Mies Van der Rohe
Design Armchair

Mies Van der Rohe armchair with chromed structure, hide leather belts and upholstered leather seat.


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Mies Van der Rohe armchair with tubular chromed metal structure. The belts are made of hide leather while the seat is upholstered with quilted cushions, covered in three types of leather. Mies Van der Rohe armchair is a "made in Italy" product, realized by a handcrafted workshop, specialized in leather and metalwork.

- cm 60 x d.88 x h.84

- without armrests
- with armrests

Leather Type
- calf leather
- full grain leather
- aniline leather

Structure Material
- tubular chromed steel

Cover Features

FabricFabric : composition:
- 63% cotton
- 37% linen
- weight 380 gr/mq
- samples height 140 cm


Calf LeatherCalf Leather: bovine leather coming from European and extra European slaughters, chrome tan, dyeing according to EEC rules, average measure m² 4/5 and thickness 0,9/1 mm. Calf leather or contract leather is a corrected grain leather. It has a very competitive price, it's fairly soft to the touch and long lasting. Calf leather is a material with an excellent value for money.


Full Grain LeatherFull Grain Leather: bovine leather coming from European and extra European slaughters, chrome tan, dyeing according to EEC rules, average measures m² 4/5 and thickness 1,4/1,6 mm. Grain leather is still corrected grain but with a higher thickness than calf leather. This guarantees a longer duration and resistance. This leather surface is generally a little bit coarser to the touch compared to other kind of leathers.


Aniline LeatherAniline Leather: bovine leather coming from European and extra European slaughters, chrome tan, dyeing according to EEC rules, average measure m² 4/5 and thickness 1,1/1,2 mm. Aniline leather is the most valuable leather used in the furniture sector. The superficial grain is natural and without corrections, it's also possible to catch a glimpse of the leather pores, veins and lines; infact the surface is not always homogeneous as in full grain or calf leathers. Aniline Leather also results very soft to the touch.





Ludwig Mies Van Der RoheMies Van Der Rohe
Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe (27 March 1886, Aachen - 27 August 1969, Chicago). In 1905, after his studies, he moved to Berlin where he worked in the office of interior designer Bruno Paul and from 1905 to 1911 as an apprentice for Peter Beherens.
Inspired by Schinkel's classicism principles at first, after World War I he developed his own concept of art in the long-running research for industrial design characterized by an artistic and aesthetic style, very revolutionary for the time.
His most daring glass and steel building projects, made during the 20s, were never realized. Thanks to the pavilion built in 1929 in Barcellona, he managed to define the formula, which remained classic, of the theme "costruction for exhibitons". 
To the Bauhaus period belong also the elegant Villa Tugendhat in Brno and the environments realized for Berlin exposition in 1931.
In 1938 he moved to America and then settled in Chicago. The importance of his works has been well recognized during the years with several prizes.

Additional Information

L. M. Van der Rohe - Mies
Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
20 Kg
Cubic Metres
0.52 m³
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This article is the result of the creativity and craftsmanship of a Tuscany-based company, which was born as a proper workshop, specialised in the tubular steel structures of furniture items. The company has combined its excellent skills in handmade manufacturing, which has always been a main characteristic of the furniture business in Italy, with innovative technologies and it has distinguished itself on the market, thanks to a style and an unmistakable offer. The research on materials and innovative mechanical devices, plus the cultural heritage; which only a company, born from a workshop can have; are the defining ingredients of a leading brand in the manufacturing of design furniture inspired by the classic Bauhaus and vintage. The collection includes tables, coffee tables, tub chairs and chairs made starting from the original design by Eames, Van Der Rohe, Eileen Gray, mart Stam, Aarnio, Breuer, Jacobsen, Nelson.

Tables, coffee tables, armchairs and chairs inspired by classic piece of design

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