Dryflex Breeze
Memory Foam Mattress

Dryflex Breeze is a soft breathable foam mattress with removable cover. 22 cm high, soft or firm and with 9 comfort zones.


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Dryflex Breeze is a soft breathable foam mattress with a removable Biorytmic cover. Dryflex Breeze is 22 cm high and it comes with 9 different comfort zones; it is available either medium-soft or medium-firm-
3 layers of different materials make up the whole core of the mattress: the first layer in Memory Breeze is directly in touch with the body and it's cosy and refreshing. The second layer in DryTech foam provides a steady ventilation and the third layer in Pur-O è is extremely elastic and crushproof. Available for single, large single, double and king size beds.

Quality and Values
innovative Memory Breeze foam, ergonomic and fresh
Biorytmic removable cover
9 different comfort zones
breathable and elastic DryTech layer
available in medium-soft and medium-firm versions
medical device of class 1

Inner Height: cm 21
Finished Mattress Height: cm 22

Weight of the cm 160 x 200 Italian double: 35 Kg

Information for your Quote
- Firm version: Firm
- Soft version: Soft
5/10 (scale with 1 = very soft 10 = very firm)

Technical study

Material Specifications


Memory Foam Breeze (1): an advanced foam with all features of a classic Memory, yet characterized by an open cell which guarantees a swifter return to the original shape, this makes the humidity circulation more efficient and the mattress considerably more transpiring; furthermore it is enriched with gel microcapsules which make it fresh to the touch. Memory adapts perfectly to one's anatomic shapes it is crushproof, recovering its own original shape gradually regardless the solicitations, and reduces at a minimum the pressure points while sleeping. Memory Breeze layer is cm 5 high.

DryTech (2): is a foam made of open reticulated cells, which guarantees a heat insulation between the used support and the body temperature. Thanks to its structure, it gives to a moving body a steady ventilation guaranteeing the top perspiration. The humidity produced by a resting body passes through the open reticulated cells and evaporates quickly. Drytech is one of the best systems for sleeping on the basis of the moulding and crushproof characteristics of the material.

Pur-O (3): is a clean foam that is ergonomic, elastic and breathable providing wellness and relax. In the Soft version it has a density corresponding to D35-25; while in the version Firm has a density corresponding to D40-38.

BioSan Cover: is made from some natural minerals, which are well-known for their energetic content and some geometrical compositions. The disposition of the minerals, which are attached to the fabric in a particular way, allows for spreading vibrating energy that activate body meridians by impulses in order to obtain a better sleep which brings to an increase of the intra-communication of the body. This particular composition helps to remove stress during sleep and regulate the natural body biorhythm.

Maintenance Suggestions
For the first three months it is necessary to rotate the mattress head/toes and up/down for at least twice a month to allow a well balanced settlement. Later on, in order to guarantee the hygiene of the mattress, we recommend to leave it uncovered each day for at least 20 minutes and rotate it periodically.


Additional Information

Area of Production
5 years warranty
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
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