Design mirrors for every room of the house

Explore an exclusive online collection of modern, designer mirrors for the living room, bedroom or entrance hall, with or without frames and in different shapes and sizes. Brighten up and enlarge your home with an elegant, quality mirror that can be customised and made to fit different styles and spaces.

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  • Alma leaner wooden mirror in rectangular shape


    Starting from €322

    Alma rectangular leaner wooden mirror is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms thanks to its wide range of finishes

  • Specchiera con struttura rotonda Circe di Cantori


    Starting from €1,096

    Circe mirror by Cantori with round structure, shaped and half-moon painted, metallic or patinated metal mirror.

  • Hopes round bronze mirror


    Starting from €445

    Hopes round bronze mirror available in two sizes 30ø cm or 40ø cm and in a natural version. Ashwood frame painted in several wood colours.

  • Julius custom-made wall mirror


    Starting from €184

    Julius custom-made wall mirror in natural, smoked or bronzed glass. Available in any shape or size. Colourful edges, shaped frames and LED lights.

  • Specchio appendiabiti free standing Leo di Borzalino con struttura in legno massello, dettagli in ottone e parti rivestite in tessuto


    Starting from €2,267

    Specchio appendiabiti free standing Leo con struttura in legno massello, dettagli in ottone e parti rivestite in tessuto, velluto e pelle.

  • Specchio sagomato con struttura in metallo Medea di Cantori


    Starting from €1,009

    Medea shaped mirror with metal frame by Cantori with heptagonal shape and refined design, available in different finishes

  • Specchiera rotonda con cornice in acciaio Rodin di Cantori


    Starting from €1,096

    Specchiera rotonda con cornice in acciaio Rodin di Cantori, disponibile in più dimensioni e ideale per ingressi, soggiorni o camere eleganti

  • Specchio a figura intera Sidony


    Starting from €405

    Sidony rectangular full length mirror, also available square shaped. Upholstered frame covered in fabric, eco-leather, leather.

  • Vanity mirror with slatted wooden frame


    Starting from €404

    Vanity mirror with slatted wooden frame, rectangular full figure or square. It can be mounted to the wall or standing on the floor. Several sizes to choose from.

  • Specchio retroilluminato rettangolare Cincinnati


    Starting from €507

    Cincinnati rectangular back-light mirror, also available round. Arranged both to be fixed to the wall or standing on the floor.

  • Emerald octagonal design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,153

    Emerald octagonal design mirror with mirror frame by Cattelan, available in two shapes and sizes, totally made in Italy.

  • Fernando rectangular mirror with velvet fabric frame


    Starting from €653

    Fernando rectangular mirror with fabric frame, also available in faux-leather and velvet. You can also choose the square version and with high gloss lacquered frame.

  • Half Moon di Borzalino è un specchio rotondo in ottone con una parte rivestita in tessuto, velluto e pelle

    Half Moon

    Starting from €980

    Half Moon is a round brass mirror with one side covered in fabric, velvet and leather. Available in Ø 40, 55, 75 and 110 cm

  • Opal è uno specchio con cornice in vetro martellato


    Starting from €1,214

    Opal mirror with a hammered glass frame featuring a distinctive inward curve. Available in bronze and smoked versions.

  • Specchio da parete con cornice Platinum


    Starting from €2,056

    Platinum is a framed wall mirror, offered in smoked or bronze with a shaped edge, available in a square or rectangular version.

  • Specchio Africa con cornice barocca - Finitura P1 Pollock


    Starting from €766

    Africa cream rectangular mirror with gold decoration by Cantori. Shabby chic charm with modern design and hand made details.

  • Africa di Cattelan, specchio di design a forma di Africa in cristallo specchiato


    Starting from €1,372

    Africa by Cattelan, design mirror with the shape of Africa in smoked mirrored glass or bronze. Available in two sizes.

  • Specchio fumè Aida


    Starting from €1,785

    Aida modern baroque mirror by Cantori. With shaped edge smoked glass mirror for a vintage look.

  • Specchio con cornice trasparente in cristallo fumé Akumal


    Starting from €1,325

    Akumal di Cattelan è uno specchio con cornice trasparente in cristallo fumé che fa da contorno alla lastra, realizzata nella stessa finitura.

  • Specchiera rettangolare grande Alice


    Starting from €1,613

    Alice rectangular mirror with LED light available in several finishes and measurements. With a modern design.

  • Alyssa mirror


    Starting from €327

    Alyssa square mirror in carved and brushed larch, available in different finishes and two sizes.

  • Ariel round mirror in gold patinated leaf


    Starting from €449

    Ariel round mirror with frame of 12 cm, available in several finishes and mirror at the same level of the frame.

  • Asia mirror with white lacquered frame by Cantori


    Starting from €757

    Asia mirror with white lacquered frame by Cantori. Also available in other finishes, in a round, square and rectangular model.

  • Aten ground rectangular mirror in carved larch


    Starting from €674

    Aten ground rectangular mirror in carved and brushed larch, offered in the measurements 190 x 60 and 190 x 80 cm with horizontal or vertical positioning.

  • Away silver leaf mirror with wooden chips frame available in several finishes and measurements


    Starting from €388

    Away silver leaf mirror with wooden chips frame available in several finishes and measurements. Refined design for modern houses.

  • Brandon mirror with silver, gold or copper leaf covered frame


    Starting from €470

    Brandon mirror with open pore ash frame, covered in gold, silver or copper leaf. Available in 7 sizes.

  • Specchio con cornice in legno massello Bungie


    Starting from €2,635

    Specchio con cornice in legno massello Bungie in essenza noce canaletto, anche tinto o laccato poro aperto, ideale per ambienti eleganti.

  • Specchio modulare Charme con possibilità di fissaggio in diverse posizioni


    Starting from €199

    Chic modular mirror; couple of decorative wall mirrors which can be positioned with different layouts.

  • Specchio con cornice circolare Cosmos di Cattelan


    Starting from €1,628

    Cosmos by Cattelan is a mirror with a circular bush-hammered glass frame and an irregular mirrored plate. In two circumferences, 120 or 157 cm.

  • Specchio rotondo con incisioni decorative Crop


    Starting from €1,542

    Specchio rotondo con incisioni decorative Crop, in due versioni e più finiture, tra cui il rivestimento foglia d'oro. Diametro 120 cm.

  • Dennis ground mirror with frame


    Starting from €521

    Dennis ground mirror with frame in fabric, velvet or faux leather offered also wall-mounted in different measurements, rectangular model and squared.

  • Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror with Baban lamp by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,001

    Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror by Cattelan. It can be hung vertically or horizontally; suitable in the living room or hallway.

  • Domu solid wood entryway mirror, full body in ash-wood

    Hallway Mirror

    Starting from €1,103

    Domu solid wood entryway mirror, rectangular or shaped with upper rounded profile. In natural or painted ash-wood.

  • Egypt square gold framed mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,068

    Egypt gold framed mirror by Cattelan is a luxurious furniture accessory for living rooms or master bedrooms.

  • Era Ora Round Mirror Clock with Ribbed Glass Inlay, Gold Hands and Bronze Finish.

    Era Ora

    Starting from €2,009

    Era Ora is a round mirrored glass clock featuring divided dials according to glass type. Available in smoked and bronze finishes with an eleagant appearance.

  • Specchio orizzontale da parete Essenza


    Starting from €984

    Essenza horizontal wall mirror is characterised by its 164 cm width and decorative side panels in bronze or smoked finish.

  • Excalibur solid wood square mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €996

    Excalibur is a solid wood square mirror by Cattelan, available also rectangular. Design accessory made in Italy.

  • Specchio con cornice tridimensionale Field


    Starting from €1,442

    Specchio con cornice tridimensionale Field, quadrato o rettangolare. La cornice incisa è rifinita a mano, laccata opaca o rivestita in foglia d'oro.

  • Specchio con orologio Fusion


    Starting from €1,212

    Fusion clock with mirror distinguished by two circular surfaces forming the dial. The hours are divided between Arabic and Roman numerals.

  • Specchio con bordo diamantato Gemma


    Starting from €1,368

    Gemma mirror with diamond-cut edge, suitable for an horizontal or vertical position.

  • Ghirigori mirror with curly shaped metal frame


    Starting from €1,009

    Ghirigori by Cantori is a mirror with curved iron frame, elegant and refined design. The frame is available lacqured or with foil decoration.

  • Glenn by Cattelan design mirror


    Starting from €1,458

    Glenn by Cattelan design mirror with mirrored frame available in rectangular and squared version in two measurements.

  • Specchio con cornice minimal modello Hang Up

    Hang Up

    Starting from €1,685

    Hang Up mirror with minimal frame; dynamic cut and customisable frame in different finishes.

  • Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €309

    Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan; 7 measurements available with standard, smoked or bronze mirror.

  • Specchio quadrato Iole proposto in differenti finiture larice scavato


    Starting from €388

    Iole square or rectangular mirror with brushed and carved larch frame, in several finishes.

  • J'Adore frame has a pleasant irregular shape that goes out of the mirror surface


    Starting from €951

    J'Adore oval mirror with metal swirls by Cantori. Laser cut decorative iron frame with creamy and champagne shades.

  • Specchio sagomato con cornice in legno Janeiro di Cattelan nella dimensione cm 120 x 110


    Starting from €1,693

    Janeiro mirror with natural wooden frame by Cattelan. Irregular shape with smooth and curved edges in Canaletto walnut, burnt oak or black lacquer ashwood.

  • Specchio rotondo con cornice in vetro Jolan


    Starting from €841

    Jolan glass-framed round mirror available in bronzed or smoked finishes, ideal for use in refined environments with a vintage feel.

A mirror and many placements

Once the right size has been carefully chosen for its intended use, a mirror can fit into any corner of the house. A full-length mirror is ideal for the bedroom, either wall-mounted or floor-standing, to check your outfit right out of the wardrobe, or, as a vanity mirror above the dresser, to make the room look larger. Entryway mirrors are usually less flashy, rectangular, oval or round, with a shelf or cabinet to hold keys or some trinkets. Near an entrance, mirrors can also create interesting compositions, with several models placed side by side in a regular or staggered manner to create dynamism. Horizontal mirrors placed in the living room or lounge, as if they were a painting, will enlarge the room and make it brighter, as long as they reflect the light indirectly.

Modern mirrors and design dresser mirrors

Mirrors are a simple and original solution for renewing and embellishing a room with an non-invasive accessory that is however able to stand out. Design, modern or classic mirrors all find their place in our collection, so that both contemporary and formal or minimalist spaces can be made more striking by a piece of furniture which truly fits their style.

The high degree of customisation offered makes the combinations available truly remarkable: depending on the style of your furnishing, you will be able to choose between framed and unframed mirrors, longer or smaller, with or without shelves, with sinuous or geometric shapes… all elegant models, carefully crafted with a great attention to details.