Round Memo
Memory Foam Mattress

Round Memo Memory Foam round mattress with diamond-shaped cover with hypo-allergenic fibre.

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Round Memo is a round mattress in Memory Foam with gradual shape recovery, an innovative material which can change its structure thanks to body heat and to perfectly adapt to its shape, offering the ideal ergonomic support for the vertebral column in any position.
The quality of Memory foam technology is combined with an hypo-allergienic cover characterised by a diamond-shaped pattern on both sides, the hypo-allergienic fibre weights 350 gr.

Quality and Value
high degree of comfort thanks to Memory foam which perfectly adapts to body shapes
flexible foam layer which offers the correct transpiration and a proper elastic support
9 different comfort zones for a firm support
lateral band for the correct ventilation
mattress cover is not removable

Internal height: cm 18
Total mattress height: cm 22

Information for your Quote
Softness level: firm

Technical study

Materials Specifications


Memory Foam (1):an evolved foam sensitive to body heat, which influences its molecular structure perfectly adapting it to the anatomical shapes of the user. Memory is crushproof and it gradually and constantly regains the original shape, independently from the pressure it undergoes, reducing at minimum pressure points during sleeping. The upper layer (thickness cm 4) of Round Memo is realized in Memory Foam.

Flexible foam (2): polymeric-based foam extremely versatile, hypoallergienic, resistant and ergonomic. The base is made of polyurethane material completed with natural eco-friendly expanding agents. This foam is highly crushproof and comes with a medium degree of elasticity. It offers an excellent perspiration as well: the foam, in fact, absorbs humidity releasing it soon after. RoundMemo lower layer (14 cm of thickness) is made of flexible foam.

Maintenance Suggestions
For the first three months it is necessary to rotate the mattress head/toes and up/down for at least twice a month to allow a well balanced settlement. Later on, in order to guarantee the hygiene of the mattress, we recommend to leave it uncovered each day for at least 20 minutes and rotate it periodically.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom, EIRE and USA.
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5 years warranty

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