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Airport by Cattelan is a modular bookcase with ceiling or wall rails, also for the centre of the room. In steel, wood and lacquer.

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Airport by Cattelan is a design modular bookcase with poles that can be fixed from the floor to ceiling or wall, also ideal as a dividing bookcase in the middle of the room to create separate rooms.
Thanks to its painted steel rails, Airport offers the possibility of creating personalised and customised compositions. The shelves are perforated every 25 cm to allow the rails to be inserted at different heights.  The freedom of composition allows the configuration of an original and functional open bookcase, to be adapted to the style and space in the living room. A container module with a door and a writing desk are the accessories available to include in this open metal and wood bookcase, a pleasant and practical study corner.

Wall or ceiling mounted serving as room divider
Shelves available in six different sizes
Custom height of floor-to-ceiling rails
Made-to-measure and many custom choices
Possibility to create irregular compositions with overhanging shelves
Ideal for underfloor heating thanks to the self-supporting rails

Width: variable from cm 60
Height: variable up to a maximum of 310 cm
Depth: 29 cm

Materials and Finishes
- Wood Veneer
- Embossed Lacquer
- Painted Embossed Steel

Information for your Purchase
To create your own Airport bookcase you need to add one component at a time in the desired quantity.

Airport design modular bookcaset Useful tips to create your own bookcase:
- Each composition must have at least 1 rail + 1 shelf + 1 shelf support
- You must put 1 shelf support in every rail-shelf intersection
- You must  have 1 bracket for wall standing models every 100 cm distance between rails
- You must put 1 bracket for wall standing models every 55 cm distance between overhanging shelf and column
- Consider a minimum cm 10 distance between the shelves
- floor/ceiling cannot be fastened to tilted roofs
- the storage unit can be assembled only on bookcases with wall fastening model X rail 

The bookcase on the right is made up of:
- N.3 floor/wall rails
- N.4 cm 160 shelves
- N.1 cm 310  shelf
- N.11 shelf supports

Note: for structural reasons Airport bookcase can not be fixed to plasterboard walls and ceilings.

Technical study

Measurement Specifications
Floor / wall rail: cm 1 d.6 h.240. The beam for wall-mounted models is cm 18,5.
Floor / ceiling rail: cm 1 d.6. h from cm 260 to cm 310. Not suitable for tilted ceiling.
- width: cm 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 / 310
- depth: 29 cm
- thickness: 2,5 cm

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Rails: made ​​of painted embossed steel. The floor/ceiling rails are height adjustable, the range is 15 cm according to the measurements chosen in the drop-down menu
Shelves: equipped with holes for the rails; they are set at 5 cm from the edge and every 25 cm one from the other. For example, on the 60 cm shelf, there are three holes respectively placed at 5 cm, 30 cm and 55 cm.
Shelf support: cm 10 made ​​of painted embossed steel. They have to be inserted in the rail first and then fixed to the shelf.
Bracket for wall fastening:  made of painted embossed steel. It is necessary to support the shelf when the distance between the rails is more than 100 cm or when the overhanging shelf is more than cm 55 far from the column.  
Bracket for wall fixing A: 
cm 21 h.8 made of embossed painted steel. It is used to support the shelves if the distance between the uprights exceeds 100 cm or if the lateral overhang from the upright is greater than 55 cm. It is also necessary when a shelf is supported by a single upright.
Bracket for wall fixing C:
 cm 6 h.6,5 made of embossed painted steel. It is necessary to support the shelves if you want to install between an upright and a sidewall.

Examples of distance between rails:
- from cm 125 to cm 200: 1 bracket
- from cm 225 to cm 300: 2 brackets
Examples of overhanging shelf:
- 55 cm to 105 cm: 1 bracket
- from cm 105 to cm 155: 2 brackets


Additional Information

Giorgio Cattelan
Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Technical Schemes
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Assembling Instructions
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Partner Factory

This item is the result of the great creative energy of Cattelan Italia, a company from Veneto region, founded in 1979. The initial manufacturing focused on small marble furniture accessories and tables designed for the foreign market. In the 80s the interest of the national market for these refined products increases, encouraging the company to widen its offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcases and accessories for sitting and living rooms.

The house is the symbol of the things most dear to you – Giorgio Cattelan loves to say – a world were you are surrounded by items comforting in both shape and essence. Because for me what is beautiful has to be functional too”. For more than thirty years this brand furnishes both modern and classic houses, while constantly widening the offered items. In 2011 Cattelan assimilate ARKETIPO, a renown company from Florence famous all over the world for the production of design upholstered items.

The company is today present in more than 150 countries worldwide. Cattelan Italia attends every year to national and international furniture fairs, such as Milan's International Furniture Fair, Cologne IMM Expo, the Maison et Objet in Paris.

Their headquarters is developed on 33.000 square metres, a breeding ground of creative minds collaborating with renowned architects and designers.


Cattelan: modern furniture

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