Bedroom 3617

Bedroom 3D design with corner wardrobe, upholstered double bed and PC stand corner.

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Design Room 3617 of 21/09/2011:

Customer's request
My room should have a minimalist style with clean lines, I'd also like to follow in the same finishes of stay, or a dark wood such as wenge and white.
To replace the one I already have, I would like an upholstered bed with storage box, while I do not consider necessary the bedside tables.
Currently I have a closet too small so linear that I think I need a solution for better containment, even angular. The doors of the cabinet should be as uniform as possible for materials and sizes, I would like also a solution with mirrored doors.
I do not need a space for the tv but I'd like one dedicated to pc.
Prefer matching solid color, with cool colors such as white.

Comments of the interior designer
Compared to the current position of the furniture, to optimize the space available and to meet the demand for more storage space, we reversed the arrangement of bed and a wardrobe.
This distribution allows for an unobstructed view of the entire room, avoiding unpleasant visual barriers; also the absence of the cabinet next to the window provides more uniform illumination.

The privileged position of the double bed it stands out the elegance and refinement of materials. Consisting of a carved headboard and bed frame in white leather, thanks to its storage box is very useful in storing bulky items that would fit in the closet.
Even if the request involved not to include tables, we still have two containers placed at the sides of the bed. The object while being very discreet, almost "invisible" by virtue of its clear finish, is clearly perceive its functionality.

Given the need to have a storage capacity greater than the current one, we made ​​the most of the available space by placing in the wall opposite the bed and partially in that the access door to the room, a corner cabinet. Consists of a structure in dark oak and hinged doors with mirror finish, it is a more spacious and practical than that offered by a walk-in closet.
The cabin in fact should have contained a walkable area inside which when placed in the vicinity of the corner, would have further restricted the passage area, undermining the optimal usability of the inside of the room.

After the wardrobe is arranged at an angle pc, consisting of a desk and two shelves in dark oak.
The composition is complemented by a white leather ottoman that becomes a practice session for the desk and at the same time co-ordinates nicely for finishing and processing of the surface, with the headboard of the bed.
Analyzing the finish of the main elements of the room, we advise you to keep a light color for the walls where we find the closet and window, while a darker color and characteristic to better enhance the wall of the headboard of the bed.

Proposed Furniture
- Read Demon
- Structure closet door knocker Player
- Dorian door
- Home-Work desk
- Container Optic
- Lamp Parable
- Bob ottoman

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.

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