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Wardrobe with Bridge Unit

Pacific modern bridge wardrobe with hinged doors, 46,2 or 62,2 cm deep. Available in textured melamine, matt or glossy lacquer, ash-wood effect and wood.

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Modern bridge wardrobe for hinged doors composition belonging to Pacific collection, depth cm 46,2 and 62,2 cm.
Hinged fronts, without handle are available with 2, 3 or 4 doors in several heights and widths, they are customisable thanks to the several finishes such as textured melamine, matt lacquer, glossy lacquer, matt lacquer on ash-wood effect laminate and wood veneer.

Easy opening thanks to the door protruding on the bottom
Available in different widths with heights cm 47, 63, 95 and 127
Also available with a lower under bridge panel for a two-tone effect
Optional led bar to be placed on the bottom of the bridge unit

Width: from cm 57,5 to 237,5
- Bridge unit: cm 47 / 63 / 95 / 127
- Layout: cm 223,6 / 239,6 / 255,6 / 287,6
- Wardrobe: cm 46,2 / 62,2
- Structure: cm 43,5 / 59,5
- Internal structure: cm 41,5 / 57,5

Materials and Finishes
Bridge Unit:
- Melamine (canvas and white 10 ash-wood effect with horizontal grains, elm with vertical grains)
- Matt lacquer on laminate (horizontal grains)
- Matt / glossy lacquer
- Wood veneer (horizontal grains for all veneers safe the heat-treated oak that comes with vertical grains)
Internal Structure:
- Melamine

Information for your Purchase
The position of the bridge unit can be at the beginning, in the middle or in the end of a layout with other Pacific wardrobe modules. In order to calculate the overall size of your wardrobe with bridge unit, you simply have to sum the width of the bridge unit to the Pacific hinged wardrobe.

Technical study

Material Specifications
Sides, dividers, tops, bottoms, backs: made of class E1 low formaldehyde emission wood particle board panels.
Doors: made of class E1 low formaldehyde emission wood particle board panels (with textured or matte lacquered finish on ash laminate) or honeycombed panels (with lacquered finish or veneer wood). Matte or glossy lacquering with polyurethane varnish

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Sides and dividers: 2.5 cm thickness. For sides, ABS edging for material and lacquered doors, wooden edging for veneered doors. For dividers, ABS edging to match interior. Complete with adjustment feet inserted in the the thickness and adjustable 1.2 cm.
Top and Bottom: 3.5 cm thickness. ABS edging to match interior.
Bottom: whole with external sides to match doors and sides (modules cm 47,5 - 57,5 - 97,5 - 117,5) or full folding cover to match doors and sides fitted with hidden metal support bar (modules cm 177.5 - 197.5 - 217.5 - 237.5). For specific info please refer to the dedicated diagram in the image gallery.
Backs: 0,8 cm thickness
Internal Shelves  3.5 cm thickness. ABS edging to match interior
Hanging Tubes: rectangular section 3 x 1 cm, in painted gunmetal (lotus nature, textured linen or medium elm for the interior) or brown (lotus taupe, lotus terra or dark elm for the interior)
Doors: 2,6 cm thick ABS edging to match the door for material and lacquered doors, in wood for veneered doors. Each door is fitted with hinges with soft-closing mechanism with a 94° opening.
Under-counter back panel: 2 cm th, made of class E1 wood particle-board panels with low formaldehyde emission (with material finish or matte lacquered on ash laminate) or honeycombed panels (with lacquered or wood veneered finish). Matte or glossy lacquering with polyurethane varnish.

Bridge bottom LED bar: recessed 3000 K LED lighting bar, lighting is via power connection. The wattage of the horizontal LED bars are::
- 2,8 W per bridge element cm 57,5 - 72,5
- 4,9 W per bridge element cm 87,5 - 97,5
- 7 W per bridge element cm 117,5 - 177,5 - 197,5 - 217,5 - 237,5

Side Drilling
Fixed holes on average every 9.6 cm

Assembly Tips
For the assembly of the body you need
- 3.5 cm in Width
- 2 cm in Height (5 cm in case of installation of LED bars for positioning the power supply unit on the cover).

Additional Information

Area of Production
Assembling Instructions
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