Mirrors online to decorate every corner of the house

Every environment of the house needs its own mirror. Horizontal models are perfect mirrors for living rooms, a full-height mirror can be placed in bedrooms whereas mirrors with lights work great in entryways to light the area and at the same time to finish the last touch ups before going out. Large mirrors, round mirrors, vintage mirrors, decorative mirrors... in our online collection you can find the right model for you.

  • Alma leaner wooden mirror in rectangular shape


    Starting from €276.33

    Alma rectangular leaner wooden mirror is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms thanks to its wide range of finishes

  • Hopes round bronze mirror


    Starting from €236.75

    Hopes round bronze mirror available in two sizes 30ø cm or 40ø cm and in a natural version. Ashwood frame painted in several wood or RAL colours.

  • Specchio a figura intera Sidony


    Starting from €291.71

    Sidony rectangular full length mirror, also available square shaped. Upholstered frame covered in fabric, eco-leather, leather.

  • Specchio Africa con cornice barocca - Finitura P1 Pollock


    Starting from €539.85

    Africa cream rectangular mirror with gold decoration by Cantori. Shabby chic charm with modern design and hand made details.

  • Africa di Cattelan, specchio di design a forma di Africa in cristallo specchiato


    Starting from €1,322.40

    Africa di Cattelan, specchio di design a forma di Africa in cristallo specchiato fumè o bronzo. Disponibile in due dimensioni.

  • Specchio fumè Aida


    Starting from €1,256.70

    Aida modern baroque mirror by Cantori. With shaped edge smoked glass mirror for a vintage look.

  • Specchio Alice


    Starting from €1,350.00

    Alice rectangular mirror with LED light available in several finishes and measurements. With a modern design.

  • Alyssa mirror


    Starting from €281.00

    Alyssa square mirror in carved and brushed larch, available in different finishes and two sizes.

  • Ariel round mirror in gold patinated leaf


    Starting from €410.00

    Ariel round mirror with frame of 12 cm, available in several finishes and mirror at the same level of the frame.

  • Asia mirror with white lacquered frame by Cantori


    Starting from €531.00

    Asia mirror with white lacquered frame by Cantori. Also available in other finishes, in a round, square and rectangular model.

  • Specchio rotondo con cornice in acciaio Auro


    Starting from €825.12

    Specchio rotondo con cornice in acciaio Auro disponibile naturale o bronzato. Cornice laccata, bronzo, oro o nichel nero cromo.

  • Away silver leaf mirror with wooden chips frame available in several finishes and measurements


    Starting from €324.00

    Away silver leaf mirror with wooden chips frame available in several finishes and measurements. Refined design for modern houses.

  • Brandon mirror with silver, gold or copper leaf covered frame


    Starting from €432.00

    Brandon mirror with open pore ash frame, covered in gold, silver or copper leaf. Available in 7 sizes.

  • Camelot modern design wall mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,484.28

    Camelot modern design wall mirror by Cattelan is marked by shield like shape. Made in Italy furniture accessory.

  • Specchio modulare Charme con possibilità di fissaggio in diverse posizioni


    Starting from €334.43

    Charme modular mirror; couple of decorative wall mirrors which can be positioned with different layouts.

  • Core mirror with frosted glass frame - round model


    Starting from €185.92

    Core mirror with frosted glass frame. Simple and versatile, it is ideal in any kind of environment.

  • Déjà-vu Mirror by Magis with glossy aluminium frame

    Déjà-vu Mirror

    Starting from €861.60

    Déjà-vu rectangular Mirror by Magis with glossy aluminium frame in 3 models to be fixed to a wall or just placed against it.

  • Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror with Baban lamp by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,003.20

    Diamond wall multi-faceted mirror by Cattelan. It can be hung vertically or horizontally; suitable in the living room or hallway.

  • Doris elliptical mirror with clothes hanger with canaletto walnut frame


    Starting from €130.52

    Doris elliptical mirror with clothes hanger. Refined and elegant piece of furniture with wooden frame available in several finishes.

  • Egypt square gold framed mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,102.00

    Egypt gold framed mirror by Cattelan is a luxurious furniture accessory for living room or master bedrooms.

  • Emerald octagonal design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,099.72

    Emerald octagonal design mirror with mirror frame by Cattelan, available in two shapes and sizes, totally made in Italy.

  • Excalibur solid wood square mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €679.44

    Excalibur is a solid wood square mirror by Cattelan, available also rectangular. Design accessory made in Italy.

  • Fernando vertical mirror


    Starting from €670.00

    Fernando rectangular mirror with shaped solid wood frame, in glossy black or white lacquer or in other colours. Available in six sizes.

  • Fish shaped mirror and coat hanger


    Starting from €353.65

    Fish mirror and coat hanger with fish shape and chromed metal hooks. The "tail" works as a clothes hanger.

  • Forbice fan-shaped wall mirror


    Starting from €244.14

    Forbice fan-shaped wall mirror with three elements; ideal for sitting rooms, entryways, bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • Specchio con bordo diamantato Gemma


    Starting from €964.65

    Gemma mirror with diamond-cut edge, suitable for an horizontal or vertical position.

  • Ghirigori mirror with curly shaped metal frame


    Starting from €663.75

    Ghirigori mirror with swirl metal frame with an elegant and refined look, available in several finishes.

  • Specchio di design con cornice specchiata Glenn di Cattelan


    Starting from €1,404.48

    Specchio di design con cornice specchiata Glenn di Cattelan, disponibile quadrato e rettangolare, a parete o in appoggio.

  • Specchio quadrato da parete Gossip


    Starting from €318.09

    Gossip square wall mirror in ash-wood, cherry wood or lacquered. Possibility to fasten it in different positions.

  • Specchio con cornice minimal modello Hang Up

    Hang Up

    Starting from €1,243.84

    Hang Up mirror with minimal frame; dynamic cut and customizable frame in different finishes.

  • Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan


    Starting from €297.16

    Hawaii modern design mirror by Cattelan; 7 measurements available with standard, smoked or bronze mirror.

  • Specchio sagomato free standing Image di Cattelan contraddistinto da linee sinuose


    Starting from €1,404.48

    Image free standing shaped mirror in a natural or smoked finish. Wooden structure with upper hooks hiudden behind the mirror.

  • Iole square mirror in gold patinated leaf and grey coloured carved larch


    Starting from €324.00

    Iole square or rectangular mirror with brushed and carved larch frame, in several finishes.

  • J'Adore frame has a pleasant irregular shape that goes out of the mirror surface


    Starting from €663.75

    J'Adore oval mirror with metal swirls by Cantori. Laser cut decorative iron frame with creamy and champagne shades.

  • Specchio sagomato con cornice in legno Janeiro di Cattelan nella dimensione cm 120 x 110


    Starting from €1,662.88

    Janeiro mirror with natural wooden frame by Cattelan. Irregular shape with smooth and curved edges in Canaletto walnut, burnt oak or black lacquer ashwood.

  • Jersey mirror with decorative frame by Cattelan


    Starting from €1,202.32

    Jersey is a mirror with decorative frame by Cattelan; rectangular or square, suitable for living rooms. Made in Italy furniture accessory.

  • Kenya steel decorated mirror by Cattelan, smoked mirror


    Starting from €1,206.88

    Kenya is a steel decorated mirror by Cattelan suitable for living rooms and bedrooms. An elegant furniture accessory made in Italy.

  • Kiara


    Starting from €499.72

    Kiara round wall mirror with semicircle frame available in different finishes.

  • Kumi vertical mirror with oxidized pure silver frame


    Starting from €540.00

    Kumi rectangular mirror with oxidized pure silver frame, available in several sizes.

  • Margherita flower shaped mirror with adjustable petals


    Starting from €530.47

    Margherita flower shaped mirror with adjustable petals placed in different angles.

  • Matisse mirror with Silver leaf frame


    Starting from €281.00

    Matisse square mirror with frame covered in silver, gold and copper leaf applied as a collage.

  • Mirabelle has a minimal design with classic curl-shaped decorative clasp and polished borders


    Starting from €442.50

    Mirabelle oval mirror with iron hook. Minimal design with classic curl-shaped decorative clasp and polished borders.

  • Specchio da ingresso con mensola Mirage.


    Starting from €1,018.66

    Mirage modern wooden mirror with shelf available in a clear or bronze finish with round, elliptical or square smooth frame.

  • Moon round mirror with lacquered frame


    Starting from €565.07

    Moon round mirror with matt or glossy lacquered frame with essential shapes; available in six colours.

  • Specchio sagomato Mulan


    Starting from €137.20

    Mulan shaped wall mirror, suitable for kids bedrooms; available in six creative shapes such as butterflies, teddy bears and bowling pins.

  • Narciso opening clothes hanger mirror


    Starting from €300.48

    Narciso opening clothes hanger mirror. Suitable for bedrooms, kids bedrooms and entryways, it is a functional space-saving solution.

  • Specchio per camera da letto Nastro


    Starting from €1,079.70

    Nastro mirror for classic bedrooms, ideal for refined environments. Available in several finishes.

  • Specchio con decori colorati New New Perspective is a mirror with painted lines by Bonaldo with a young and playful lookdi Bonaldo

    New Perspective

    Starting from €282.44

    New Perspective a mirror with painted lines by Bonaldo with a young and playful look. Large and small version decorated with a black, copper or colourful lines.

One mirror, thousands of environments

The mirror is a decorative piece able to fit every room of the house, it's simply a matter of choosing the right measurements. Bedroom mirrors are ideal when they are big or they are full-height: the important thing is that you can see your full shape to check how clothes fit you before going out. Hallway mirrors are usually smaller, sometimes they can be fitted with shelves to throw the keys right after you are back home, other times it's best to opt for a frameless mirror to expand the reflecting area and make the environment look bigger. In the living room you can dare with peculiar or design wall mirrors to add a personal touch to the area. An horizontal mirror above the sofa or a smaller mirror over the fireplace will brighten up the whole environment. Be careful on how you place the light sources though: to increase the effect of depth, light must be indirect.

Luxury mirrors: silver or gold mirrors

Mirrors with gold or silver frame, or again classic decorative mirrors reminding the atmospheres of 17th century France are perfect to create a luxury, elegant environment. Its reflective surface represents an exceptional source of light while at the same time doubling the perception of the space around. Antiques are also a good choice if you want to increase the elegance of your house, and it does not necessarily mean you need to purchase a valuable and expensive furniture item. You can reclaim an old dresser maybe found in your grandma basement or go to a flea market and find some great occasions! If you like antique luxury mirrors we recommend you gold mirrors or baroque mirrors with refined extravagant decorations. Adding one of these models is crucial to make your environment unique.

Modern and design mirrors

Mirrors are always a funny way of decorating your environment and add a touch of your own personality, often without spending too much. Modern mirrors, classic mirrors or design mirrors... it's impossible not to find something to your taste. Usually frames are useful to transform the style of the light source. Modern mirrors can also be frameless to increase their sleek and clean lines or, at the contrary, they can be characterised by geometrical patterns. A wooden mirror, white, black or a smoked one are all perfect solutions to match an elegant living room with neutral shades. A design wall mirror is always a convenient choice and a functional accessory which can customise the room it is placed into. Mirrors with original shapes are usually used to revitalize an environment like an entryway or to give a new and fresh touch to an old furniture set.  You have endless possibilities: long mirrors, mirrors with shelves, circular round mirrors or minimal geometric mirrors.