13401 Bathroom

Bathroom 3D Design Project including recessed washing machine, wall mounted cabinet with drawers and built-in sink.

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Customer's request
I am renovating an apartment and I need advice to review the placement of health and for the choice of the washbasin.

I'd like to have a bath with combined shower with glass wall in modern style, hung sanitaryware and furniture suspended for the sink (or built-in support). I do not need hanging. I do not like the fact that currently the machine is exposed and positioned between tub and window, as it hinders the exterior facing. The bathroom floor is bamboo natural fiber, while the lining of the walls I have no particular preference.

The windows are finished in walnut. The rest of the house, however, is predominantly white in minimalist style / modern bathroom and I would like to maintain this style.

Comments of the interior
The possibility of restructuring the bathroom has allowed us to redefine its internal distribution, designing a space in line with the needs expressed by the customer. Taking into consideration the original position of installations and discharges we have identified a solution that was functional and that, at the same time, to reduce to a minimum the hydraulic interventions.

With this premise, the present location of the tank, taking up a maximum of 160x70 cm, remained unchanged. The choice of the model combined with a shower will be at the discretion of the client in relation to the dimensions indicated.

The space between tub and window was dedicated to the bidet, low and compact component that allows easy opening of the window and the exterior facing, otherwise hampered by the volume of the washing machine. The front of the bidet, we placed in the toilet so as not discostarlo far from its present location and ease of installation. The new organization of health care and the repositioning of the radiator near the window, allowed to gain the storage space for the placement of a large washbasin.

The choice of bathroom furniture has been dictated by the need to combine the use of the washing machine to the usual washbasin not forgetting the minimal stylistic preference of the customer.

The proposed solution consists of an element with hinged doors 51 cm deep, in adherence to the wall, in which to collect the washing machine; this arrangement allows the integration of the composition in an elegant way an essential complement, but often unpleasant to the eye.
We joined in this form by 70 cm washbasin with a large chest of drawers, with a length of 85 cm, which is useful to hold cleaning products and bathroom accessories. Its height of 32 cm as well as visually lighten the composition, provides a space below where you can place such as a laundry basket and / or scales.
Complete the cabinet in question, the top Tecnoril that welcomes the integrated sink rectangular (including overflow) at the bureau, offering a comfortable surface for the remaining length available. The chosen material is opaque white, smooth to the touch, convenient in cleaning and characterized by the possibility of restoring the surface in the case of stains, scratches or nicks.
Overall, the simple square lines, the elegant handles with unghiatura and neutral tint white matte make the modern and essential furniture as well as functional to the needs of the user.

The accessories that complete the furnishings are the large mirror, size, gives depth to the room and a roof placed over the bidet, complete with two shelves, a containment such as soap, shampoo, etc.
The coating chosen for the walls is porcelain stoneware and is composed of modular elements staggered that create a pleasant effect of movement. The neutral shade and the central decoration characterize the environment without being invasive.

Significant other
For this project, I used ceramics: Serenissima Cir Serenissima Cir