Bedroom 1726

Bedroom 3D design with bed, boiserie wall panels, nightstands, wall system and modular dresser.

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Project Open Space 1726 of 24/01/2013:

Customer's request
We would like a bedroom with elements on three walls. Neutral tones and blue-green.

Comment of the interior designer
For a small bedroom, a need to exploit the various elements and make it easier to move. E 'for this reason that were posted on the wall parallel to the bed suspended elements so as not to clutter the space available. Various items, books, dvds or other will be able to be arranged in an orderly manner.

The bed chosen is not padded, has a lacquered wood finish, not only for not giving a feeling of heaviness in the room, but also in order to have a composition that matches perfectly with dresser, elements day and night tables. These are two-tone reminiscent of the color of the suspended shelf, underline the profile and allow a harmonious contrast with the lamps on the tables, and modern design.

The headboard incorporates light gray tone on tone color of the walls and floors and allows you to have a bedroom and bluish gray tones to make zen and relaxing environment. The modular dresser against the wall can hold clothing, bedding etc..

The chandelier chosen by the customer is not placed above the bed, but towards the bottom of the latter at the passage in order to spread a pleasant light without glare.

Proposed Furniture
- Read: Up Genius
- Bedside Side
- Shelves Suspended: Plan Checkmate Close
- Lamp: Rocket
- Chest: Section

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render