Oval / Elliptical Bathroom Mirror

Raven oval bathroom mirror with frame and integrated LED. Also available without frame, with your choice of LED lamp.

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The Raven oval bathroom mirror with frame is characterised by its simple and delicate shape and its discrete frame which surrounds the reflective surface.
The LED lighting is located in the upper part of the frame and evenly diffuses the light over the whole surface. The model without the frame is simple and versatile, allowing you to pair it with many styles of bathroom units, in modern bathrooms or bathrooms with metallic or colourful furnishings. The model without a frame can be purchased with lamp lighting, with a wide choice of practical and distinctive lamps to choose from.

elegant mirror with frame and integrated LED light
simple and versatile style for a modern bathroom
also available without frame with the possibility of adding a lamp
ideal with bathroom units from the Atlantic and Oasis collections

Model and Measurements
without frame:
- cm 45 h.105, 3cm thick
with frame and integrated LED light:
- cm 50 h.100, 6.5cm thick

Materials and Finishes
- metal frame
- mirror

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Socket and switch not present.

- Integrated into the model with frame: Led 11W; 4000K;
- Lumen: chrome finish and frosted glass; with halogen lightbulb of 33W, 3000K; cm 4 d.10
- Tod: chrome finish; with 4,9W LED; 4000K; cm 30 d.11,3 h.4
- Zed: chrome finish; with 6W LED, 4000K, with transformer; cm 3 d.18,7 h.4
- Poppy: chrome finish; with 4W LED, with transformer; 4000 K; cm 8 d.9,2 h.30
- Matris: chrome finish; with 3,5W LED, 4000K, with transformer; cm 8 d.17,5 h.4,3
- Point: chrome and acrylic finish; with 4,8W LED, 4000K; cm 8 d.9,3 h.4,8
- Tau 30: chrome finish; with 6W LED, 4000K; cm 30 d.13 h.4,2
- Vito: matt-black finish; with 4,9W LED, 4000k; cm 30 d.11,3 h.4
- Ziko: chrome finish; with 3,5W LED, 4000k; with transformer; cm 8 d.17,5 h.4,25
- Cyli: brushed nickel finish; LED bulbs are not included; cm 5 d.11,6 h.20
- Delta: matt-black finish; with 3W LED, 4000K; cm 9 d.12 h.24,2
- Cyli: brushed nickel finish: with E27 LED light class A, light bulb not included; cm 5 d.11,6 h.20

Mirror: the mirrors used are free from copper, formaldehyde with low lead content, and solvents, respecting the environment according to RoHS regulations. These mirrors are highly resistant to scratches, corrosion and detergents.

Maintenance Tips
Do not use ammonia based products or products with corrosive additives, such as anti-limescale agents (Antikal anti-limescale liquid gel). After washing, the mirror must be dried immediately, especially at the edges.

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