Cipro striped rug in linen and wool by HomePlaneur custom made in 7 colours and finished with an elegant applied edge.

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  • Small striped
  • Large striped

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Cipro is a striped rug in linen and wool handcrafted with the Jacquard Wilton crafting technique and available in two standard measurements or in custom sizes. It is available in light grey alternated with red or other 6 neutral colours and is proposed in the models Small Striped, with thin lines with a more sober style, or Large Striped, to create more accentuated colour contrasts.
One of the characteristics of this product is that the alternation of colours corresponds to a play of thickness that gives the rug a pleasant sensation of movement.

custom rug available square or rectangular
made in red or 6 other neutral colours
elegant applied edge in cotton, linen or eco-leather
available with contrasting edge
handcrafted rug ideal for living rooms, offices or showrooms

Materials and Finishes
- 70% linen, 30% wool

Information for your Quote
For matching nylon yarn edges, the technician for the selection of yarns will choose the ones that are closer to the colour indicated for the rug, among the colours available in the samples page.

Technical study

Technical Specifications
Composition: 30% wool, 70% linen
Crafting technique: Wilton Jacquard
Total height: 8 mm
Total weight: 2610 gr / m²
Colour fastness to light:> = 5 rule UNI 7369 UNI EN ISO 105 B 02
Colour fastness to water:> = 4 rule UNI EN ISO 105 B 02
Resistance against moths: permanent treatment
Anti-static treatment: naturally anti-static


Rounded corner: available for rectangular and square models. Ideal in sitting rooms with a corner sofa, between two linear sofas or in highly used areas.


For more Information...
Jacquard Wilton: Wilton is the most widespread crafting technique for rugs and consists in a mechanic system which puts in a loom a binding warp and a weave upon which the threads of the fleece are inserted. It is often used a second weave as well for "padding" purposes, this makes the rug looks thicker.
In this kind of crafting technique, the pattern is made through a "jacquard" system, which brings the thread of the correct colour in the correct point in order to obtain the desired pattern.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Number of Packages
2,6 Kg/m²
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