Plan Hanging Sideboard - Single Integrated Top
Wall Mounted Sideboard

Plan modern hanging lacquered sideboard with width from cm 128 to cm 256; also available in veneer or open pore lacquered oak wood.

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Plan is an hanging lacquered sideboard realized in wood and in open pore lacquered oak wood, available with width from cm 128 to cm 256. 
The key point of the Plan collection is the wide range of solutions thanks to the different modularity, to the many handles and to the double depths. Models with depth of cm 34,4 are ideal as indoors sideboard thanks tot he compact forms and therefore perfect for small spaces. Sideboards of cm 52,4 are placeable with style in your living room. 

14 different models in a wide range of solutions
more than 70 finishes and different colours
depth cm 34,4 ideal for indoors and small spaces
opportunity to choose between 4 handles models or push-pull
perfect hanging sideboard for a modern and minimal living room

Model and Measurements
Models: with doors; with doors, drawers and compartments; with doors and drop down doors
Depth: cm 34,4 / 52,4
Height: cm 65,4

Materials and Finishes
- wood veneer
- matt / glossy / open pore lacquer

Technical study

Materials Specifications
The elements are realized with E1 class panels with low formaldehyde content according to the European Community rules.
Wooden finishes are made of an ultraviolet polymerisation painting.
Matt lacquered products are realized using almost totally a water-based paint; glossy lacquered finishes are brushed with a polyurethane polymerisation. Used painted products are high solids.

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Structure: thickness of cm 1,8. Equipped with adjustable brackets (maximum weight per bracket Kg 70).
Doors: thickness of cm 2,2, provided with a series of hinges with soft-closing mechanism.
Drawers / Compartments: fronts thickness cm 2,2; edges thickness cm 1,4. Equipped with roll-away runners with vertical adjustment integrated in the hook and with soft-losing mechanism. Dynamic weight load of the runners equal to Kg 30.
Drop down door: thickness cm 2,2.
Visible edge: wooden edge, abs wooden edge or abs lacquered wooden edge.
Compartments with 1 hinged door are equipped with an internal shelf; compartments with 2 hinged doors are equipped with two internal shelves.

Maintenance Advice
Surfaces put in contact with water or other liquids can suffer some damage. The products do not tolerate excessive heat and humidity; it is therefore recommendable to position them far from any heat or humidity source.
To clean the materials it is necessary to use a wet cloth and neutral detergents, drying soon afterwards with a soft cloth. Do not use alkaline products, solvents and abrasive ones.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
Cubic Metres
da 0,39 a 1,17 m³
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Partner Factory

This is an Italian product, born from the experience and manufacturing excellence of a company which has been working in the furniture field since the 50s. A brand from Veneto region, internationally renowned and present in 81 countries worldwide. Its wide catalogue allows to furnish your entire house: wall systems, sideboards, tables and coffee table for the living area; beds, dressers and nightstands, wardrobes and walk-in closets for the night area.

Made in Italy quality is one of this company strengths: all furniture items are designed and manufactured in Italy, and undergo constant quality controls throughout the whole production process. Each item has been created directly from the experience and skill of a variety of designers and craftsmen: a custom made production relying on carefully selected products, and technologies and innovation always up to date. All the steps of the manufacturing process are carried out with utmost environment friendly techniques. This renown company produces high quality furniture able to last through time maintaining its original look and characteristics, and most of all to adapt to the lifestyles and trends of the models, becoming thus suitable for all kinds of houses.

Made in Italy quality furniture for your house living and night areas

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