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Eames is a lounge armchair created by designer Charles Eames. Seat upholstered and covered in leather or fabric; structure in curved plywood


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  • fixed base and swivel seat
  • base on wheels and swivel seat - +€53.15

From €1,981.43


The Eames armchair, inspired by the original Lounge Chair design by the American designer Charles Eames, is available in either leather or wood. Originally designed as a relaxation armchair for a filmmaker friend, it soon became the most popular and desired chaise longue for classy living rooms. The armchair is still recognised as a symbol of comfort and domestic interior design, as well as being an iconic piece with timeless elegance.
The base is a swivel base, the seat is upholstered and covered in leather, fabric or faux-leather, and the frame is made from curved plywood which has been manually treated with a wax finish. The backrest is very soft thanks to the padding, and also offers the right amount of support, thanks to its shape.
This armchair is a reproduction produced in an Italian craft workshop which specialises in leather and metalwork.

exquisite handcrafted swivel armchair, 100% made in Italy
plywood frame in rosewood, walnut, black-painted ash wood or cherry wood
comfortable and perfect for day-to-day relaxation
optional footrest
also available as an office chair with spoke base with wheels
replica of the armchair designed by Charles Eames in 1956

- cm 85 d.78 h.84
- fixed seat: 40 cm (at the front)
- seat with wheels: from a minimum of cm 48 to a maximum of cm 55
- backrest + headrest: cm 64

Materials and Finishes
Upholstery Cover:
- fabric
- faux-leather
- calf leather, full-grain leather, aniline leather
- plywood
Base and Supports:
- black glossy lacquered / mirrored polished metal

Information for your Purchase
In the version with fixed base, seat and backrest are not adjustable.
In the version with base on wheels, on the structure, just right under the seat, you will find a lever that allows to adjust both the height of the seat (by pushing the lever up or down) and the inclination of the backrest (by pushing the lever inwards the backrest remains in straight position, by pushing the lever outwards the backrest is released and it moves). Furthermore, always on the structure, just below the seat, there's a round knob to adjust the rigidity of the backrest movement.

Technical study

Footrest pouffe: cm 66 d.56 h.43, with feet.

Material Specifications
Calf Leather: cowhide originating from European and non-European slaughterhouses, chrome tanning, dyeing in accordance with CEE legislation, average measurements 4/ 5 m2, 0,91 mm thick. Calf leather, or “contract” leather, is a proper-grain leather. It is a competitively-priced leather which is soft to touch and lasts well over time. An excellent balance between quality and price.

Full-grain Leather: cowhide originating from European and non-European slaughterhouses, chrome tanning, dyeing in accordance with CEE legislation, average measurements 4/ 5 m2, 1,4 / 1,6 mm thick. Printed Grain leather (“grain” leather) is also a proper-grain leather but is thicker than calf leather. This gives it added durability over time and helps it to last longer. The surface of the leather is usually slightly more rough to the touch, in comparison to other types of leather.

Aniline Leather: cowhide originating from European and non-European slaughterhouses, chrome tanning, dyeing in accordance with CEE legislation, average measurements 4/ 5 m2, 1,1 / 1,2 mm thick. Aniline leather is the finest leather used for furniture. The grain on the surface is completely natural and has not undergone any corrections, so much so that you can make out the pores, veining, and grooves. This means that the surface is not as uniform as the other types of leather. Aniline leather is soft to touch.

Fabric: a composition consisting of 63% cotton and 37% linen, weighing 380 gr/m2, 140cm in height.

Additional Information

Charles Eames
Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
45 Kg
Cubic Metres
0,75 m³
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Charles EamesCharles Eames(Saint Louis, 1907 – Saint Louis, 1978)
Charles Eames is one of the most creative and fertile figures of the twentieth century: he studied and taught architecture and industrial design and during the seventies he worked in many fields successfully and intensely. An American designer, who changed the nature of modern design, representative of the modernism and ecletic creator of low cost furniture made of wood and metal, toys, houses and moving sculptures. He experimented with bent wood, solar energy, paper and fabrics. In 1941 he married Ray Kaiser that became his tireless work colleague, muse, co-worker and love his life. Being mad about cinema, architecture, interior design, they were awarded with the prize of MoMa for the creation of low cost furniture made up of bent plywood, designed for the modern American house. Eames created several essential, modern and casual articles of furniture that influenced and keep influencing thousands of present designers.


This article is the result of the creativity and craftsmanship of a Tuscany-based company, which was born as a proper workshop, specialised in the tubular steel structures of furniture items. The company has combined its excellent skills in handmade manufacturing, which has always been a main characteristic of the furniture business in Italy, with innovative technologies and it has distinguished itself on the market, thanks to a style and an unmistakable offer. The research on materials and innovative mechanical devices, plus the cultural heritage; which only a company, born from a workshop can have; are the defining ingredients of a leading brand in the manufacturing of design furniture inspired by the classic Bauhaus and vintage. The collection includes tables, coffee tables, tub chairs and chairs made starting from the original design by Eames, Van Der Rohe, Eileen Gray, mart Stam, Aarnio, Breuer, Jacobsen, Nelson.

Tables, coffee tables, armchairs and chairs inspired by classic piece of design

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