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Suoni executive chair with rosewood shell. Leather, faux leather and fabric upholstery perfect for an elegant office. Maximum comfort with medium or high seatback.

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Suoni is an executive armchair with rosewood shell structure characterised by a timeless design with unique elegance and class. Its soft and curved lines are perfect for a boss who would like to stand out with a comfortable and unique furnishing piece. Suoni is available both in an entirely upholstered version and in a model with wooden back.
its seat, which is swivel and liftable can be equipped with a functional mechanism. The base can come also with 5 spokes in black painted or glossy aluminium.

directive office armchair with seat-back in 2 different heights
swivel mechanism a fulcro centrale o avanzato
elegant profile for a classy contrast
medium seatback with base equipped with wheels or feet
several covers available including Promo ones

Model and Measurements
Models: with medium or high seat-back
Measurements: see the measurements in the menu
- depth: cm d.50
- height: adjustable from cm h.42 to 52

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, faux leather, leather
Structure Back:
- fabric, faux leather, leather
- rosewood
- aluminium

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Swivel and Lift-up Mechanism: Each seat is equipped with a swivel mechanism and one right lever with which it is possible to adjust the height of the seat.
Standard Tilting Mechanism: It allows the backrest to tilt by pushing outwards the left-handed lever, by pushing it inwards it locks the movement (only in an upright position). The seat has a central knob to adjust the backrest tension.
Forwarded Tilting mechanism: it offers more comfort as the tilting focus is forwarded compared to the seat; it allows the tilting of the seatback through the use of the left lever , which displaced towards outside it gives the possibility to block the seatback in various positions, pushing the lever towards the inside. In addition, the seat comes with another lever on the left which taken towards the outside adjusts the backrest's tension.
Safety Anti shock System: each seat with Permanent Contact or Synchro Mechanism is equipped with an Anti shock mechanism that prevents the backrest to immediately go back to the vertical position once released. To move the backrest simply apply a light backward pressure with the back; In this way it will be released and will follow the user back movement to regain the vertical position.

The chairs belonging to this collection are manufactured according to European directives, granting quality and safety of use. All these products meet ergonomic and functionality standards set in the EN 1335 - EN 13761 - EN 1022 - EN 1728 directives, and come with the CATAS certification.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
Easy Assembling
from 23 to 27 kg
Cubic Metres
from 0,43 to 0,52 m³

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