Modern Chairs

Modern dining chairs and more

Explore a wide range of modern dining chairs: colourful, unique and always trendy. We have selected not only elegant high-end comfortable chairs, but also essential minimalistic models, and fabric or leather armchairs for the study or bedroom. Furnish your kitchen or living room with a prestigious piece of furniture and enjoy the high quality standards typical of the Made in Italy brand.

  • Sedia pieghevole in plastica Carly

    Folding Chairs

    Starting from €151

    Sedia pieghevole in plastica Carly anche per esterni con seduta e struttura in polipropilene bianco, nero, grigio o canapa. Da chiusa è profonda solo 11 cm.

  • Sedia impilabile da cucina colorata Jana in polipropilene

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €99

    Jana colourful and stackable kitchen chair made from polypropylene, with or without armrests. Optional padded seat and fabric upholstery.

  • Lollipop modern metal chair for everyday use

    Metal and Wooden Chairs

    Starting from €170

    Lollipop modern metal chair for everyday use, with seat and back in plastic, wood or fabric. Available in several colours.

  • Lollipop Young is a low-price, practical and coloured chair

    Lollipop Young
    Metal and Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €120

    Lollipop Young is a low-price, practical and coloured chair with metal legs and plastic or laminate seat in several finishes.

  • Sedia moderna in metallo e plastica Nicole

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €103

    Nicole modern plastic and metal chair, structure also available in wood and seat also in hide-leather or fabric. Several colours to choose from.

  • Idole by Bonaldo is a stackable colourful kitchen chair in plastic polypropylene

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €182

    Idole colourful kitchen plastic chair by Bonaldo, stackable up to 6 chairs. Available in many different colours, from brighter to more neutral tones.

  • Megan stackable sled base chair

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €103

    Megan stackable sled base chair, available with plastic seat and metal structure; also available with four wooden legs.

  • Pangea by Bonaldo is a stackable timeless chair that is easy to be stored saving space

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €219

    Colourful stackable plastic chair Pangea by Bonaldo completely made in polypropylene in various colours. Also for outdoor usage.

  • Sedia impilabile in plastica e metallo Aria

    Plastic and Metal Chairs

    Starting from €255

    Aria stackable modern chair in plastic and metal. Also available with a padded frame or with wooden legs.

  • Sedia moderna bicolore Lilian - seduta in polipropilene Nero e schienale in policarbonato Trasparente

    Plastic Chairs

    Starting from €183

    Lilian modern two-coloured chair in plastic, available in bespoke colours and finishes for a lively and dynamic kitchen.

Modern white chairs: a timeless classic

White dining room chairs, elegant and essential, are a very popular option for furnishing a living room. Ideal next to a glass and metal table, or in a modern and lacquered kitchen with light tones - as long as one opts for one of our stain-resistant fabrics - white chairs may be covered in leather, faux leather or fabric: three materials that are similar in colour but profoundly different in terms of characteristics, maintenance and prestige.

Because of its lightness and its ability to brighten up its surroundings, a modern white upholstered chair can adapt easily to any style: in a living room with a Nordic flavour with a natural wood sled or spoke frame, in an industrial context with black or chrome metal legs. Aware of this stylistic versatility, we have chosen to include a vast range of models in our collection, from traditional models with a wooden frame and upholstered seat, to designer pieces with welded steel tubes and ergonomic backrests.

Modern coloured chairs: furnishing the living room with personality

Thanks to our selection of modern coloured chairs, it is possible to bring a breath of fresh air into the living room or kitchen, while respecting the original design and combinations of finishes. Upholstered, in leather or fabric, or with a plastic seat and backrest, the models in the collection offer a high degree of customisation, with a trendy palette of colours, that conveys a refined light-heartedness. From ultra-modern shades of black to timeless greys, through the contemporary tones of blue, green, red and many other, finding the perfect match to its surroundings will be simple and rewarding.