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Ideas and suggestions to furnish a living area with sectional sofa and bench, home office and a dining area with wooden dining table and sideboard.


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Living / Dining Room Project 001

Customer Request
I'm almost finished with the refurbishing of my house and I want your help with the living/dining area.
For the sitting area I would like to have a big sofa to welcome all my friends and an original living wall unit with a wow factor (I already own a 65" TV). Furthermore I need a home office area including a bookcase for books and CDs (I like models with bridge units) and a desk. I have two baby girls so a nice and convenient storage unit where to place all their toys and a blanket will be great. For the dining area, I would like a wooden dining table suitable for 6 people (it should be close to the kitchen) and, if possible, a wall mounted sideboard. Please add two items I already have: a grand piano and a Miles Davis painting.
The floor has grey tiles, windows and doors are in wood. I like neutral shades with wooden details.

The Interior Designer's Dossier
The two points we took as reference, in order to place the different furniture items, were: the wall on the left side of the entryway, which is the biggest and so the most convenient to mount a wall system and second, the kitchen, in order to get the right position of the dining table.
The latter has been placed in a parallel position compared to the window so we were able to use the whole space and choose a big spacious model. The selected  model is made out of walnut and it has 6 seats (excluding the heads of the table), perfect to furnish with taste and elegance an remarkable environment. The chairs, with perfectly matching finish, have a vintage style with a comfortable light leather seat.
Right under the window we gained space for a modern sideboard, characterised by three staggered elements placed at different heights,for  an original and dynamic layout.

On the opposite side of the living area, as we mentioned, there is a big wall system, organised with a roomy floor standing cabinet and a set of wall units. We decided to give to the wall an original pattern of colours and shapes by playing with closed storages and decorative elements, while always keeping in mind the harmony among the different items for a quick yet not too over the top outcome. In the middle of the layout we left the right space for the TV.

Thanks to the big area at disposal we were able to add a bespoke sofa that could entirely meet the needs of the client. The sectional nature of the sofa allowed us to create a huge corner sofa that is cosy and functional at the same time. The details that make this sofa particularly interesting are plenty: a swivel floor bench that works as a coffee table but also as a connecting platform with the outer module; the adjustable shelves on the back that can tilt or be adjusted in height, according to the position they can be used as an extra surface for small items or as a support for the cushions. The sofa is made even more precious thanks to the wooden and leather finishes that carry along the same style of the rest of the furniture.

A bookcase with bridge unit has then been placed in a niche and it has been equipped with doors and open shelving units. The white neutral finish has been chosen to give light to the area and at the same time to enhance the secretary desk below made of walnut, a design piece that will increase the value of the whole living area. Miles Davis painting is then placed on the main wall, linking the home office area with the entertainment unit and becomes one of the focus point of the whole environment.

This project, from the layout of the different furniture pieces to each single finish has been designed and selected with care. In the overall study of the environment we wanted to enhance every single piece including the piano in the middle of the room, well visible and enjoyable from both the dining area and the living room.

Chosen Furniture
- wall system: Way
- desk: Aneko
- chair: Eiko
- bookcase: Almond
- sofa: Freesofa
- sideboard: Plan
- table: Asako
- chairs: Ginko
- chandelier: Cuddle
- rug: Anversa

N.B.: the product cards of the furniture used in this project can be visited by going at the bottom side of the page. Some furniture pieces might be out of production: you can find in our catalogue valid alternatives.

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