Extending Console Tables

Extending console tables: a great space-saving solution

In small living rooms, open spaces with kitchen or little holiday homes, an extending console table can truly be a game changer. Starting from an hallway table, it can turn into a longer dinning-table, which can be placed in the middle of the room. Closed, it remains a functional and aesthetically interesting console table.

  • Terminal hallway console table with ceramic top by Cattelan

    Hallway Console

    Starting from €1,605

    Terminal hallway console table with ceramic top, by Cattelan, available in 5 sizes. Also available with irregular edges in walnut or oak.

  • Harper extending console dining table

    Extending Console Table

    Starting from €1,183

    Harper is a modern extending console dining table, seating 12 comfortably for the living room. Bespoke finishing in different materials.

Expandable console tables: the different opening mechanisms

Among the different console tables you can find several types of opening system. The simplest - both structurally and in terms of ease of use - are folding tops: they are usually available on classic or essential console tables and they double the surface area, up to 6 seatings.

Wall-mounted models work differently: the top slides outwards, increasing its depth. The total available surface area does not reach the great lengths of the other models, but still provides sufficient space for studying, working or setting up a small dining table in the kitchen.

The floor-standing telescopic models, on the other hand, are capable of reaching the large dimension: 3 metres long and capable of seating 12 people, they are equipped with telescopic rods that allow for considerable extensions in length, with sets of 2, 3, 4 or more extension leaves. The placement of these extensions, which are not incorporated under the top but kept aside in a case, allows the console to be brought down to extremely small depths, usually between 30 and 50 cm.