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Saarinen table designed by Eero Saarinen. Round or elliptical top in marble, wood or liquid laminate. Fixed or extending versions available.

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Saarinen is a round or elliptical table designed by Eero Saarinen between 1955 and 1956, with the aim of giving birth to a minimal, sensual table without too many legs supporting the top. The base, in fact, is composed of a unique and elegant structure in lacquered aluminium which supports the table top, which is made of matt liquid laminate, wood or various types of marble.
Available both in a fixed and extending version, the Saarinen table is perfect both for formal and informal environments and it can be easily matched either with monochrome or colourful plastic chairs, or alternatively with elegant, upholstered chairs.

round or oval table in a fixed or extending model, inspired by Eero Saarinen's design
top available in liquid laminate, wood or marble - the marble is available with a stain-resistant film
unique base with fluid, refined and contemporary minimal look
perfect for modern and classic environments
top crafted in such a way so as to appear particularly light
100% Made in Italy - in a craft workshop in Tuscany

Height: cm 72 (all models)
Top thickness: cm 2

Materials and Finishes
- marble
- wood
- liquid laminate
Base Structure:
- lacquered aluminium

Information for your Purchase
The marble top is available with a stain-resistant treatment which consists of a transparent polyester film which is applied during production. Daily use of the table, as well as staining substances remaining on the surface, reduce the efficacy of the stain-resistant treatment over time.
In the extending version, the Saarinen table comes with a central extension system. Saarinen can be extended by pulling out the two lateral half circles on either side and then setting the extension in the centre of the extended structure. The frame of the table has not been designed to store the extension leaves, so they are to be stored separately. The extension leaves always match the table top.

The marble top is also available with a specific stain-resistance treatment made by applying, during the crafting of the top, a protective clear polyester film.
Please Note: the everyday use of the table and the stagnation of the stains on the surface will reduce through time the performance of the stain-resistant treatment. At the same time, especially on dark marble surfaces, tiny marks might be visible against the light; these are either given by the brushing occurred during the application of the film or caused by everyday use.

Technical study

Model and Specific Measurements
cm Ø 90 / 100 / 107 / 120: circular floor base cm Ø 50, circular element under the table top cm Ø 50.
cm Ø 127 / 137 / 150 / 160: circular floor base cm Ø 70, circular element under the table top cm Ø 70.
cm 165 x 89 / 169 x 111 / 179 x 111 / 180 x 90 / 199 x 121: elliptical floor base cm 78 x 58, elliptical element under the table top cm 100 x 60.
cm 224 x 127 / 235 x 121 / 244 x 137: elliptical floor base cm 78 x 58, elliptical element under the table top cm 160 x 90.

The extending elliptic models and the cm Ø 120 extending round model are always equipped with n.1 central extension leaf of 50cm, while the cm Ø 100 / 107 extending round models are equipped with n.1 central extension leaf of 45cm. Finally, the  cm Ø 137 round extending model is equipped with n.1 extension leaf of 54cm.

Material Specifications
Liquid laminate top: achieved through a process of spray painting. This MDF laminate finish contains liquid plastic particles which make the top waterproof and resistant to scratches.
Marble: elegant and refined stone marble, characterised by open veins that sometimes may present some resin based speckles that create a uniform and smooth surface so that the top comes with no irregularities, granting additional structural resistance. Because it is a natural stone that is sometimes more than a million years old, the surface cannot be defined as 'perfect'; each piece is different from the next, depending on the cutting and polishing process. It may have natural micro imperfections, a characteristic of marble and not due to defects. Marble tops are naturally porous: any protective polyester treatment hides this porosity to the touch, leaving all the natural features of the stone visible.

Marquinia black marble top: elegant and refined stone marble, characterised by open veins that sometimes may present some resin based speckles that create a uniform and smooth surface so that the top comes with no irregularities, granting additional structural resistance.

Further Information:
Eero SaarinenEero Saarinen is the son of the famous Finnish architect and prime minister of the "Cranbrook Academy of Arts", Eliel Saarinen. Born in Helsinki, he moved to the United States with his family in 1923.
After studying sculptural art in Paris (1929-1930), he continued his architectural studies at Yale, where he graduated in 1934. Obtaining a scholarship, he was able to travel around Europe and develop his own style (1934-1935). Once back to the USA he started teaching at the "Cranbook Academy of Arts".
In 1937 he started a collaboration with Charles Eames, who pushed him to develop forefront furnishing elements which have been awarded prizes on various occasions at the "Organic Design in Home Furnishings". He worked in his father's agency until Eliel's depth in 1950. His biggest architectural project remains the famous TWA terminal of "Kennedy" airport, in New York.


Additional Information

Eero Saarinen
Area of Production
Assembling Instructions
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from 34 kg to 200 kg
Cubic Metres
from 0,31 to m³ to 0,83 m³
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