2871 Bedroom

Bedroom Project with equipped walk-in closet, bed with wall panel, writing desk and wall mounted elements with open compartments.


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Bedroom Project 2871

Customer's Request
I would like to furnish my master bedroom with modern pieces. I need a bed with storage box (my favourite is Beat model with wall panel) in the King Size version and I would like to keep the same style for the overall bedroom. I would like to create a make-up corner with a mirror and it will be perfect to have a walk-in closet equipped with chest of drawers, trousers hanger and a pull-out coat rack (the walk-in closet will be separated from the rest of the environment through a door). I have a tv of 65" to be hang on the wall facing the bed, where I would like to set additional drawers or storage elements. Moreover, I have a small storage room attached to the bedroom where I would like to set a shoe rack with a wardrobe on the right of the main door. The floor has not been set yet, the windows are black and I would like to paint the walls in a white or cream colour.

The Interior Designer's Comment
The wall with windows, which is the largest one, has been equipped with a wide bed with storage box. The leather headboard has been embodied in a wood essence wall panel which runs along the overall length of the wall. With a series of custom modules we have created a horse-shoe shaped leaning surface where you can set lamps and everyday use objects. The right part of the floor standing composition ends with a chest of drawers and a writing desk. The desk can be used as vanity as it is combined with a wide crystal mirror. The chair chosen for this beauty corner has an elegant and modern look and the sand faux leather cover matches perfectly to the surrounding shades.
The customer's TV, has been set on the wall facing the bed. The lower part has been customised with a series of hinged chest of drawers and 2 open compartments which convey movement and visual lightness to the composition.

The alcove occupied by the walk-in closet has been projected with a "U" shape and it has been equipped with all interior fittings requested: chest of drawers, trousers rack, pull-out coat rack, shelves and standard coat racks. As there is a door dividing the spaces, we suggest to choose a light finish like the dove decor for the walk-in closet, in order not no darken this close space.
The storage room adjacent to the bedroom has been furnished with a wardrobe composed by 3 modules: 2 sides equipped with hinged doors and inside shoe racks + one central module with on-sight shelves. The wall next to this wardrobe has been furnished with a full-body mirror matching the style of the one of the bedroom.

Suggested Furniture
- bed: Beat P17
- wall panel: Beat Boiserie
- nightstands: Tratto
- table lamps: Chiocciola
- writing desk: Tratto
- mirrors: Regal
- wall mounted chest of drawers: Avana
- open compartments: Avana
- walk-in closet: Player
- chair: F12
- bench: Betwo-Bethree
- carpet: Baltimora

N.B.: The product cards of the furnish elements used and proposed in this project can be found in the lower part of this page. Some furnish elements might be out of production; in our catalogue you can find similar and valid alternatives.

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