section 3x1 cm in brown or metallic lacquered finish. 
Door Height from the ground: cm h.1,1.
Hinged Doors: made from honeycomb wood cm th.2,4 with a solid fir frame, lacquered or wooden. In modules with two hinged doors, a single handle is normally installed on the right door. The left door is equipped with a PVC dust cover. 
Folding Doors: 2,4 cm thick honeycomb wood with a solid fir frame, lacquered or wooden. On the folding door modules, the handles are double or placed on the doors hinged at the sides for ergonomic reasons. The silding track is burnished metal. 
Door Decoration: the fronts can be smooth or customized: 
- Shanghai (only for matte lacquer finish): diagonal "V" incisions cm 0,2 th.0,2.
- Line (only for matte lacquer finish): vertical "V" incisions cm 0,2 th.0,2.
- with metal insert: cm 1 th.0,2 in the "version 1" with n.2 horizontal + n.1 vertical or in the "version 2" with n.1 horizontal + n.1 vertical. Also available in the 2:2 version with a matte or metallic lacquered metal insert, mm 2 th.4, protruding 2 mm from the door. Only possible on request. For further information contact our Customer Service.
- Pleated: slats made from solid laquered or veneered oak wood with a 30° edge: cm 4,5 th.1.
- 10:10 (only for matte lacquer finish): "U" incisions cm 1 th.0,2.
- 80:40 (only for matte lacquered finish): "U" incisions cm 1 th.0,2 with variable width.
- 10:2 (only for open pore oak wood finishes): vertical 'V" incisions cm 0,2 th.0,2.

Doors also available in TAMMAS (honeycomb + solid wood), honeycomb with solid fir frame and honeycomb plated in solid wood on both sides, stained in the sample finishes and decorated with 10:10 or Wave finish. Available exclusively on request, for further information contact our Customer Service.
Hinges: metal in titanium finish with slow closing as standard. Standard opening angle of 110°, which can be increased to 155° except on pleated doors, supplied exclusively with 94° opening hinges.
The hinged doors are equipped with 4 slow-moving metal hinges up to 280 cm in height, 5 hinges for higher heights.
The folding doors are equipped with 4 slow-moving metal hinges on the door hinged at the side and 4 folding hinges between the two doors, up to 280 cm in height. The supplied hinges become n.5 for heights between 281 and 295 cm.
Handles: the recessed handles consist of a 3 mm thick strip which can be lacquered in all matte and metallic colours or veneered in open pore oak.
- B1: cm 2 d.1,9 h.18,5. Matte or metallic lacquered finish.
- B3: cm 4,3 d.1,9 h.3,5. Matte or metallic lacquered finish.
Useful Height: To obtain the internal useful height of the wardrobe, simply remove the thicknesses of the feet (0.5 cm), the base (3.2 cm) and the lid (2.5 cm) from the overall height of the composition. Some examples:
- for wardrobe cm h.226: cm 219,8
- for wardrobe cm h.260: cm 253,8
- for wardrobe cm h.295: cm 288,8.

Please Note: Sides and doors are always supplied without edging on the short sides. This difference in finish, often hidden from view once the wardrobe has been assembled, deliberately leaves the solid fir frame of the honeycomb panel exposed to enhance the wooden component of the element and show the high quality of the finished product.

Side Drilling
Depth 38 cm: pairs of holes Ø 1,5 mm, spaced 9.6 cm apart, placed every 35.2 cm (see the diagram in the gallery).
Depth 59,2 cm: Ø 1,5 mm holes every 9.6 cm for the entire height of the side.

vertical LED bars: positioned on the internal metal division of the module. Can be equipped with transformer (maximum supported power 75/150W) and ignition via sensor. Warm gradation LED 3000K-24V, consumption 11 W/m.

Assembly Tips
Pre-assembled hardware on all elements to facilitate and speed up assembly operations.
The feet, also pre-mounted on the bases, allow the correct levelling of the wardrobe thanks to a maximum extension of 0.8 cm. In the unloaded position, they measure 0.5 cm.

To assemble the wardrobe body you will need:
- 4 cm in width (2 cm if mounted in a niche)
- 2 cm in height

To know more...
Honeycomb: it is a panel made with an internal honeycomb structure and a 5 / 7 cm perimeter frame in first choice solid fir wood, closed with 2 MDF panels 0.3 / 0.4 cm thick, subsequently lacquered or veneered.
The strengths of honeycomb are:
- greater durability over time;
- greater load resistance;
- significantly reduced weight of the panels (up to 60% less), useful both for transport, assembly, travel or removals, but above all for reducing the weight of the doors on the structure and hardware;
- hardware is always fixed on the perimeter (in solid fir) of the sides and doors, so the hinges will have greater resistance and the furniture will have a significantly longer life;
- better resistance to humidity, as the material "breathes";
- product exclusively "100% Made in Italy".
Brushed Oak: compared to "standard" open pore oak, brushed oak is characterized by a slightly more brushed surface, which shows a deeper pore and a more evident grain. This difference is more noticeable on large surfaces such as tables, equipped walls and wardrobes, less so on accessories, beds and bedroom furniture.


Additional Information

Area of Production
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Partner Factory

This piece is made by a prestigious Italian company which has operated within the furniture industry since 1929. The company began as a carpentry workshop, before transforming into a furniture factory in 1949. Over the years, thanks to collaborations with well-known architects and designers, it has acquired fame at both a national and international level. The headquarters are located in Emilia Romagna, but the company is now recognised and valued in over 50 countries around the world.
True to their roots, the company catalogue centres around high-quality, modern furniture and accessories which are mostly made from wood. In particular, there are several pieces of furniture featuring skilfully-crafted wooden facades and doors with pleated details, consisting of vertical slats arranged in a regular pattern. The catalogue reflects modern trends and ways of living, offering customisable and durable options for every room of the house. Furniture solutions for the living room include wall units, tables, sideboards and cupboards. The bedroom furniture range features numerous models of wardrobes, beds and storage units.
As well as furnishing private homes and villas, this prestigious ‘Made in Italy’ company is committed to the design and manufacturing of quality contract furniture, particularly for hotels, showrooms, housing complexes and renowned offices around the world.

High quality Italian furniture for the living and bedroom area

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