ArredaClick is now

In 2008 ArredaClick brought Italian furniture online, offering price transparency and all the advantages of online shopping. From the merger of ArredaClick and Arredamenti Diotti A&F, in 2018 is founded.

Diotti A&F has been in the interior design industry since 1911. After over a century of experience we developed unique skills and expertise: the know-how of custom-made furniture, a large showroom and a local established service that provides experienced technicians and furniture assembly professionals.

ArredaClick has not closed, it simply changes its name. The official site is now but we are the same, with the same values. We'll continue to be the first online store to sell Italian custom furniture at a competitive price. Over the last 10 years we have served more than 35,000 Customers throughout Europe, you can still read all the reviews on ArredaClick in our Opinions page. will always be a Digital Native brand and will always allow Customers to choose when to do-it-yourself and when to ask our professional interior designers.

To these values today we add others. You can find out everything about us here on our website: browse by Categories or use the Search at the top right.
For any other information, please contact our Customer Service.