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Office 3D Design with storage cabinets with lock, clothes hanger wardrobes, ergonomic chairs and stools.

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Office Design 0824 - 03/04/2014

Customer's Request
We have an office with a classic design and we would like to make it brighter and more modern. The main environments to be furnished are the entrance, two meeting rooms and an open working space.
Inside the entrance there will be a waiting room with some chairs and we would like to create a dividing wall with our trademark and a TV.
In the smaller meeting room we need a round table with 4 chairs and a storage unit; in the bigger one we would like to place a meeting room and some wardrobes in which we can hang clothes.
Inside the open space there will be an area for the administration with a desk to be surrounded by storage units for documents and files; in the working space we would like to place a long table to accommodate from 6 to 10 people without storage units coming underneath.
Then, the last area of the open space will be used for informal meetings and for the coffee/dining break; for this reason we will need comfortable seats and a counter with 4 stools.
We wish to give a touch of brightness with some carpets and to have free spaces, in which possibly place plants.
We prefer matt colours such as red, blue and grey, except for darker shades like black.
The floor, doors and windows, wall panels are all in a cherry wood finish.

The Interior Designer's Comments

By following the clear indications of the customer we have furnished the area near the entrance as a waiting room by placing a two-seater white eco-leather sofa, which offers at the same time an useful space near the armrest to place a round coffee table.
Frontally, a plasterboard wall has been designed to divide the space from the office operative area, as well as a support for the TV and possibly for the logo of the company.

The smaller meeting room has been furnished with a round table which can host up to 7 seats and a low cabinet for filing documents. In the bigger meeting room you'll find a rectangular table with white glass top. This model has been chosen to match the finishes and structure of the other desks of the office. Furthermore the table matches an elegant style to the a remarkable size, suitable for meetings with a big number of people. The whole free wall has been furnished with a wardrobe system equipped with lock, composed by one element with one door and shelves and five modules with double door and clothes hangers where to store clothes and personal accessories.

The administration area in the open space has been designed including a desk with modesty panel and peninsula in white melamine finish offering a wide working space thanks to a corner composition. The position allows to keep close at hand documents thanks to the low storage unit along the back wall which can, if needed, be equipped with pull-out frames for hanging folders. An additional storage furniture with 7 doors has been placed near the administration area offering a big storage space thanks to its remarkable width and height.

The working space has been placed parallel compared to the plasterboard wall and features six desks for six seats, frontally divided by a blue partition panel guaranteeing the right privacy.
The working space is then divided from the resting area by a high storage unit composed by doors and baskets, customized by using two finishes, white and blue, creating playful shapes for an original personalization of the product.
In the resting area find place two armchairs and a two-seater sofa in the same finishes as the sofa placed in the entrance.
For breaks, as requested, we placed a high counter with three circular legs and four stools with a black semi-matt structure and seat in green fabric. Its position, perpendicular to the wall and not parallel, allows an easier passage and a more comfortable view of the TV for everyone.

We added rugs in viscouse near armchairs and sofas coming with a silver colour, these rugs are soft to the touch and iridescent, they change their brightness according to the light present inside the environment, playing with the different tones.

In a working environment such as this one, the choice of the chairs is particularly important in order to guarantee the right comfort increasing the performance of the workers. For this reason we selected chairs and stools which are highly functional and ergonomic allowing to adapt the height of the backrest (where present) and the height and depth of the seats guaranteeing the correct position and consequently the worker well being and health.

All the storage elements present inside the different environments have a melamine matt lacquered finish, chosen with a clear shade in order to clearly contrast the floor, this allows to enhance the volumes of the furniture and at the same time give brightness to the environment.
Desks, where not specified are made with top finish matching the wardrobe / storage system and with white painted metal structure,
A neutral colour like white gives more freedom in the choice of the colours for the rest of the environment. In this case we opted for a bright blue colour (reminding the company logo) for the doors and desk partitions and a green colour for the chairs and stools.
Blue and green are two colours that, if matched, convey a peaceful calm feeling, other than adding a touch of colour for a young and fresh environment.

Suggested Furniture
- Rubik sofa and armchair
- Arrow desk
- Dividing panel for Arrow desk
- Store Low storage units
- Store High office wardrobe
- H04 chairs
- Puls capisco stools
- Rainbow carpet

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render