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Mirror Doors Sliding Wardrobe

Mirror sliding wardrobe with framed mirror doors. Wooden or lacquered structure coming also with wood, lacquer or glass fronts. Useful additional interior fittings available.

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Mirror is a slidingwardrobe with framed mirror doors. Its wooden or lacquered structure comes also with wood, lacquer or frosted / lacquer glass fronts and it can be equipped with useful additional Interior Fittings which can be found at the bottom of the page. Mirror has a unique look which is perfect both for classic and modern bedrooms, according to the chosen finishes. Mirror's door have been designed with an integrated hidden handle on the side of the panel and with a soft close system.
Each module includes a shelf and 2 coat rack tubes.

minimal and elegant sliding wardrobe perfect for modern and classic bedrooms
perfect for a sophisticate room with framed mirror doors
various measurements and finishes available
each door comes equipped with door straightener, soft close mechanism and handle
practical sliding doors also for small environments

Width: from cm 197,9 to 454,9
Height: cm 226,3 / 239,1 / 255,1
- wardrobe: cm 66,9 (external doors) / cm 62,7 (internal doors)
- structure: cm 59
- internal: cm 56,5

Materials and Finishes
Structure and Door Frames:
- wood essence (vertical vein)
- open pore lacquer (vertical vein)
- matt / glossy lacquer
- wood essence (vertical vein)
- open pore lacquer (vertical vein)
- matt / glossy lacquer
- lacquer / frosted glass
- mirror
Inner Parts:
- melamine

Information for your Quote
Each module comes with included 1 inner shelf and 2 coat rack tubes. It is possible to purchase further inner equipment elements from the Player Interior Fittings card adding the needed accessories to the Quote. It is not possible to add pull-out equipment to modules signed with an "X" in the scheme contained in the image gallery.

Technical study

Materials Finishes
Sides, partitions, top, bottom, inner shelves: realised with wooden particle panels in E1 class at low formaldheide emissions.
Doors:realised with honeycomb panels. This is a panel made of 2 MDF sheets of cm 0,4 each glued on a structure made of wooden particles. This material is particularly appreciated for its lightness due to the inner structure with beehive structure. This particular characteristics allow to create thick but light and strong panels.
The structure of the doors is composed by 2 lateral bands with a thickness of 3 cm and in the upper and lower part it is composed by 2 bands with a thickness of cm 0,4 in covered MDF. Lateral bands have a width of cm 12,6 for large doors of cm 95,2, while for doors from cm 110,6 to cm 144 bands have a width of cm 20,3; horizontal bands are of cm 16 in the wardrobe of h.226,3 / 239,1 and cm 24 in the wardrobe of height h.255.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Sides and Partitions: thickness cm 2,5. Equipped with adjustable feet set into the thickness structure (cm 0,5 empty, to be added to the overall height of the wardrobe and adjustable cm 1 from the inside).
Top and Bottom: thickness cm 4. Equipped with mounting joints.
Backings: thickness cm 0,8
Internal Shelves:thickness cm 3,5. Equipped with mounting joints.
Doors: thickness cm 3. Equipped with door straightener and soft close mechanism.

Sides Drilling
Sides and partitions come with fixed holes set usually every cm 25.6. For detailed measurements we suggest to have a look at the scheme you can find in the picture gallery.

Assembly Tips
In order to assembly the structure, you need to consider:
- in terms of width cm 4
- in terms of height cm 4 (cm 2 for the upper carter + cm 0,5 for the feet + cm 1,5 for assembly).

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
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Partner Factory

This is an Italian product, born from the experience and manufacturing excellence of a company which has been working in the furniture field since the 50s. A brand from Veneto region, internationally renowned and present in 81 countries worldwide. Its wide catalogue allows to furnish your entire house: wall systems, sideboards, tables and coffee table for the living area; beds, dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and walk-in closets for the night area.

Made in Italy quality is one of this company strengths: all furniture items are designed and manufactured in Italy, and undergo constant quality controls throughout the whole production process. Each item has been created directly from the experience and skill of a variety of designers and craftsmen: a custom made production relying on carefully selected products, and technologies and innovation always up to date. All the steps of the manufacturing process are carried out with utmost environment friendly techniques. This renown company produces high quality furniture able to last through time maintaining its original look and characteristics, and most of all to adapt to the lifestyles and trends of the models, becoming thus suitable for all kinds of houses.

Made in Italy quality furniture for your house living and night areas

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