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Bill home-office chair with flexible headrest; it also features height adjustable upholstered seat and lumbar support. With or without armrests.

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Bill is a home-office chair with flexible headrest, featuring a seat adjustable in height as well as optional armrests that can be fixed or adjustable. The headrest is in black polyurethane. The upholstered seat is available in a wide range of fabric and faux-leather covers, by offering the possibility to create a pleasant chromatic contrasts with the breathable mesh backrest.

operative chair with permanent contact or synchronous mechanism
fixed or adjustable armrests in height, width and depth
high comfort thanks to the height adjustable lumbar support
ergonomic breathable mesh backrest in 5 colours

Model and Measurements
Models: without armrests, with armrests, with armrests and headrest
Measurements: view the measurements inside the Menu
- depth: cm d.43
- height: adjustable from cm h.42 to 54

Materials and Finishes
Seat Cover:
- fabric, faux-leather
- mesh
- polyammide
- aluminium

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Swivel and Lift-up Mechanism: each seat comes with a swivel mechanism and a lever on the right side that allows the seat to adjust in height through a gas piston mechanism.
Adjustable Backrest: each seat backrest can be manually adjusted in height and tilted, also separately.
Permanent Contact Mechanism: the backrest can be adjusted to the desired position through the use of a lever placed under the left side of the seat. The seat comes with a central knob to adjust the tension of the backrest.
Synchronous Mechanism: it allows to adjust backrest and seat at the same time. The mechanism is activated through the lever placed under the left side of the seat: by tilting the backrest with a small pressure, the seat slides backwards and slightly lowers down; this mechanism has a lock system to block the position. The seat also has a central valve to adjust the backrest tension quicker.
Safety Antishock System: each seat with Permanent Contact or Synchro Mechanism is equipped with an Antishock mechanism that prevents the backrest to immediately go back to the vertical position once released. To move the backrest simply apply a light backward pressure with the back; In this way it will be released and will follow the user back movement to regain the vertical position.
Lumbar Support: in black polypropylene, it is easily adjustable in height thanks to two small levers that will make it slide inside the back mesh and thanks to a snap mechanism that locks it in position.
Flexible Headrest: made of black polyurethane.

armrests also adjustable in width: available for seat with height adjustable armrests.
armrests also adjustable in width and depth: available for seat with height adjustable armrests; the depth regulation also allows to move the armrests.
seat adjustable in depth: device that allows the seat depth to be adjusted, only available with the synchro mechanism. The seat slides forwards and backwards by activating a lever placed below the right side of the seat. The movement is allowed only when the synchro mechanism is blocked.

The seats of this collection are crafted complying with European standards in terms of quality and safety. All products have ergonomics and functional requirements meeting standards of law 81/08 and EN 1335 legislation, they all have certifications issued by CATAS laboratory.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Not exportable to the United Kingdom or EIRE
Easy Assembling
from 15,5 to 19,5 kg
Cubic Metres
from 0,50 to 0,55 m³
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Partner Factory

The design and manufacturing process of executive and operative chairs is based in the heart of Brianza district (north of Milan). The whole collection is analysed and tested through a strict quality control to verify that each product follows the most stringent national and international rules in terms of  performance as well as recycling of the materials used.

The contemporary design of each piece is combined to rigorous studies on the correct ergonomics resulting in a selection of versatile seats able to satisfy the most different comfort needs in a working environment.
A firm with more than 50 years of experience in the office department but with an eye on the future with the research on new materials, technically advanced solutions and innovation. is a collection of modern house furniture: high degree of customization, design and 100% Made in Italy manufacturing quality are matched together in unique furniture solutions, contemporary in their design and reliable through time. is the only home design brand available exclusively online: convenient, transparent, always reachable and with the best value for money.

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