Kitchen Stools

Modern kitchen or snack-bar stool

High stools are indispensable in a big kitchen with a peninsula: the ones in our collection have a refined and trendy seat and slim and slender shapes while remaining comfortable and resistant. Available with a wooden or metal frame and with upholstered or polypropylene seats, our models are characterised by their careful design and workmanship, even in the most colourful and unusual versions.

  • Nicole kitchen stool with high backrest

    Stool with Back

    Starting from €148

    Nicole kitchen stool with high backrest, structure in metal and seat in either plastic or bonded leather. Height suitable for kitchen work-top or peninsula.

Stools with backrests: comfort for long hours

The long hours spent in the kitchen make a comfortable seat one of the most important features of a kitchen stool. To optimise comfort a stool with a medium or high backrest is the perfect solution, to ensure the right back support and achieve the same levels of comfort as a chair. A simpler model without a backrest, although built to the same rigorous quality standards, is more suitable for occasional use, for welcoming guests or for a lounge corner, where you can enjoy a drink with some friends.

Apart from some postural and ergonomic parameters, a comfortable seat, however, remains highly subjective: for some a backless stool for a kitchen peninsula may be a suitable choice for ensuring the maximum comfort.

Another accessory to be taken into consideration is the footrest, which can be more or less protruding, depending on specific comfort and space requirements. A smaller footrest requires less space, which can be really useful around a peninsula, while a more protruding footrest sacrifices a bit of space to ensure a more natural posture. Last but not least, armrests should not be overlooked, as they provide a comfortable and ergonomic rest for arms and shoulders even after long hours.

With these accessories, a high kitchen stool will make breakfast and dinner even more special for you and your guests, thanks to a comfortable and high-quality seat.