Custom Spring
Pocket Spring Mattress

Custom Spring mattress with 800 springs or 1600 pocketed micro springs and finished with a 5 cm top of your choice of Latex, Memory or Polar Gel. 

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Custom Spring is a customised mattress with 800 springs or 1600 pocketed micro springs with a total height of 24 cm,  consisting of an 18 cm spring plate and a 5 cm top with a choice of latex, Polar Gel, Memory Air or Memory HD finish. The pocketed spring structure has 7 different zones for maximum comfort and is sandwiched between two layers of flexible foam. The different tops guarantee real customisation for your comfort needs: the latex top is natural, elastic and hypoallergenic; the Polar Gel top is a particularly cool and breathable memory layer; the Memory Air top is breathable and extrememly comfortable; the Memory HD top guarantees firm support and favours nocturnal movements. The entrire mattress is covered in Easy Wash fabric that prevents allergies, is hygienic and machine washable. Available for single, large single, French, double and king size beds. 

800 springs or 1600 pocketed micro springs for accurate support 
5 cm customised top for every comfort requirement
highly breathable and elastic flexible foam layer
7 different of different bearing capacities for maximum ergonomics
Removable hypoallerginic cotton cover 

Internal height: 18 cm plate 800 / 1600 springs + top 5 cm h
Finished mattress height: 24 cm

Standard double bed 160 x 200: 40 Kg

Degree of bearing capacity
- Top Memory Air - Soft
- Top Polar Gel - Calibrated
- Top Latex - Calibrated
- Top Memory HD - Supported

Info for your Purchase
Sprung mattresses are not compatible with electric slatted bases.

Technical study

Materials Specifications


Thermo Breeze (1): an advanced foam bearing all the features of a classic Memory foam, but with an "open" cell that guarantees a quicker recovery of the original shape, an efficient circulation of the humidity and makes the mattress definitely more transpiring. Thermo Breeze is also enriched by micro capsules made of gel which makes it fresh to the touch. Memory perfectly adapts to anatomic shapes, it is crushproof, it recovers gradually its original shape (regardless the type of solicitation) and reduces to the minimum the pressure points during sleep.

Latex (2): latex is a complex emulsion coming from the sap of Hevea Brasiliensis (the rubber tree), which is then mixed with air and vulcanised to obtain a foam. Latex is up to now the most elastic natural material known to man, thus it easily adapts to the shape of the body during the resting period, it guarantees a suitable support to the spinal column and it recovers its original shape once the weight has been removed. Its structure is composed of microcells contrasting the proliferation of micro-organisms such as mites, that's the reason why latex is considered an hypoallergenic material.

HD Memory (3): an advanced foam which is sensible to human body and that changes its molecular structure by perfectly adapting to the user's anatomic shapes. Memory is crushproof and gradually recovers its original shape (regardless the type of solicitation) and reduces to the minimum the pressure points during sleep.

Flexible foam (4): a polymeric-based foam extremely versatile, hypoallergenic, resistant and ergonomic. It is composed of a polyurethane base with the addition of expanding agents from natural origin thus safe for the environment. Its is highly crushproof and it has a medium degree of elasticity. It also offers an excellent transpiration: the foam absorbs humidity and releases it shortly after.

Independent pocket springs (5): each spring is enclosed inside a resistant pocket and works independently from the other springs. Only those submitted by the pressure of the body lower down, without involving the others. This guarantees a punctual response to the lightest solicitation and a perfect ergonomic support. The different steel wire thickness allows to create different firmnesses according to the area by making the mattress even more anatomic: the mattress adapts to the body shapes preventing the compression of blood vessels. The evolution of independent springs brought to the reduction of the spring size so that they can promptly adapt to the body shape and guarantee a sensible support at the minimum variation in position.

Easy Wash Cover: made up of two divisible parts. The upper fabric is composed of technofibres and it is a completely hypoallergenic cover, practical to wash. The inside fabric is anti-slip so the mattress can adhere fully to the support. Bi-level band frames the perimeter and it is equipped with four handles, furthermore it allows a better ventilation of the mattress. The cover is hypoallergenic, practical, it can be removed and it can be washed at 30°.

Maintenance Tips
For the first three months it is necessary to turn the mattress head/feet and up/down at least twice a month for a balanced adjustment of the surface. After that in order to guarantee the hygiene and healthiness, we recommend to keep it uncovered for at least 20 minutes per day and rotate it periodically.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
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