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Prisma modular sofa system with movable backrests is composed of several elements that can be matched together for a young style.

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Prisma is a modular sofa system with movable backrests and it is composed of modules coming in different measurements that can be combined according to your needs. By matching the elements it is possible to create linear or corner sofas as well as sofas with chaise longue with a young and modern taste.
The backrests too can be freely positioned according to your tastes to guarantee the utmost customisation of the different seating elements. This offers a series of great advantages such as: the total lack of a side (being left or right), the possibility to adjust the depth and seating style according to your body ergonomics and comfort, the possibility of getting a double seat facing both the TV and the dining area.
The trapezoidal shaped backrests are anti-slip and they come with a weight inside to support the body when you're seated; they also work as armrests. The backrests are available in two linear measurements or a corner one.
The cover in fabric or velvet is fully removable; they are tailor made and available with pinches seams or a piping in matching or contrasting colour.

seating system with movable backrest for an utterly free layout
great style matched to a complete freedom of composition
reversible sofa that can fit any type of needs in terms of space and purpose
different seating styles available simply by changing the elements layout
great selection of upholstery covers available
100% Made in Italy product

Seat height: cm 40
Linear Back: cm 65 / 85 x 32 h.32
Corner Back: cm 80 x 80 h.32

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, velvet (completely removable)

Technical study

Technical Specifications
Seat: multiple densities expanded polyurethane and polyester fibre on a wooden base with elastic belts.
Backrest / armrests: wooden structure covered with expanded polyurethane and polyester fibre; bottom in anti-slip rubber technical fabric from naval origin.
Hidden feet high: cm 7.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
3D Model
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