Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity

Brooklyn bespoke bathroom vanity with Corian countertop and LED mirror. From 125 to 190 cm. To be combined with the Pacific bridge wardrobe.



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Brooklyn is a bespoke bathroom vanity unit with a Corian® countertop, between 125 and 190 cm in length. The unit also consists of a custom-fitted mirror with LED backlighting around the edge. In order to guarantee effective lighting, as well as an elegant visual effect, the mirror is always placed 5cm from the edge of the surrounding alcove.
The storage on either side consists of a basket drawer at the bottom and a drawer on top, while the storage under the washbasin features a basket drawer on the bottom and a fixed panel on top. The drawers are opened by means of recess handles, carved into the bottom of each drawer and the top of each basket, at a 45° angle. This creates a clean and elegant aesthetic, with horizontal lines spanning from one end of the unit to the other.
This bathroom vanity can be combined with the Pacific bridge wardrobe, which features clothes rails, shoe racks, and plenty of space for bathroom and cleaning products. You can even select the same colour of matt lacquer for the grooves in the wardrobe doors and the front of the bathroom vanity.

bespoke bathroom vanity from 125 to 190 cm
white Corian® countertop with integrated washbasin, non-porous and non-toxic hygienic material
drawers and basket drawers equipped with soft-closing system and recess-grip handles
structure and fronts available in wood veneer or matt lacquer in any colour from the RAL colour chart
to be combined with the Pacific bridge wardrobe, which can be found with the products shown at the bottom of this page

Materials and Finishes
Base Unit and Fronts:
- wood veneer
- matt lacquer
- RAL matt lacquer
- white Corian®

Purchase Information
The top and the siphone are not included.
The Pacific bridge wardrobe can be found at the bottom of this page under 'You May Also Like'

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Bathroom vanity consists of:
n.1 washbasin base cm d.53 h.50 with lower basket h.30 and fixed panel h.18 above, customisable in length, from a minimum of 65 cm to a maximum of 90 cm. The basket drawer is not shaped, but is equipped with an empty space at the back to allow for the siphon. Basket equipped with soft-closing mechanism.
n.2 base units on either side cm d.53 h.50, with lower basket h.30 and upper drawer h.18, customisable in length from a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 50 cm. Drawers and baskets equipped with soft-closing mechanism.
n.1 countertop in white Corian® cm d.53 th.1,2, customisable in size from a minimum of 125 cm to a maximum of 190 cm. The countertop is equipped with a built-in washbasin with overflow hole, chromed "Clic-Clac" waste drain and mixer hole. The measurements of the washbasin are: cm 52 d.32 h.13.
n.1 mirror with LED backlighting on all 4 sides, variable in width between 115 and 180 cm, variable in height between 70 and 130 cm. PLEASE NOTE: the mirror is always placed 5 cm from the edge of the alcove (in relation to the open section of the bridge wardrobe), in order to guarantee correct indirect lighting in all directions.

Corian® Maintenance Tips
A sponge and a common cleaning product or ammonia-based solution are sufficient for cleaning a Corian® surface. An abrasive scotch-brite sponge, even without any cleaning products, can be used for more stubborn dirt. Simply rub the sponge over the dirt in a circular motion and do the same over the surrounding surface in order to keep it uniform.
How to Get Rid of Difficult Stains: Accidental stains caused by chemical substances (e.g. varnish remover, specific cleaning products or products containing methylene chloride, acids, nail polish, acetone-based products, ink, lipstick, etc.) should be removed immediately with soap and water to avoid damaging the countertop. All of these substances, which are Class 1 reagents, can permanently alter a Corian® surface within just 16 hours of contact, therefore it is crucial that the chemical substance is removed immediately.
How to Get Rid of Limescale: If traces of limescale form around the taps, use a small, non-abrasive sponge and a normal domestic cleaning product to remove it, then rinse with hot water and dry with a soft cloth.
How to Get Rid of Persistent Stains and Small Scratches: In the case of persistent stains and small scratches, use a wet, abrasive sponge such as a scotch-brite sponge: pass the sponge over the mark with circular movements, making sure also to scrub the surrounding surface so that there is no difference in cloudiness between the two areas. The use of an abrasive sponge is so effective that the surface will appear as new.

Further Information...
Corian®: Is a non-porous, homogeneous, inert and non-toxic material which is available 12mm thick, made up of around ⅓ acrylic resin (also known as polymethylmethacrylate or PMMA) and around ⅔ natural substances. The main mineral is the aluminium trihydrate (ATH) which is derived from bauxite, a mineral from which aluminium is extracted.
As this is a non-porous material, Corian® surfaces are particularly hygienic: this is why it is also used for kitchen work surfaces, sink countertops, walls for baths and showers, coverings and benches for public spaces such as health facilities, shops, hotels, restaurants and offices.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
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Manufacturer tailor-made bathroom vanities are bespoke creations made by a skilled artisan specialised in bathroom furniture, based in the heart of Brianza Furniture District. The know how typical of this area is expressed in furniture and accessories that stand out for the impeccable quality of the materials, construction details and careful workmaship. Together with style, always in line with the latestt trands, and attention to detail, there are the values that make the arisanal eccelence or Brianza district one of a kind. For this reason the bathroom furniture branded is placed in the medium-high range of the market: choosing a product like this means gifting your home with a unique and presonalised piece of furniture, built to last over time.

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