2729 Kitchen

Modern L-shaped kitchen project. It features a central isle with snack bar top and an induction hob.

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Kitchen Project no. 2729

Customer Request
I have a wide space for the kitchen and I need an L shaped layout with an additional central isle with snack-bar top. I want the kitchen to be completed with all appliances: oven column, fridge column, dishwasher and two hobs: a gas burner and an induction one on the isle (with no hood). Along the wall with the window I would like to have only floor cabinets whereas on the other wall I want cabinets, wall units and open compartments. The sink must be in the middle of the window. The house is not finished yet so I don't have pipes, drains nor tiles (I haven't chosen the floor material yet but I think it will be a dark colour).
I'd rather have a modern kitchen with recess grip and a quartz resin worktop. I prefer a dark colour with maybe an accent tone on the details. The wall on the right side of the main door will feature a TV set.

Our comment:
Since the space at disposal is wide we can equip the kitchen with all the appliances needed and at the same time ensure several storage opportunities.
Along the wider wall we placed four columns: a storage column, a fridge, a column for the micro-wave and oven (when possible the choice of placing appliances built-in a column is recommended because it allows to have a more convenient access to them and ease the cooking and cleaning operations).
Near the oven we placed the burners by matching them with a series of cabinets with drawers and baskets to always have cutlery, ladles and pots close at hand.

We placed the sink module below the window, the cabinet includes a dishwasher. The position is perfect to make the best use of natural light, however it is recommended to use a mixer tap suitable for a position below the window. Many different models are available for example mixer taps with swivel spout that usually have a 90° rotation, or collapsible taps, whose spout can be lowered down under the top and sink level (please make sure that the mixer tap is compatible with the sink).
The kitchen is completed with cabinets with doors and a series of wall units and open compartments to give a dynamic look to the whole kitchen layout. On the right side of the window we furnished the available space with shelves offering an extra surface for items or books without making the layout look too heavy.

In the middle of the room there's an isle furnished with two cabinets with drawers and big drawers as well as an induction hob as requested. The snack bar top and bar stools face towards the main entrance where the TV is so it can be enjoyed while having breakfast or a quick lunch

The chosen kitchen model is sleek and modern: Sistema 901 with recess grip guarantees a clean, contemporary line. The chosen finish for both cabinets and columns is Lava Beton with a particular textured effect that gives a unique look to the kitchen, the accent tone chosen in contrast is Ochre Yellow to highlight the shelves and open compartments.

Chosen Furniture Pieces
- kitchen: Sistema 901 model
- bar-stools: Beatrix
- TV stand: Show

Note: The product cards of the furniture used in this project can be visited by going on the bottom side of the page. Some furniture pieces might be out of production: you can find in our catalogue valid alternatives.

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