Table Lamps

Accent or bedside table lamps

Useful and versatile, table lamps are ideal on a console table, desk, or on top of a bedside table or dresser. Choose from our collection of modern designer table lamps, the one that best fits your home. Available in different sizes, in metal, glass or with shades in fabrics.

  • Lampada d'arredo in vetro Fez di Prandina


    Starting from €811

    Lampada d'arredo in vetro Fez con diffusore esterno in metallo lucido rame, ottone e nero o verniciato opaco. Disponibile da tavolo, a sospensione e piantana.

  • Lampada da tavolo in vetro soffiato Gong di Prandina


    Starting from €497

    Lampada da tavolo in vetro soffiato Gong sofisticata e originale, anche a sospensione e applique. Diffusore tondeggiante verniciato o specchiato metallizzato.

  • Lampada in vetro soffiato Jube dal design vintage


    Starting from €654

    Jube blown glass lamps. Vintage design collection composed of pendant lamps, wall lamp, table lamp and floor lamp; all coming with LED lighting source.

  • Lampada a lanterna moderna Luisa di Prandina


    Starting from €662

    Lampada a lanterna moderna Luisa, proposta da tavolo o a sospensione, con diffusore in vetro soffiato e struttura in metallo in più combinazioni cromatiche.

  • Lampada con presa di ricarica USB Novia di Prandina


    Starting from €194

    Lampada con presa di ricarica USB Novia, ideale per il comodino o la scrivania; disponibile anche l'applique senza o con attacco per la ricarica.

  • Lampada moderna in bronzo Rodin di Cantori


    Starting from €805

    Rodin modern bronze pendant lamp by Cantori. Also available in the table version for a sophisticated desk.

  • Lampada abat-jour da tavolo Sino di Prandina


    Starting from €546

    Lampada abat-jour moderna da tavolo Sino con diffusore a campana in vetro soffiato e struttura in metallo. Luce a LED integrata, anche applique.

  • Sunset minimal table lamp in satin brass by Cattelan


    Starting from €303

    Sunset minimal table lamp in satin brass by Cattelan. Smoked borosilicate glass lampshade for a warm tone. Also in the pendant ceiling version.

  • Bardot is a LED design table lamp by Bonaldo with minimal geometric structure


    Starting from €808

    Bardot is an LED design table lamp by Bonaldo with a minimal geometric structure, round lampshade and a brass metal base resembling a street lamp.

  • Lampada minimal con base in marmo Dew


    Starting from €215

    Dew minimalist lamp with marble base, models available: floor, table and wall lamp. vertical element in painted metal, golden or silver leaf.

  • Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver di Prandina


    Starting from €710

    Lampada a cilindro in cristallo Diver realizzata in vetro soffiato, con doppio diffusore e luce LED. Proposta nei modelli a sospensione, da tavolo, da soffitto e applique.

  • Dublight white LED desk lamp


    Starting from €124

    Dublight white LED desk lamp ideal for a home, office or shop. Available in several models; table lamp, pendant light, ceiling light, wall light and floor lamp.

  • Lampada retrò in vetro e metallo Futura di Vistosi


    Starting from €498

    Futura retro lamp in glass and metal; available as pendant, table lamp, wall lamp, ceiling and floor lamp. Lampshade in clear and frosted glass with metallic ring.

  • Lampada da tavolo grande Gioia con base in metallo foglia argento champagne


    Starting from €718

    Gioia art deco lamp with crystals by Cantori. Pendant diamond cut glass for a vintage design. Table, floor and pendant lamp in various models.

  • Lampada pendente in vetro soffiato Gong Mini di Prandina

    Gong Mini

    Starting from €370

    Lampada pendente in vetro soffiato Gong Mini a sospensione singola o in sofisticate composizioni a grappolo. Diffusore in cristallo verniciato o metallizzato.

  • Lampadario minimale di design Landing di Prandina


    Starting from €364

    Lampadario minimale di design Landing con LED dimmerabile, proposto bianco, oro, cromo o nero. Lampada da tavolo coordinata.

  • Mamba lamp with a minimal design by Cattelan


    Starting from €769

    Mamba bent table lamp by Cattelan. In matt-titanium lacquered, black glossy lacquered or brushed bronze polyurethane.

  • Lampadario con bolle di vetro soffiato Ophelia


    Starting from €418

    Ophelia is a chandelier with blown glass bubbles and an essential metal structure, single-coloured in the table version and two tone in the suspended and floor versions.

  • Lampada da terra per divano Paraph di Prandina


    Starting from €546

    Lampada da terra per divano Paraph, per angolo lettura o da scrivania. Struttura in alluminio nero, con braccio girevole a 360° e luce LED orientabile.

  • Lampada da tavolo con lavorazioni laser Pinha


    Starting from €81

    Pinha design metal lamp with bronze base; also available in white colour and as a pendant, chandelier or wall lamp.

  • Lampada con paralume in metallo tagliato Turning


    Starting from €164

    Turning pendant lamp with LED light bulb; also available in table model.

  • Lampada a sospensione in vetro soffiato Acquerelli di Bonaldo nel modello singolo piccolo, grande e doppio


    Starting from €912

    Acquerelli by Bonaldo ceiling light in hand-blown glass, single, double or 3 lampshade chandelier. Also available as a desk lamp.

  • Hope design pendant lamp with glass spheres


    Starting from €381

    Hope is a design pendant lamp with glass spheres and black or brushed gold metal. Also available as a table lamp and floor lamp.

  • Lampada in paglia di Vienna Klimt


    Starting from €1,212

    Elegant Vienna straw lamp with solid walnut wood lamp holder. The steel base is available in stone bronze or titanium

  • Lampo modern floor arc lamp by Cattelan


    Starting from €532

    Lampo modern arc floor lamp by Cattelan, available as a floor lamp or table lamp and in black, titanium or graphite.

  • Lampada di design con gabbia in metallo Lira di Borzalino disponibile a sospensione in due dimensioni, da tavolo, applique e piantana.


    Starting from €1,227

    Lira lamp by Borzalino with metal cage and diffuser, available as a table lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp or pendant lamp in two sizes.

  • Lampada in fili di metallo Mandala


    Starting from €1,327

    Mandala metal wire lamp in titanium and matte gold with central LED lighting for a soft and subtle effect. Available in different sizes: pendant, table and floor lamp.

  • Planeta by Cattelan ground design lamp


    Starting from €711

    Planeta by Cattelan design floor lamp with spheres in blown glass. Available as a suspension, ground, table and applique lamp.

  • Lampada con sfere in vetro soffiato a mano Sofì di Bonaldo nel modello a sospensione con 7 paralumi e struttura esagonale


    Starting from €663

    Sofì by Bonaldo lamp with hand-blown glass globes and a unique and exclusive design. Pendant, wall, table or floor lamp.

  • Venezia is a beaded ceiling light by Cattelan


    Starting from €710

    Venezia is a beaded pendant light by Cattelan. Available in table lamp, wall light and floor lamp models. Exquisite pendant with glass beads.

  • Diogene table lamp in steel and fabric


    Starting from €923

    Diogene table lamp in steel and fabric with modern and versatile design. Available also in the stand model.

  • Lampada moderna in tessuto Sofia di Cantori


    Starting from €563

    Sofia modern fabric lamp with wire metal structure by Cantori. Available in the table, floor, pendant and wall model.

The best modern table or desk lamps

Table lamps are functional and aesthetically important accessories, essential for reading or writing. Placed on top of a dining table, a desk or a console table to illuminate and embellish the entrance, modern table lamps are characterised by clean shapes and geometric lines, and often striking futuristic features. White table lamps cast a clear, bright light, ideal for studying and reading, while models with fabric lampshades emit a soft, relaxing light perfect for evenings on the sofa or relaxing moments. Marble or coloured glass inserts provide highly decorative trendy looks without compromising on functionality.

Designer lamps for modern bedside tables

Bedside table lamps are a classic piece of bedroom furniture, capable of creating a magical atmosphere with a soft, diffuse light thanks to a fabric or frosted glass shade. Whether a small reading light or an important lamp for the dresser, they can be truly luxurious, thanks to a unique and careful design that enhances their shape and the materials used. Our collection includes models with an imposing base, with hand-crafted glass shades, with a gold or metal frame, with minimalist and industrial lines that can ennoble both elegant bedrooms and formal and sophisticated coffee tables.