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Aurora minimal gold chair with velvet seat. Available with upholstered or radial metal seat-back.

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Aurora is a minimal gold chair with velvet seat which is available with upholstered or radial metal seat-back. This chair comes in a classy and natural combination of  finishes and timeless shades which make it perfect for a refined and bright dining room. Aurora's delicate colours and feminine design are perfect to be placed in front of vanity in the same finishes to create a luxurious make-up corner.

available in two different models
upholstered seat with a wooden structure covered in soft velvet
iron structures with a resistant galvanic coating
ideal for classy dining rooms and fancy refined bedrooms
100% Made in Italy

Model and Measurements
Seat Height: cm 47 common to both models

Materials and Finishes
- iron
- fabric, faux leather, leather (non removable)

Interior Designer's Opinion

Interior Designer's Opinion
Aurora is a classy chair for a sophisticated dining room, ideal for those who are looking for a comfortable design upholstered chair refined with high quality materials. The surrounding seat-back embraces the body in its warm hug and its interesting lines come in a radial metal seat-back which creates a luxurious crown around people's back. Aurora is a luxury chair with a clean minimal style which is adorned by soft velvet and leather. If you would like to maintain a connection between the dining room and the sitting room, Aurora matches perfectly with the namesake rocking chair that you can find in the "You may also like" box, at the bottom of this page.

Technical study

Materials Specifications
Structure: in cold rolled iron which is then curved and shaped. Internal mounting damper. Handcrafted processing with manual sanding and polishing. Galvanic coating finish with minimum thickness of 25 μm.

Seat: curved shaped wooden structure with rubber upholstery in two different densities covered in non-removable fabric/leather.

More to know...
Galvanic coating: it is a technique which allows to cover a non-precious metal with a layer of another refined metal. The galvanic coating consists in plunging an object or a component in a liquid solution which contains the covering metal particles. Creating a potential difference through a backup power that causes electric charging currents which fix the liquid metal on the plunged objects. In this way the material is covered with a subtle, compact and polished layer of metal which prevents metal structure from corrosion and which grant it a smooth and uniform surface. The most common galvanic coating is the one which produces a chrome-plated stainless steel, which ensures strength and make it look brighter. Cantori operates this process respecting world wide approved yachting sector's strict standards, which grant a high quality surface and a peculiar resistance to wear.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Number of Packages
11 / 12 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,39 / 0,45 m³
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Partner Factory

Cantori, born in 1976 and set in Marche region (central Italy), produces thanks to a wise combination of craftsmanship and industry high quality furniture, able to gain an important share of the market both in Italy and worldwide.
Cantori products range from bedroom to living room, sitting room and dining room as well as refined outdoor furniture. Extremely high quality standards, attention to details, valued hand-crafted materials, sturdiness of the structures, these are the main characteristics of their production, 100% Italian. Their style is a mixture of classic and contemporary shapes: modern and traditional wrought iron beds, retro styled sofas or coming with outstanding futuristic lines, refined dressers and nightstands, house linen manufactured using high quality fabrics and handicraft skills. Characterized by hand made decorations, this brand makes Made in Italy expertise its distinct value, with a beauty and charm without equal. Cantori attends to several well-known fairs, such as Milan's Salone del Mobile, and prestigious international evens such as Monaco Yacht Show, where classy furniture is a must. During the "Marche Endurance Lifestyle 2012" event, the company took care of the set-up of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum sheik tent, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai governor.

Cantori: classic and classy contemporary furniture

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