1854 Living / Sitting Room

Furnishing a big living room with column by choosing a corner sofa with custom cut base, home office corner and dormeuse.

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Living / Sitting Room 1854

Customer Request
I'd like help in choosing the furniture for my living room which is partially already furnished.
The kitchen is already there and I don't want to change anything, I will add though a fixed console table in front of the radiator that can be used as a top for plants and flowers or some decorative objects. Table and chairs too are new and I will keep them, I would like a sideboard or something similar close to the table.
Concerning the sofa I would like to change it, (I prefer visible feet and a fabric cover) we welcome any suggestion. I also want a wall system that needs to be sufficiently spacious for my 65" TV and have enough storage elements, but it must have a light layout. A small home office area can be placed along the wall since we have much space. Walls and ceiling are in Venetian stucco whereas the wooden floor is in natural teak. I prefer wood finishes with lacquered details, not grey.

The interior designer's comments
The layout of the furniture has been designed with the elements already present in mind, that is the dining table and the column, which represent  quite a constraint since it is part of the house structure.
That is why the column has been a fundamental aspect in choosing the sofa. After examining several ideas we decided to propose a solution that use at best the space at disposal, allowing the column to become an integrated part of the furniture piece and not a mere obstacle.

The sofa model we've chosen is Freesofa, modern in the style and mechanisms. It stands out for its particular corner composition, a bit out of scheme, composed of two elements connected to a bench which, other than work as a linking piece, is also a smart way to incorporate the column into the sofa. This bench can be custom shaped in order to create a cut able to fit the column, everything without altering the layout of the sofa.

One of Freesofa main feature is its modular composition, made up of different independent elements; both seat can - as a matter of fact - shift leftwards and rightwards on top of the bench, creating every time a wider or more compact layout according to your needs. The system is particularly useful in situations like this one, where the sofa is close to a dining area; moving the sofa towards the bench allows you to get more space for using and moving the chairs.
The seats, other than moving left and right, they can also rotate, this mechanism - if applied to the lateral chaise longue - facilitate the view of the TV screen.

The sofa also has different backrests available. In this case we opted for a lift-up padded back, quite slim, and a shelf placed on the back of the module with arm. 
The shelf in lacquered finish as the bench, can be reclined to get a comfortable relax position; it can also be used in an horizontal position as an extra surface top.
The chosen cover is a weaved fabric with a beige melange nuance which carries on both light and dark tones of the different furniture. Poufs and cushions come with a pin striped pattern - in different colours - to create a pleasant contrast with the items around.

The wall system placed in front of the sofa is composed of a floor cabinet with drop down door or big drawers according to the needs. Its depth guarantees a good internal space other than a solid top for the 65" TV set.
On the left of the cabinet we placed two wall units, whose "C" shaped outlines matched together create an original central open compartment. Both shapes and their position - off centred compared to the cabinet - work together to mitigate the presence of the small recess along the wall.
At a first sight both cabinets and wall units look in coffee matt lacquered finish, at a closer look though it is possible to notice the elegant carving decoration with herringbone pattern on the fronts, this effect is clearly visible when the furniture is under direct sun light.

The wide (and only free) wall in the living room has been dedicated to a home office space. The top placed near the sockets is simple yet extremely convenient. Its compact measurements allow an easy rotation of the sofa.
The remaining space has been filled up with a dormeuse, a unique and original furniture piece, characterised by a classic style reinterpreted with a modern twist. Its baroque shapes have been eased up by a completely white finish adding a delicate elegance and charm.
According to your taste and use, the dormeuse can be replaced with an armchair or, if an additional storage unit is needed, with a sideboard (we do not recommend to place the sideboard close to the table because it will obstruct its use).
The wall has been completed with some small decorative elements, such as frames, paintings and shelves that embellishes the wall without resulting too heavy.

Following your request, we added a console table in the kitchen area. We recommend to place just in front of the column between the two windows, in this way we can guarantee that the doors of the storage unit next to it can fully open..

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render

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